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Zakir Khan ke interests | Google app

March 11, 2020

Okay okay. I’ll do it and even put up a story. Now hang up and focus on your studies, understood? That was my younger brother, teaching me how to use the internet. But sometimes, he tells me about some useful things as well. Like Discover feed on the Google app. When I first used it, I was mind-blown. It’s very simple. You just have to pick your interests. After that, everything you’re interested in will show up automatically, without searching for it. I thought to myself, this is great! The first article was, “Ghalib’s famous poetry.” What else could possibly fix a broken heart, right? Then an article on cricket came up. Right before his selection, an England cricketer dislocated his jaw. So these were my interests, pretty cool, right? Now head to your Discover feed on your Google app for everything that interests you.

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