Youtube Video Editing App For iPhone | Free No Watermark
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Youtube Video Editing App For iPhone | Free No Watermark

February 5, 2020

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  1. 🔥 Download Enlight Videoleap FREE: iPhone / iPad:

    ❓ Question: What's your favorite editing app?

  2. I am finally getting the iPhone 11 pro max this weekend, and I appreciate this video! Now I know what YouTube video editing app to use with my iPhone. Thanks!

  3. Paying attention! Think I’m addicted to your vids, even tried comedy after your last vid🙃

  4. Good call. I currently use KineMaster at $5 a month. How does it rate with The leap one? BTW How are you handling Coronavirus? 🌴Aloha

  5. Great video. I currently use the full version of InShot, but video leap looks like it might be better for me. Ive made the changes you suggested in the live chat the other day. Looking forward to the members chat. Thanks again for great advice on thumbnails . 😀

  6. Thank you Dee for all your tips. A lot of them have helped me and have made it easier for me to manage my YouTube channel. I really can't wait for more great tips

  7. I personally use video leap for my channel, it’s completely free and such a great app, here are some features that he may or may not of mentioned
    •No watermark
    •A lot of text options
    •Layer as many photos and stuff like that you want
    •Export in 4K
    •you can split video and audio
    •detach audio
    •change speed
    •change audio and video volume
    •they have some sound effects
    • And actually a lot more and way easy to use

  8. I’m so excited!!! I literally loveeee editing! I think I will use video leap, also based on the amount of people who love it in the comments. 😁 I also use iMovie, but it’s okay.

  9. The voice over on Videoleap is not fitting the video could it be because I use iPhone 6 ?

    Please answer my question in one of your story I see them regularly

  10. I've been using VLLO with my elementary students for about a year! Fantastic app. Thanks for recommending Videoleap! I will definitely check it out!!

  11. I have used Splice, Videoshop, Filmmaker Pro, Kinemaster, and Videoleap. I like Videoleap and Splice the best out of all. They all offer different things to get the creative juices flowing!

  12. Hey Dee I have a question I really hope you can help me with Im a new ASMR Channel I record with my iPhone 8 I have a Blue Yeti hooked up to the iphone but my audio is not that great can I edit my videos on my iPhone then change the audio on a desktop some how if so how would I do that? Editing my videos on my iphone is so much easier for me I just want the audio to be using video shop Pro to edit my videos. Thank you so much

  13. Nick, Good morning ☀️ it sounds like you have a cold! Hopefully not. Thank you for all the wonderful videos! I’m sending you positive energy cold or not!!

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