Which App To Use: Calendar vs Reminders
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Which App To Use: Calendar vs Reminders

January 12, 2020

Hi this is Gary with MacMost.com. Today let’s answer the question of whether
you should be using the Calendar app or the Reminders app to add something to your schedule. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great
group of more than 500 supporters. Go to MacMost.com/patreon. There you can read more about it, join us,
and get exclusive content. So this is a question I get asked pretty often. What’s the point of having a Calendar app
and a Reminders app. For some people they seem to do the same thing. You want to remind yourself of an upcoming
event or a thing you have to do. Which one do you put it in? Both will allow you to set a time for the
item and give you a reminder. However each one works in a fundamentally
different way. There definitely is some overlap. There are certain things you can do with Calendar
and certain things you can do with Reminders and there are certain things that you can
do with either one. It’s up to you. Easily the biggest difference for the Reminders
app is that you can have reminder’s items that don’t have a time set for them. So, for instance, you can have a To Do list
like this. So you can have do to items and they don’t
have any deadline, no time. They’re just items in a list. You can have a general to do list. You can have a Today list. You can set it up anyway you want. These items wouldn’t work in the Calendar
because there’s no place to put them on the Calendar. They’re just things that you need to do. You also can have lists for other things like
a shopping list. These wouldn’t have times or dates attached
with them either. I also like to have Idea lists. So I come up with new ideas for episodes or
games or projects. I’ll put them in a list in Reminders. They don’t have a time associated with them
either. Now another difference is you can have Reminder’s
items that instead of having a time attached to them they have a location. So, for instance, here I have an item that
is set for when I get in my car. Another one for when I arrive at a restaurant. So these are things I can schedule now and
they’ll actually give me notifications when I’m at that location not at a specific time. The Calendar can’t do that. You also can easily see things that have a
time but that time has passed. For instance if I forgot to do something yesterday
and I look at Today on the Calendar I’m not going to see it there. But in Reminders I’ll see an item that’s already
passed. As a matter of fact it will even put the time
in red. Now in the Calendar everything has to have
a time. As a matter of fact it has to have a start
and stop time. So if I look at an event here it goes from
one time to another. I can also set a time for a specific date
or range of dates. But they all have to fit somewhere on the
Calendar. So the big advantage to the Calendar is I
can at a glance see what I have scheduled during that day. So for instance I know not to scheduled something
in morning on January 15th because I can see I have a meeting here. If I put that as a reminder I would have to
carefully look for all of the reminders to make sure I don’t have something scheduled
for that day at that time. Now both Reminders and the Calendar will give
notifications if there is a time set for it. But in the Calendar you can also set custom
notifications. So this notification here has a email alert. I like to do that for extremely important
things that I absolutely cannot forget. I have it send me an email so it’s there in
my inbox as well as on my calendar. One way to look at it is is the item a task
or an event. A task is something you can put off until
later. Going to the bank is something if you didn’t
do it at that specific time you could do it later. You could do it a half hour later, the next
day, or the next week. You may want to do it at that specific time
but you can put it off. So a task is something you could do earlier
as well. For instance going to the bank if you have
the opportunity to do it earlier you could do it earlier and then check it off the list. On the other hand if it’s an event is something
that you can’t do later or earlier. For instance meeting somebody for lunch isn’t
something that you could do two hours later if you don’t get around to it or show up an
hour earlier. You’re going to want to meet at that specific
time. You could look at it this way. You could look at it this way. Will a thing happen whether or not you remember
to do it. For instance if you decide to not go to the
bank or you forget to go to the bank that thing just doesn’t happen. But if you forget about a meeting, the meeting
is going to take place with or without you. The most important reason to use the Calendar
for an event is when you want to make sure you don’t schedule one event over another. Because you can look at your calendar and
look at a specific date and see that you’ve got something scheduled for that time. Whereas Reminders you can’t really do that. So if you need to block out some time because
you’re at a meeting or on vacation or doing something else then you need to put that in
your Calendar. But I also think it’s important to realize
that it’s okay, sometimes, to see an overlap and not be sure which place to put an item. It’s just personal preference or whatever
is easier in the moment. Sometimes you may want to have parts of an
event in the Calendar and other parts in Reminders. For instance you may want to schedule a vacation
in the Calendar to make sure you don’t schedule any other appointments or other things over
those days. But then you may want to set a reminder with
your flight information and that it’s time to leave to go to the airport in the Reminders
app because that’s a specific task that’s just for you. There are other reasons why you may want to
choose one over the other. I’m interested in hearing how you use Calendar
versus Reminders in the comments below.

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  1. I use them both as you do, but I never thought about the overlapping functions of each. Date specific appointments on calendar and lists and to do items on reminders works well for me.

  2. Great comparison breakdown Gary. All ways luv your vids sir! Curious if you can recommend an amazing personal professional life organizational app as I have used my iPhone gmail calendar for years as haven’t found a much better one but really would like a more effective and visually appealing replacement productive upgrade for life 2020 🙌🏻💥💪🏻⚡️🙏🏻

  3. Gary – thanks for this. I’ve never quite understood the reason for using the reminders app. I strictly use my calendar app for both events and tasks. As a result, my calendar can get quite cluttered, but I’ve got a workaround – I have separate calendars for each with a corresponding color, and I can then just toggle on and off the display for both. The only downside is that I periodically have to move old tasks to future dates. In the calendar app, is that email notification option only on the Mac? I don’t see it on the iPad or iPhone version.

  4. I create a task or reminder in calendar but mark it as “all day”
    No time is needed I can set an alert as a reminder. This way I can see both tasks and appointments for the day. No need for Reminder app (for me that is)

  5. A calendar is a schedule with start and end time. This is the fundamental difference compared with reminders!
    I use both and for different tasks or events.

  6. I have only used reminders, on my iPhone, as a shopping list; I used Calendar even for tasks, ignoring the times I had to enter; I always preferred Calendar for creating a trail because I can search back for when something was done, a call was made, etc. I'll continue to do that unless I discover reminders can also be used as a task completion record.

  7. Hey, You can use Busycal, that includes to dos and calendar in the same app… for MacOs and iphone, so no worries to check different apps, just one… of course you have to purchase it, but it is worth!

  8. I use Calendar for events and Reminders for tasks. A task, eg call the office, could easily exist between 2 events, eg meetings. So it would be great to see time specific tasks and date specific tasks also in the Calendar. Time specific tasks could show inline with other calendar events and date specific tasks could show where all day events are displayed, until they are completed. I think outlook has a similar function from memory. Great video Gary.

  9. I use Reminders and as Calendar replacement I use Fantastical 2, which in fact allows me to integrate reminders so that I see both in 1 app.

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