Webinar Ninja Review: Watch this Before You Buy…
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Webinar Ninja Review: Watch this Before You Buy…

October 31, 2019

In this video we’re going to
take a look at a webinar
platform called Webinar Ninja, which
seems to tick all the boxes and
looks overall just much nicer and much
fancier than GoToWebinar which is the main
platform I’ve been using so far and the
main one I’m going to compare it to so is Webinar Ninja a better choice for you
if you want to do live webinars or is it going to make you cry in
frustration? Let’s find out. Hello I’m Shane from
activegrowth.com and this is my review of
Webinar Ninja. And by the way: I will have
links to Webinar Ninja and the description and post
that goes with this video. And those are affiliate links. But don’t worry that’s not
going to stop me from saying some really mean things
about Webinar Ninja in this review. So let’s take a look at what
it’s like to work in Webinar Ninja. This is what you see when you
sign up and sign in. It takes you to this dashboard
which right away looks quite pleasant and is
pretty easy to use. So click on “create a new
webinar” to start creating a
new webinar. And this is one of the nice
things and one of the things
that attracted me to Webinar Ninja is that
right away we have a choice of different types of
webinars that makes it look like you know it’s
clearly kind of a thoughtful
solution it’s not just like oh yeah you
can do a webinar to a bunch of
people it’s right away you have a choice
between live webinars, automated webinars or
evergreen webinars a series of webinars so you
can schedule out multiple events in advance and a hybrid
webinar which is basically a webinar
where the content of the webinar presentation
plays automatically but you can still be present
to interact with people in chat and as
answer questions and things
like that. So it’s an interesting mix
between the benefits of a live webinar and
the benefits of a recorded, automated
webinar. So right away we have the
choice between these two
different types of webinars and I’m just going
to do the most default live one to
start with. So we call this “demo webinar”. And we set a date and the start
time and you can have free or paid
webinars which is great. So right on the platform you
can integrate with Stripe so you need a
Stripe account. If you have that you can simply
set a price for your webinar and have
people pay that price before
they can register. So it’s a very easy and
directly integrated way to do paid webinars. So so far so good. Click on “create webinar” and
then it shows up in my my webinars dashboard and then
here I have a few further options. So we have options here. Let’s take a look at the
landing page templates before we go into the actual
webinar room. So I’ll show you the
registration page. You can create a default that
will apply to all of your pages and I think this is also very well done because this
isn’t like a fully featured landing page editor or
anything like that. But what you have is you have a
choice of several different templates these
templates are all pretty serviceable. They’re not amazing but none of them are like bad. They’re not like the go to
webinar standard registration page which is just a bit sad
looking and it’s easy to customize. So here you can see I can
choose a custom color as an overlay on this
image and I can choose. An image either from a gallery
or I can upload my own. So really in just a couple of
steps here. I can make this look different
and the same is true for
almost all elements so on the button
go here change the button color very easily
and you can also do things like
you can change the text you
can change the font and things like that. So in just a few moves you have like a competent possible
landing page or registration page and
the same is true for the thank
you Page. I think this is the right kind
of compromise. It means that you don’t have to
customize unaccustomed build all your
own landing pages but it’s also what I’ve also
seen in some cases that you
have kind of a landing page builder in a
webinar tool that kind of tries too hard where
you know there’s it’s kind of just a half a
hassle landing page builder
where you can do more stuff but it
ends up just not looking good. So here you can rearrange
anything on the page you can’t move stuff around you can’t
add more stuff but you can
just customize what’s there. You have a simple functional
page and it’s kind of a quick way to get a
good enough result. And then we have a bunch of
other options here. Most of these are what you’d
expect you can customize the
email notifications that are sent
out to people who register. There are some statistics you
can integrate with e-mail
marketing services. Nothing surprising there. The next thing is we have to
publish our webinar. This one’s a bit weird you have
to publish the webinar even if
it’s a private webinar. So if it’s public it will go on
to the webinar directory where everyone can find it if
it’s private. Then it will only be visible to
people. You send the link to. So let’s do that because this
isn’t a real webinar. And then the next step is any
further customizations any further features are going
to happen in what’s called the
studio so I’ll click on enter studio
to go there. He or I will choose the better webcam I have installed here. Like this. And you can choose your
headphones of microphones and then enter the studio. And this is where you can
prepare your webinar before you even get started. So this here is the area in
which you basically manage and run
your entire webinar. And as you can see we have
several things here we have a
chat here where people can interact
and you have the option to
turn this chat on or off. You have the option to share
your screen which I’m going to
show in a moment. You can upload your
presentation slides you can upload a video and you can
change your layout which I’m also going to show
in a moment. First I want to take a look at
some of the more like marketing features that are in
here and that’s primarily we have
questions polls and offers so you can create a
poll here. Let’s do that right now. And this will show up for your
visitors here. You can also create what’s
called offers and this is basically where
you can have a promotional link of some kind. So right now there’s only one
template with some say coming soon. But basically all you can have
is you can have an offer with a bit of text here which you can customize you
and customize what shows up
here you can customize this button
where you can say something. I get it now. So you can change the button
text you can change the button color and then that’s
basically it. So in most cases what make the
most sense to hide the offer in the
beginning and then when you get to the actual sales
pitch part that’s when you reveal the
offer. So it’s not always visible. Now this is what it looks like
from our perspective. Another thing I want to show is
the screen sharing because there’s one really
good feature in here that I think is worth showing. So here I’m gonna go ahead and
share screen number two. And this gives me as you can
see right now I have the live video as the main thing
on screen. And then the smaller screen
here showing the shared screen and I can
change that. I can make this go full screen
and I can go to change layout
right here to switch between variety of
layouts and here’s an example of a 50
50 layout with. Video and one half inch screen
and the other half and we can have basically
different layouts depending on where the action is. And I think this is very good
because this allows me to emphasize my screen or even
only share my screen if the interesting stuff is
happening on screen. But it also allows me to bring
in my live video or guest live video so
if I have other hosts or guests
on the call I can choose who’s emphasized or if one person is
doing most of the talking is like their turn to present
I can make sure that they are
large on screen. If something’s happening on a
screen or on the presentation
slides I can choose that and it’s a
simple way to do that. I think this is important
because it gives me as the presenter it gives me
control over where the emphasis is on what I’m
showing at what time. So this is what we see on the
host side. I’m now also going to join this
webinar as an attendee so we can take a look at what
the attendees side of this looks like in your webinar
ninja interface. When you look at your webinars
does this share option here. This gives you the shareable
link that you can send out to your
audience where people can
register. So then let’s do that. I’ll pretend to be an attendee
and the visitor in a separate browser here. Paste this link. This brings us to our wonderful
customized landing page and here I’m
going to register and it just gives me name and
email address and let’s hit register. And then as you can see the
next option is to added to a
calendar. Plus it gives a countdown that
shows exactly when this event
is gonna start. So that is all quite a nice sign up flow right here. Once our webinar date comes
around that button will change to a join
webinar button and people will also
get an email with a joined
link. Unless you change the default
emails so I’ll click join webinar
here on the screen room pretending to be an apt
in D.
All right. So as an attendee here’s what I
see when I enter the webinar and we
have I’m sharing a screen sharing Web site and you can
see the small version of the video down
there. And here I have the chat so. I can enter chat messages here. And everyone else’s chat will
show up and I can hide this if I want to and bring it back like this. All of the other stuff is down
here. So here I can ask a question. So questions are separate from
chat. This is one of the good things
right. As the host you can tell people
listen in the chat talk about whatever but if you
have a question that you want me to see if you
have a question I will. Do you want me to answer. Make it a question enter into
it as an actual question and that can kind of
separate the general chatter from actual questions. Then the next thing is we have
a tab with polls and here you can see this is
kind of weird because it’s not that the poll is shown at a specific time
during the webinar it’s just you can tell people
to scroll down here and there’s a poll to answer. And as a visitor I can answer I
can make one of the choices and
they see the results. And then there is the offers
this offers to have is always visible and it just
says no offers created yet. So if we switch back into admin
mode here. You can see that this question
has come in. You can see that in the polls I
can see that one person has answered and in the offers
I can choose to show the offer. So let’s do that I’m turning on
the offer now and what will happen is that
at the top of the video feed it shows us
this little kind of shy call to action. If you click on this… Basically nothing happens. I think it switches to the
offer tab down here but it’s just not obvious so you
have to tell people “OK, you have to scroll down and go to
the offers tab” and then here’s where they see the
offer. So as you can see this is not
great. You basically have to tell people
OK you know “scroll down tap on the thing” and then
they see a bit of text on the
button. I think this isn’t particularly
better than just posting a link in chat
but there it is. That is the offers. Now another thing I want to
quickly show is like I showed from the admin side I can
change the way these feeds are
displayed so here you can see it just switches. And this is what it looks like
on the attendees side. And other kind of quirk that’s
worth noting is that as an admin I can turn off the
chat right here and as a visitor as an attendee I
will just see a message that says
chat is off but the chat will stay open and this is
true even if someone joins a webinar
that has no chats
and where chat was never active. We’ll see a big sidebar that
says chat and the message at
the bottom chat is off so you can tell
people okay. No click on the thing to hide
this but it would just make much more
sense if it was hidden to
begin with. Another thing that is a bit
mysterious on the admin side is that if you look at this here there’s a
switch here and you might be wondering
what what is this. Can I turn off questions. Can I turn off polls. What’s going on. Actually what this switch does. There’s no label for it or
anything but what it does is
it simply hides the attendees count so you can turn it on to let people see
how many people are online. Turn it off to hide. That is just a bit strange like
the positioning of button stuff is a bit
strange but that’s what it’s
for. So this is an idea of what it’s like to run a
webinar in webinar ninja and what it’s
like to attend a webinar and webinar ninja final step
is let’s stop the broadcast so on the admin side
unprompted I could say yes this is the end. And then on the attendees side
again we see simply this webinar has ended unless you choose otherwise. A replay will automatically be
recorded and will be available here so when
someone registers after the event has already
taken place they will just be sent to the
same registration page. They will sign up and they will
just be sent straight to the
replay. This is what we see when we
join a replay so we see kind of a webinar room
much like the live Webinar room. Strangely enough we see a
sidebar with all the chat messages
from the entire event but without any interaction so you can’t on the replay
page you cannot add your own chat messages. It’s also not a chat replay it
just dumps all of the chat messages from the
event into the sidebar for no apparent
purpose for a replay attendee. This is basically pointless. We can see the questions and here’s a useful feature
because if you answer a
question you can choose to answer a
question and it will add a
timestamp to the point in the video
where you’ve answered that
question. That’s quite useful. And also again all the polls
will simply show including the results with no
interaction and the offers if you showed
any will be visible here and you
can time the offers so you can choose to
have an offer appear at a specific time in a replay. So that’s an overview of
webinar ninja and some of the things that are good
and sometimes also a bit confusing about it
but there is also a fairly long list of
grievances I have with this thing and I’m
going to list the most important ones
kind of in descending order from the worst down to a bunch
of nit picks. So the first is there is a two
hour limit on your sessions in webinar
danger and so I was talking to
someone I support. It’s quite difficult to get
clear information about this what they basically say
is just do your events for no longer than two hours. It seems that you’re recording
time is going to be limited to two hours so
even if you have an event that runs long or it should be
possible to run an event for
longer but your recording will stop
after two hours. So anyone who joins the replay
will not see the full thing. There might also be a hard
limit at three hours but I couldn’t get a
clear answer about this. What they’re basically telling
me and support is just don’t
do events that are longer than two hours
and I’ll make a separate piece of content. To explain this in more detail
but basically that means there is just less
potential for you to engage with your
audience and there’s less
potential for like a long high ticket sales
webinars you don’t want to have a two
hour session limit. There’s just no upside for me
as the user there’s no upside
to this. It’s just a problem it’s just
an obstacle. When I did a test of this to a
real audience with Webinar Ninja the second
thing that was really
noticeable was that the video quality got really bad especially in
the second part of the event in the later part of the
event. The live video feed was just a
pixley , blocky mess and I’m not nit
picking here. Here’s an example of what it
looked like. So really this is extremely low
quality and a lot of people in the
chat were asking you know
“what’s wrong, is my connection bad? Is your
connection bad? What’s going on?” Because the video quality
was so bad it would have
always been better to not have video at
all. Now I was streaming this from a setup where I am connected
by wire. So this is not a Wi-Fi issue
I’m connected by wire to a very fast connection that
can do a solid 80 megabits per second all day
long. And just for comparison this would be enough for a
pretty crisp looking 4K stream, all day long. This connection is strong
enough for that. This is not a problem on my
side. And interestingly even in the
replay, this is how bad the video looked. So this is why I basically
place the blame at Webinar Ninja. They are getting high quality
video through a very fast connection but for some
reason what you get is this pixley
mess in the end. This can be a serious issue. I mean the audio quality stayed
okay. It wasn’t like a deal breaker
but you know that’s gonna lower
your engagement. That’s going to lower the
enjoyment people get out of this webinar and that
can also cost you money, right. If people are seeing a pixley
mass instead of a video feed they’re much less likely to
stick around. Another major issue I have with
this is that a lot of the
marketing and interaction features tend
to be a bit of a letdown. So I had some idea of what I would get looking at
kind of the marketing material and if you tell me you know we
have a webinar platform where
you can do polls and you can do calls to
action you can do questions and answers. Then I have an idea of what
that looks like but the actual implementation
and webinar in enjoy is always a bit disappointing so I can’t
create timed polls right. I can’t create a poll and then
show the audience has a specific point in time
get their engagement and then maybe make a point
based on the answers I got. All I can do is I can say hey
those five polls below the thing scroll down. Answer The third one or
whatever. And so it’s just not a really
powerful engagement tool just like
something that’s tacked onto
the bottom of the webinar. The same with the call to
action. You know I can’t get to the
sales pitch part in my webinar and then go
back. It’s in the middle of your
screen right now. Click on the big button to buy
the thing.
No. I can tell people again like
scroll down click on this
little tab and then click on the
little button. I mean it’s like I said before
is barely better than just posting a link in
the chat and telling people to click on it and then with
questions and answers even there you know there’s no
way to display the question on screen to show
people on the webinar and in the
replay. This is the question I’m
answering. All I have is I have a list of
questions people can’t vote on the questions either
there’s no way to prioritize them and I can add the
timestamps but that’s it. So what we have in many cases
is kind of a good idea. But poor implementation. Now let me get a little more
nit picky here. There are some other issues and
another example of a good idea with poor implementation is
that you can upload a video.
It’s not really upload. That’s what they call it. But you can add one or several
YouTube videos to play during your
webinar. Now again you might think that
oh that’s pretty good I can
maybe review a video or comment on a
video as I’m doing the webinar but the video
isn’t actually played and sent out as part of your
stream. Instead the video is loaded on
the client side on the visitor
side. As a YouTube video and that
means that first of all four people on iOS It doesn’t
auto-play and secondly you can’t do
something like “Okay, let’s watch this part
of the video and then pause and comment on what we just
saw” and then play the video. You can just you can kind of
load a video on people’s screens. Hope that they watch it and
then continue your webinar at
some point. It’s like it’s a feature that’s
there but it’s just not that
useful. Another thing I want to mention
is that in my testing I
noticed that sometimes the offers don’t show and I
think you can only display and then hide and
offer once. I think what happens is that if
you if you show the offer too early for example
you hide it again and then you
try to show it again it won’t show
for your attendees. I think this is just a bug. But again it’s just this can be
so bad because on the admin side
it looks like the offer is showing on
the attendees side nothing is showing
everyone is going to be
confused and this is at the crucial
moment where you’re trying to
pitch your product. So again the implementation is
just poor. And then there are just a lot
of like small any pics that
I’m not going to go into detail on but just as
an example on the registration page if
someone tries to register with a name that has a number
in it it will close the registration form and then
show an error saying
registration failed your name can’t have a
number in it and it’s just
like well… why? You know, if someone wants to
sign up with their gamertag as a name or something, who
cares? Why are you stopping them from signing up to my
webinar? So it just seems like it’s
carelessly handled and there was many little things
like that throughout the use of webinar ninja. So with that out of the way. Let’s also look at the pricing
of Webinar Ninja. So it starts at $50/month or about $470 per year if you pay a year in advance and that is for a room with up to 100
people. And basically most of the
features and I think that is a fair entry level
price for a webinar solution. So I think that’s pretty good. I also like that there is a
tier for about $100 a month for up to 300
attendees. I like that they don’t jump
straight to 500 and a higher price for example
because a 300 seat room is a room that is quite difficult
to fill. You can have a pretty thriving information business course
business or something like
that. And a pretty sizable audience and a 300 seat room is going
to be enough. So I think it’s good to have
like this kind of in-between and not just jump straight to
500 and a higher price. What I don’t like is that the
hybrid webinar which is one of the more interesting
features and Webinar Ninja is reserved for an even higher
priced here starting at about $150 a month. So once again, you know, they
make a big fuss about how great the hybrid webinar
feature is in the marketing
material but it’s not available to
smaller creators or anyone on a smaller budget. So who cares? I’ve mentioned
this previously I think this is not a good way
to price a solution like this. To me it makes sense to pay
more for more seats but just give even smaller
creators most of the features. I don’t see why you would lock
something like this behind a higher price plan but
OK that’s up to them to decide. So if we look at the pricing
and we compare it to
GoToWebianr I would say that Webinar Ninja
is not exactly a steal but it’s definitely much, much
more affordable
than GoToWebinar and it’s fair pricing. I think this is a decent
price, you know it doesn’t feel like a
rip off. So the pricing seems all right. So we’ve seen that there’s some
things that are really
interesting and good about Webinar Ninja and some
things that I found very very frustrating. So would I recommend this?
Would I keep using this and would I
recommend it to someone who is looking to start doing
webinars ? Well, my answer is it’s a
strong… maybe ? The thing is it’s definitely
not better than GoToWebinar but it’s also not worse. Because many of the things I
complain about in webinar ninja are either absent or
also not very good in
GoToWebinar. So if you’re choosing between
the two, you might as well pay less for a solution that has,
you know, it’s pros and cons than
pay more for a solution that has kind of
equal pros and cons. So it’s also not something even
though I found a lot of it
annoying. It’s not that I can just say
well it’s complete garbage. Stay away from it. It might be a decent solution
to start with it’s just too bad that there are so
many things that seem so promising but
that are not implemented well. So if you’re thinking of using
Webinar Ninja you have to be aware that the stream
quality might not be very
good. You have to be aware that many
of the features they advertise
are not really that well implemented
and you have to be aware that for
long or webinars and for like high end sales
webinars, this is not going to
be suitable. But because of its ease of use,
because it has good
integrations and because it’s quite handy
that you have you know decent registration pages without
having to build anything
separately and things like that it is, I
think a decent place to start for as
a basic webinar solution. I also think that Webinar Ninja
is a promising platform so I think that if they pay
attention to the issues they currently have and
if they keep developing this
thing this could turn into a killer
platform in maybe one to two years. So it’s definitely something I
will revisit at some point in
the future. Now if you’re watching this as
I’m publishing it I am
currently on a quest of testing my way
through every webinar platform I can find and I will be
publishing more of these coming soon. Also if I’m already done with
this and you’re watching this later I will put a link to the
full kind of comparison review once
that is done so you can go there and
find out which is the best webinar platform. As soon as that is available. So for now that is my take on
webinar ninja let me know if there are
any specific webinar platforms you think I
should test. And if you’ve had other
experiences with this or other webinar platforms let me
know by leaving a comment

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  1. It's difficult to cover all the pros & cons and do each platform justice, while trying to keep the video from running on for too long. I'll try to make the next reviews a bit more concise. I hope you find this useful anyway!

  2. Fantastic information! Can't wait to see the next review. Thank you Shane ( the video is NOT too long!!!!)

  3. Hey Shane! Omar here, co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja. I want to thank you for giving WebinarNinja a spin and taking the time to review us.

    Love that you loved many of our features but most importantly, I value the feedback you gave in regards to where we can improve.

    Full transparency:
    Our video streaming server provider recently made some changes that we were unaware of. I was away on our team retreat when this all happened. Saw your review and emails from customers and we got to work. The video quality you experienced is not acceptable and we are going to change that quickly.

    The Solution:
    We are moving to a multi-casting streaming set up to ensure every attendee gets the best video & audio quality possible. We are currently in the final stages of QA and will be releasing this update in days.

    In addition to this update a larger update will be released soon after we call WebinarNinja 6.

    WebinarNinja 6 will also include a whole new studio (where users run the webinar) with improvements in the areas you mentioned.
    – Chat, questions, polls, offers and handouts all placed on a side interactive panel, nothing under the video.
    – Timed polls and offers
    – Custom offers with images
    – A more apparent questions, polls, handouts and offers as they will be added to the chat stream along with their own notification and area on the right.
    – Chat messages will load in sync with the video on replays and if a replay is used as a source for an automated webinar
    – You'll be able to save and load previous polls, offers and handouts you created with a click.
    – This update will also lift the recoding limit.

    Thanks again, Shane for taking the time to create this video and for mentioning we are a promising platform. We aim to provide the best webinar experience. I would love to give you beta access to WebinarNinja 6 once it's available.

  4. Very interesting review. It covers all the interesting topics and I like that you do not hide away from a recommendation.

  5. I paid for an annual subscription to WebinarNinja when they were developing version 5. There were lots of promises that were not kept in terms of dates of delivery. But the killer was the application did not perform well. I tested it several times and ended up never using it. I felt like someone reached into my pocket and took several hundred dollars (for nothing). I think WebinarNinja has great potential, but I doubt that I will ever pay another dollar to this company. There are more stable solutions in the marketplace.

  6. @ActiveGrowth: Think you'll do a review or two as they're separate products….ugh, on WebinarJam/EverWebinar? I've been interested in the two but may over $1k CAD a year for both is a lot. I'd be willing "if" I knew it was worth it. You've never steered me wrong yet (and I'm a very happy Thrive Themes subscriber) so here's hoping…

  7. Great review! Although I'm searching for a webinar platform to start my project, I'm new to streaming. My first question is when we buy any plan, this fee is only for admin or all the attendees have to pay the money to be able to install the suitable plan to participate?
    Regarding other platforms, I hear often about Zoom. Would love to hear your opinion about it. Thank you.

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