We Made John Eat Healthier for 24 Hours! | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 38
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We Made John Eat Healthier for 24 Hours! | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 38

March 12, 2020

You know, it’s already March, and so many people have told me that they want to eat healthier and live healthier in 2020, but they are really all talk and no action! Let me show you a prime example. John Lim! Yes? Didn’t you say you want to eat healthier this year? Yes? And what have you done? I order economical rice with less rice. Do you think that is enough? I mean it’s only the start of the year right? J: There’s still a few more months.
C: John. You are already done with one quarter of the year. Let me show you the way okay? Today we are going to eat well-balanced and healthy light meal options. J: Now?
C: Now! Let’s go John! Now? Now! Let’s go John! What about my work? Good morning John! Okay, are you ready for breakfast? Okay, I’m actually super hungry, even though I look very tired. So, yeah! So do you usually eat breakfast, and what do you eat? Normally I eat nothing for breakfast. Didn’t you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? But if I drag until lunch time, then that becomes breakfast what! Okay anyway, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite breakfasts, which is, porridge! And we are going to have duck porridge from Yu Kee Duck Rice. I really like to have porridge because it’s a huge comfort food. It’s very warm, and it just makes you feel so homely. We are going to mix up our porridge and C: see what’s inside.
J: Oh, I’ve mixed already. Very fast hor, John? Yeah. So if you imagine duck porridge right, it’s basically your duck rice, but instead of rice they use porridge! Wah the duck’s juicy! I wasn’t expecting that. There’s even a little bit of a herbal taste. I would say for duck right, it’s a bit of a gamier type of meat, it may not be for everyone, but this is not too bad! And the porridge is very smooth, So it slides down your throat very easily. Feels like you’re almost drinking something, and not really chewing? Actually I’m a lover of convenient foods. So if I don’t need to chew right, Some more right, this makes the Singaporean in me very happy. Comes with free egg. You paid for it, what free? So the sauce really gives it more flavour, so that it’s not just plain porridge. But if you are looking to opt for an even healthier option right, what you can do is ask for less sauce. Actually, you’ll be proud to know that for most of the time when I eat out, I don’t ask for sauce! Wah! And like, what is this liquid? So Yu Kee Duck Rice has soup available for you upon request. So this soup also has they herby flavour, similar to the duck. This is a strange combination, if they have soup like that, I’ll add the soup to the porridge to make the porridge more watery. I would mix it directly, but you might not like it, C: so I mix like that.
J: What kind of beast are you? Feels like I’m drinking the chunky version of this soup. And since it’s 2020, I’m going to say “you do you.” Okay, I’m just kidding, I don’t do that. I just wanted to see John do it. Okay, overall I still think that this is quite a healthy breakfast. When it comes to the amount of calories that you are consuming right, and the taste that you are having, It’s still a good balance of different types of flavours within the bowl itself. So I think all in all, it makes a nutritious breakfast, that will start you on the right note. John you know how some people say that it’s very difficult to find healthy food outside. Yeah, because I’m one of those people. That’s an excuse! I give you a tip! To make more informed decisions, you can look out for the healthier choice logo. Is it the triangle? Yes, it’s that red triangle that you see on your food packages, or your menus. What this means is that, it is relatively healthier than other things on the menu. Alright John, it’s lunchtime. So we are here at Sakae Sushi, And this is actually the first ever conveyor belt sushi place that I’ve ever been to in my life. Sakae Sushi brings, okay I used to pronounce it “Sah-Keh Sushi”. I never knew that it was Sakae Sushi. But today we’ve confirmed with the staff. I found out that they actually also have healthier options for you. Uncooked and unprocessed fish right, no added fats, no added sugar, no added oils. And it is really right up high in protein, high in omega fat. I’m going to try the Nama Hotate. Hotate is, scallop! C: Wow John, you are well-versed in the
J: What can I say? Japanese cuisine. TheSmartLocal. And over there you have, Yellowtail! Yellowtail sashimi. Clink! I love that like, this yellowtail melts in my mouth, and it’s the right amount of fatty to flesh. I was half expecting a fish flavour that was going to be fishy, but for this you can taste that it is really fresh. The grain between the meat parts right, will like slide out of each other. Oh yea, I understand how it feels, actually that’s exactly how this feels like as well. And also it has a punch of sweetness to it. But it’s amazing, there’s no added sugar, and yet it can still be this flavourful. Okay, let’s move on to our next dish. So what we have here is actually the California Temaki. You know California Roll? Ya! So this is like the hand rolled version of that. This is the temaki version. That’s why there’s avocado, and there’s the crab stick as well. And you can see the colours right, very vibrant, very loud, screaming in your face. This is like the unglam food. Wah, nice eh! Nice ah? Very sweet. Then the texture of the avocado, in the centre, a bit like pudding. Yea, like creamy, and I would say right, the cucumber acts like a neutraliser. Okay over here, I have the Salmon Nigiri, I didn’t expect the salmon slice to be so big. It’s completely blanketing the little rice portion that’s below it. It really looks like the rice is wearing a cape. Chewing the entire sushi together in my mouth right, mixes the rice and the salmon together, and it feels like it’s almost blending the two together. Salmon is very high in omega 3 fatty acids, and I can tell that just from the texture of the fish alone, because it does have an oily, smooth texture. And this mixes with the rice grains very well. I’m going to try the Salmon Teriyaki. Salmon! Not sell-muhn! I’m trying to be relate-able here. Okay? So I like that right, This salmon teriyaki, with the sauce, gives it the right amount of salmon taste, while still having the sweetness and savouriness that comes with teriyaki sauce. Another thing great about salmon teriyaki is that it is grilled and it’s not fried so it’s a healthier option. Because when it comes to the method of cooking right, that really determines how much nutrients is retained in your ingredients. It feels like in between each of the salmon meat right, the grain it’s still filled with goodness. And I think it’s just great to know that a cooked salmon dish, for those who are not feeling the normal freshly sliced salmon right, is also part of the healthier choice! Okay John, the next dish right, is one of my favourites. Do you know why? Why? Because, chow-wanmushi. Anyway, I like a chawanmushi that is smooth. There’s also a Japanese fish cake. Nice ah? This is a good chawanmushi. Steamed egg, you might easily think that it’s plain and boring, but the special thing about chawanmushi is that it is actually steamed with dashi, Japanese stock. So that gives it a very sweet flavour. And it is still very light! I feel like I could just eat bowls and bowls of chawanmushi and never get full actually. Our last dish for lunch, Unagi! Who doesn’t like? Please refer to my earlier episode. So this John, is the Unatama Don. Una is Unagi, tama is egg. then don is rice. This is pretty damn good. and you can feel the fatty layer as well. This actually has the healthier choice label, because it is relatively healthier compared to say soupy broth-y ramens, C: lower in calories.
J: Lower in calories compare to the other mains is it? I think in general, this lunch meal was awesome. I’ve always had the impression that Japanese food is a little bit more healthy. Having a seafood based meal like this, and in a place like Sakae Sushi, which is not exactly the most expensive place to dine in. I think for sure, it is on the healthier side, but it is important to remember why this is so. A lot of it is because of the cooking methods that are used in preparing the dishes. Always remember to opt for food that is grilled or steamed or boiled, over fried food. Because that’s going to be better for you in the long run. It’s tea time! This is our afternoon snack, we are here at Qiji in Heartland Mall. And we are going to try their signature popiah. This is our Prawn Popiah. Essentially like a vegetable burrito, everything inside is all cooked vegetables. Wah, I love popiah! I think that the prawn adds a very pleasant crunch to it. I like that the Jicama has the very familiar juicy taste that I really, really like. Another thing about popiah is that most of the ingredients inside it are boiled or steamed. And you know what that does, it retains all the moisture, and it’s not fried, so it’s not oily and not greasy. No additional oil, which I think will be you know definitely not the healthiest choice. See your snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. If you’re opting for a little bit of a heartier meal, Qiji also has egg noodles that are of the healthier option. Because they are higher in whole grains. Whole grains are less processed than refined grains, what that means is that it retains more of the nutrition, and is therefore healthier. Whole grains have a lot of health benefits such as reducing the risk for heart disease, as well as diabetes. And also helping to manage weight control. Egg noodles right, as the name suggests, egg. And there’re noodles. Okay, I also want to try. Okay it is wholegrain noodles, but it is very springy, it is very soft and smooth, it doesn’t taste any different from regular noodles honestly. Oh, I think this is going to make a nice lunch option if you are around the vicinity. And the great thing is that the food here is very affordable. And I learnt something. For all these while, we talked, I realised that the thing about Qiji’s menu right, is actually that they have the HPB identifier. You know, the red triangle, the healthier choice one. So it’s easy to choose. Right, like this is whole grain. Like our barley drink you know, less in sugar. I think it’s important to remember that there are options available, and you need to know how to identify them. It’s high time we pay attention. You know? Do you? I pay attention now! Now you do right? Now~ You’re going to make a change John! Basically what I eat on a day to day right, I try to make sure that it is a balanced diet. And by balanced I mean that I get enough protein, I get enough fiber and I get enough carbodi-, carb-, C: carbs!
J: Carbon dioxide. Get enough carbs la! Then you, what do you eat? I eat whatever has the most curry. Aiyoooo. If you really want to have a very healthy lifestyle right, you can’t just only have healthy meals, you must also have an active lifestyle. As long as you are not sitting at your desk all day, you’ll feel like your blood is pumping. My blood is always pumping. When I’m on shoots with you. Lastly, we’re here in Simply Wrapps for dinner, and they have many outlets all over Singapore, but we’re in the Dhoby Ghaut branch. So what’s great about Simply Wrapps is that all their food is freshly made everyday. And all of it is non processed, that includes their salad dressings. Oh, I also heard that this is halal certified right? Oh yea! And that is definitely a plus point. So I have here the Korean Grilled Strip Loin Soba Bowl, and this is the Herb Crusted Grilled Salmon Keto-lite Bowl. What’s your dressing? Mine is sesame and ginger. And over here, I have the olive oil and lemon juice dressing. J: Lemon Juice?
C: Ya! Eh John, I want to try yours also. Okay let’s try. C: Okay we try yours first.
J: First things first, we add the sesame. The onsen egg right, is so runny and soft, and it just mixes with the dressing, and all the other dried ingredients in the salad. Actually I’m kind of looking forward to kimchi, and I know that kimchi is kind of healthy right? But it’s actually one of my favourite sides, to go with meals. I mean the soba is soba. It’s cold, you know, refreshing. But I love that the sesame oil, gives it a nice texture, but at the same time, the ginger gives me a bit of the chicken rice feels. Oh really? Ya! And also, soba noodles are made with buckwheat flour and water. And that is supposed to be a healthier option for carbs. And I know that this is proper healthy, because I don’t like. Broccoli? You don’t like broccoli? What about the, you have a strip loin over there right? Here, I cut for you. Wah! So sweet. Thank you! So I really feel like I’m eating a lean meat, and I know that that really just packs a lot of protein in my diet. But the beef alone has quite a lot of flavour. They either marinated it a little bit, or they have a rub, it’s like a little black pepper kind of taste. Not something you would, you know be like “oh no, I chose a healthier option, then I lose out on taste” definitely not. So one of the tips that I have for salads is that, when you see more colours in your salads, that is a more well-balanced meal. If you really want to maximise the nutrition in your meal right, an ideal meal should consist of a quarter whole grains, a quarter proteins and half veggies. Which is exactly what we have here. So let’s move on to the next bowl, Over here is my Herb-crusted Grilled Salmon. And it’s a keto-lite bowl. Keto-lite right, keto is basically a diet without carbs. Right, so I believe keto-lite, is the light version of that, so a bit of carbs. It’s very well marinated, and because it’s grilled, it retains all the juiciness of the salmon, so it’s still filled with moisture and it packs a big punch of flavour. They kept the skin on, and what that means is that you’re getting a whole bunch of good fatty acids. It’s all the omega 3 inside your salmon fillet. So over here I got my lemon juice and olive oil dressing, and we are so excited to try this one. I really like the zest in the lemon juice. When you end your day with a salad like this right, with lemon juice dressing, It makes you feel not so heavy and jelak, you know? Another great thing about salads is that, because it’s full of raw leafy vegetables right, it has a lot of natural fibre. And that would keep you full for a longer time, as compared you say you ate the same amount of rice. I’m surprised that you know, healthy food can also be so flavourful. and it is definitely something that I would come back and order again. I’m so glad to hear that! Sure, because if you think about it, if I’m at home and I’m lazy, and I’ll order delivery right, It will cost me more to eat unhealthy food. You know, if there are certain ingredients in the bowl that you might not like right, fret not, because you can choose your own ingredients. And you know, when John and I first walked in, we saw the entire counter, was full of different ingredients. Some John didn’t even know the name to. Like an alfafa. Like and alfafa, it’s just… I’m just going to call it the angel hair bean sprouts. Exactly that! And we have come to the end of our 24 hours healthy food day John! Are you satisfied? What was your favourite meal? If I had to go and break it down right, My favourite, is not a meal, Okay? It’s a snack. It’s popiah. C: Mmmm, yea that’s a really tough contender there.
J: Just because I love popiah. J: Yours?
C: I do too, okay! My favourite has got to be the salads at simply wrapps, I’m just a big fan of salads, I feel like they are very nutritious. And they are filling, they provide you with everything that you need. What have you learnt about finding healthy food in Singapore? Come, I’ve been telling you this all day. Okay, honestly, I learnt 2 things. First is that, besides exercise, besides living a healthy lifestyle right, what you put in your mouth is also very important. Yea, I mean diet is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How do you make these healthier food decisions? Which is the second point that I was going to bring up, Okay so you know the healthier choice, the pyramid, the triangle. I learnt that I need to pay attention to look out for those kinds of things. The healthier choices right, which are everywhere, are actually tasty as well. Thank you HPB for making this episode possible. An easier way to identify healthy food and drink options, is to join the Health Promotion Board’s Eat, Drink, Shop, Healthy Challenge. Through which you can win Fairprice vouchers and F&B rewards. Yep, and download the Healthy 365 app, so that you can scan the QR codes on the receipt of participating partners. More details in the description box below. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, if you liked this video, you can check out more over there. And don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Bye bye!

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