Update 3.8: Announcement comments & categories, improved App Store search
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Update 3.8: Announcement comments & categories, improved App Store search

February 3, 2020

Welcome to update 3.8 of Workspace 365 Today, I’m happy to show you some new social features Previously, we already introduced you to the Announcement live tile In which you can place news or technical announcements for your organisation This update, we’ve released a couple of new features for this tile, so come and have a look On the announcements, people now have the ability to place a comment Voicing their opinion on the article Another great new feature for the Announcement tile Is that you can now also select categories when you publish an announcement As you can set a category on your announcement, you can have announcements which are only relevant to you Furthermore, as an admin, you can choose which category you show within a live tile By doing that, you can set up a workspace for, for example the technical department, Which only shows the technical announcements first Additionally, as people love to use the new Announcement live tile, We now allow you to load more than 10 items You can do this by simply scrolling down your live tile and clicking on the Load More button Those are the new features for the Announcement tile Let’s move to the App Store of Workspace 365 Within the App Store, we’ve now created a filter Which allows you to filter on the conditions of applications This new filter allows you to quickly see Which applications are in Maintenance Mode, have Conditional Access or Owner Permissions on the app Those are the highlighted features of update 3.8 Don’t forget to check our Support Portal for the release announcements Where you’ll find more features, like for example A Recycle Bin for deleted users, An easier search function in the Email App, And also an increased click area in the Document App, making it easier to select your documents Thank you for watching this update, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on LinkedIn Thank you for watching and see you next update. Bye bye

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