Truck Driver Update Video #10 | Visual Damage System
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Truck Driver Update Video #10 | Visual Damage System

March 13, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another Truck Driver video. In the previous weeks we’ve talked about the Unity Engine upgrade, an entirely new AI System and a Nintendo Switch version. If you’ve missed these videos, you can check them out by clicking the button in the top right corner or by checking out the links in the description. Today I would like to talk about a new feature that’s coming to Truck Driver. Please note that it will still take some time before this feature will be added to the game, … but with these videos we just want to be transparent with you about what’s currently being worked on. Keep in mind that the footage we show is work in progress or in-engine footage. Everything you see is still subject to change. I’m happy to announce that Kokku is currenly working on a visual damage system. So that you can also see the damage on your truck and AI vehicles themselves. Currently you can see the damage your truck has sustained on the SatNav. There’s chassis damage, … engine wear … and tire wear. The colors on each individual part give an indication of the damage on your Truck. Shades of green means everything is fine and shades of red means these parts need repairs. The damages have impact on gameplay as well. Tire wear increases your braking distance, chassis damage results in steering deviation and engine damage breaks your engine. Now let’s take a look at some work in progress footage of this new visual damage system. This is footage from inside the Unity Engine. We’ll shoot some objects towards the truck to simulate how the truck responds to these hits. As you can see, when the truck is hit in specific places, it results into the truck getting dented or scratched in those exact spots. To give you an impression of how this damage will look like while you’re on the road, we also have some footage from within the Unity Engine that shows how the trucks will look after they’ve been damaged. We’re cycling through random damage states here, as where and how badly your truck is damaged all depends on what exactly happened. I hope you all like it. If you’ve missed the two previous update videos make sure to check those out too. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date and to join our Discord if you have any remaining questions. Thank you for watching, and we’ll talk soon.

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  1. Hello guys!!!! It is great now if you are going to notice the stumbles that accidentally clear! I give it to my truck, you know I have also had that when I damage my truck a lot, nothing happens, keep running the same, I do not know if they have noticed it, but it is good that they continue working on this great game !!!! Greetings to all the team !!! 👌✌

  2. I know you don't have the licenses for branding. But would be great if you could put made up liveries on the trucks and trailers.

  3. Okay the featured nice but my biggest problem is you added more features into this game but you not fixing the problem in the game like basic stuff we need in the game I engine brake transmission is trash some of trucker don't have manual bro come on basic things that need to be fixed but you're at a new features that's backwards.👎👎👎👎

  4. This is really excellent!! But, could you possibly look at the speed limites around the towns- 30km/h seems too slow at around 17mp/h and it makes you want to speed up a bit

  5. Any update about the ffb setting as my wheel is at 100% when try to hitch a trailer so unable to use it as I don’t want to but out my wheel ? But love the game so far 👍🏻

  6. I've had enough of those producers who just promise and nothing comes out, let's do this and that, and it's been weeks since the game received an update.
    Já cansei desses produtores que só prometem e não sai nada, vamos fazer isso e aquilo, e faz semanas que o jogo não recebe uma atualização.

  7. It's definetly looking like the change of developer is going to pay off! Looking forward to the roll out of these updates when possible!!! I'd like to add one thing – A possible reworking of the repeatable jobs system – have a list of jobs from each character rather than a random spawn each time we visit so we could choose based on reward or distance or time

  8. Soedesco just fix what needs fixing n all the little bugs n features just make sure everything working 110% b4 sending out nice big patch

  9. Bravo soedesco très bonne vidéo. Merci pour tout le travail que vous faite. J attend avec impatience les mises à jour. En tout cas félicitations à toute l'équipe. Bonne continuation.

  10. The game is great! But I would like to use the gearstick/shifter in manual trucks. This would the game so much more realistic and more fun. #truckdriver

  11. Hey!

    Bedankt voor een leuk spel! Ik ben er wel mee gestopt want ik wacht graag op de nieuwe updates, Euro truck simulator begon erg stroef en is uiteindelijk een geweldig spel geworden. Dit kunnen jullie ook! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de updates en hoop zeer op een mapping voor de stuur optie

  12. When come the new KI System Update out on Xbox??? Another great work for the next.👍🎮 But please bring new Trucks and Map Expansion

  13. You guys are useless with ur Kaku shit. I even sold my xbox and built a pc to enjoy ets. You waste of money

  14. This is great guys! I am still confused how resources are allocated for this without releasing at least the Unity upgrade. Are they are being released at the same time?

  15. I have 1 question: will there be further improvements to the graphics in the game , to be honest, in terms of graphics, it still doesn't look very good. there is not enough sharpness – the depth of objects. It doesn 't look very realistic. I like the game, but it still needs graphics processing and map expansion. GOOGLE TRANSLATE

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