The water cycle, Scotland style…
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The water cycle, Scotland style…

March 13, 2020

(guitar strum) (drumming) – Do not put this on social media! (laugh) (squeal) (laugh) – Hi, my name’s Kirsty, I
work at Arbikie Distillery as the Master Distiller. (guitar strums and hand claps) All of these go into this bottle, along with the potato spirit
to make this Scottish gin which represents where we’re based. (upbeat rock music) – We created the first ever
single grain rye whiskey, which was the first in 198 years. – We don’t only produce our gins, single malt or rye whiskies, but we also produce the base
for that gin, which is vodka. And the way we make this
vodka, is with this! (rock music stops) (bird song) – I’m Calum Maclean, and
I’m an outdoor swimmer, and there’s nothing I
love more than plunging in some freezing cold Scottish water. I mean just look at the place! Why wouldn’t you want to swim? In Scotland we’ve got an
amazing variety of coastlines, rivers, mountain lochs. What I really like about swimming, yeah it’s cold, and it does hurt, but the amazing feeling you get in it is why I love it. When you’re in the water, it’s hard work, but you come out, and you feel like a God. Absolutely buzzing. You don’t have to come
swimming in Scotland to enjoy our waters. You know, you can just come and sit here, look at the trees, look at the
colors, listen to the birds. (bird song) You get that real sense of calmness, that real sense of just being at ease. – Welcome to Red Kite Eco Bothy. It’s called a bothy, because a bothy is the Scottish word for a retreat. But Eco because it’s
environmentally friendly, it’s run off solar energy. (rock music) – It’s gonna be a good view
from the giant swing today. – Yeah, it is. – Yeah!
– Wooo! – That is so much fun! (scream) – So what better place to spend a holiday, than in Dumfries and Galloway, here in sunny southwest Scotland? We’ve got all sorts of facilities
available on our doorstep, from water-based activities,
land-based activities, mountain biking, Dark Skies Park, and we’re also part of
the Scottish biosphere.

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