The ONE New Android Feature You MUST Enable (Unless You’re Stupid)
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The ONE New Android Feature You MUST Enable (Unless You’re Stupid)

January 12, 2020

What’s up guys, I’m ThioJoe. And forgive the sarcastic title, but seriously
if you didn’t know, there has been a MAJOR new feature rolling out across all Android
phones having to do with a new generation of text messaging on Android. And based on the research I’ve done, it
doesn’t require any specific version of Android, so it’s not like you need to update
android to get it. And it should work on all US carriers too,
with international support coming. The feature I’m talking about is essentially
a new texting platform called RCS which stands for “Rich Communication Services”. I’ve actually talked about this in the past,
it’s been something Google has been working on for years, and it’s finally being rolled
out. And like I said, you can think of it like
“next gen” texting that replaces the ancient SMS text message platform, and adds lots of
new functionality very similar to how iMessage works on iPhone, if you’re familiar with
that at all. So let’s go over how to enable the feature,
and then we can go over the benefits. The first thing to understand is lots of phone
manufacturers have their own default text message app, and it must support RCS if you’re
using theirs, which most don’t yet. So you’ll probably need to download Google’s
“Android Messages” app which comes with stock android phones and use that. I believe Samsung has also support for RCS
too though. Anyway, to enable RCS in Android Messages,
first make sure the app is up to date through the play store, then you just need to go into
the options and look for “chat features”. It will probably have you type in and confirm
your phone number, and then you’ll see more options for stuff like typing indicators,
read receipts, and “chat messages”, which with that one you can see can use wifi for
texting. So this is basically the Google equivalent
of iMessage. With Samsung, assuming your app is up to date,
you’ll apparently also have an option in there for “advanced messaging”, at least
according to Verizon’s website. Unfortunately I don’t have a Samsung phone
to verify this with, so your mileage may vary. But worst case scenario, you should be able
to just download the Android Message app no matter what phone manufacturer you have. Another thing I’ve read, but might not be
the case anymore, is that if you are trying to enable RCS on a non-pixel phone, you might
have to download the “Carrier Services” app from the Google Play store. It is an official Google app so it’s not
sketchy or anything, but it may be necessary if it’s not pre-installed on your phone
already. And you can see on the app store page it does
mention it allows support for ‘enhanced messaging features’ which is another term
being used for RCS. So you may also see it marketed by other companies
under names like “SMS+”, “Message+”, “Advanced Messaging”, “Enhanced Messaging”,
or even just “Chat”, or something similar. From my understanding, phone carriers themselves
have not really been offering RCS support even though they all promised they would. So for now, it seems Google is taking on the
load for the platform, kind of like how Apple does with iMessage. Then apparently when carriers actually start
rolling out RCS on their own networks in 2020, the switch should hopefully happen seamlessly
in the background. Now as for what features you get with RCS,
there are several. Like I mentioned, there is support for advanced
functionality like read receipts, typing indicators, also higher quality images and videos so they
won’t be shrunk down to a postage stamp when you send them. It also supports messaging over WiFi and data
which is great in situations where you don’t have a cell signal, but do have access to
WiFi. There’s also improved functionality for
group text messages, like being able to name group chats, and the ability to add or remove
people from groups. Though I should point out RCS does not offer
end to end encryption like iMessage, and also RCS is not compatible with iMessage either. So if someone on an iPhone texts someone on
Android, they’ll still show up with a green bubble, even if they use RCS. The final important note is that these RCS
features will only work if the other person you are texting has also enabled this feature
in the messaging app, assuming they’re using one that supports it. You’ll be able to tell if someone has done
this because their text message bubbles will show up as blue. Also at least for now, when you go to send
a message, it will say “Chat Message” instead of “Text Message”. Because this is such a new feature, and an
optional one at that, don’t be surprised if you don’t see many people with blue bubbles
using this. But the good news is if you know they use
Android, you can tell them about this feature, and if they use either Android Messages or
Samsung, it’s trivial to enable. I also believe Google will be making this
new feature more prominent over the next few weeks and months, so people will find out
about it. And I’m sure lots of phone manufacturers
will start enabling this feature on their own proprietary apps, so they can promote
it as a feature to customers. Another cool related feature having to do
with Android Messages is, if you didn’t know, you can actually send text messages from the
web, if you go to “”. Then you can use a QR code to link your phone
to the web app. This should allow you to not only send RCS
messages but also text messages from your computer. So if you do have access to this new feature,
there’s really no reason NOT to enable it if you use an app that supports it. And even if you use a third party app like
Textra which is really popular, you can still be aware of it, because I’m sure those apps
will start adding the feature soon enough. You even also be the cool friend who introduces
friends to this awesome new feature and impress people if they don’t know about RCS yet. Because realistically most people probably
haven’t even heard of it yet. But anyway this was more of a short video,
but if you guys want to keep watching, I highly recommend a video I made recently talking
about 10 ways to make your Android phone faster, which I think you’ll really like. So I’ll have that pop up right here, you
can just click on that. So thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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  1. It's very different in my Xiaomi โ€ฆ Maybe explore what apps you can use to get a consistent behaviour whatever Android variant and on-top manufacturer ware.
    Just btw, I hate all the bloatware HP is putting on their computers; but that's where I'm coming from. Hate bloatware.

  2. I don't think I'm interested in using this because it's spyware. And also, I don't want to depend on Google for much longer until there is a strong replacement similar to Android phones.

  3. No one uses SMS and MMS in Europe, we mostly use Whatsapp.

    -For anyone that said they use something else, it still isn't normal messaging.
    -I am in Italy and there's not a single carrier offer for free MMS.

  4. Any time I download and use the google messaging I have noticed that I start receiving spam callers. I've blocked the spam callers and deleted the app then the calls stop but if I install it again then the spam calls start all over again. Il stick the the manufacturer messaging.

  5. not supported by my carrier. and btw who the f…. would need this when the whole world uses whatsapp, telegram, signal, threema and whatnot?? seriously, WHO NEEDS THIS??

  6. I have the Samsung Galaxy 10S Plus and I had to download and install Messages from the Playstore and install Carrier Services, which was already downloaded just not installed. Chat services working fine, although I did have to close everything out and retry verification of my number. The next time I closed everything and opened Messages it automatically said my number was verified. Also, you'll have to replace your "Messages" icon with the new one (for anyone who might not realize this) because if you touch the old one it will ask if you want to set it back to the default, and since they both have the same name it could be really confusing for non experienced users.

  7. ๐Ÿ˜‘
    I only get this:

    The chat features are not available in this device.

    Your operator does not admit this feature right now.

  8. 3:25 neither does iMessage. iMessage effectively only has tls. Since the iMessages are encrypted with apple keys and not user keys like signal or telegram.

  9. Using the Samsung message app and this option was already on by default. Got an update too today, so idk if that has to do with it. But yea, good thing this was enabled on default. Thanks for the video, Joe!

  10. Hi, my phone just had a firmware update (Samsung Galaxy J7 2nd gen) and a couple of days later my keypad disappeared (couldn't send any messages on any apps) any reason it would do this and anyone else has this problem?


  12. The rest of the world has had all that stuff since the early 2010s with WhatsApp, and even before WhatsApp there was BBM. China's got WeChat, Japan has Line, and us, the real intellectuals, use Telegram. Why none of those apps has ever been on the radar for most American Android users is anyone's guess.

  13. literally no one in my history has blue bubbles. The reason Google went and did it themselves is because the carriers have gotten the art of dragging their feet down to a science and they got tired of waiting.

  14. Normally I love what you suggest and do but this time you were soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad at being accurate about what was available and really how to enable and check if it was enabled. So quick with everything of course you can pause and rewind but even then it was not always clear. So calling the users "stupid" at the beginning was very "stupid". Again Normally I really like the information you share but you were really "stupid" this time.

  15. Video titles like this are cringy, but the info is great ๐Ÿ‘too bad it only works on shitty Google or Verizon network (for now) I'm sure it will be the new meta soon enough ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  16. My experience with your channel has been ruined. I like to click a video and watch. Now I must first look in the description and try to figure out if this a prank or not since I don't have time to watch pranks. PLEASE separate your prank videos from the serious ones!

  17. What if you play on pc but never closes apps, like chorme or folders or games u dont close them but u leave them
    test ur limits of CPU

  18. In europe and south america this wont be used. Because watsapp became the default messanger app. Watsapp replaced sms.

  19. Hi, I have Nokia Lumia phone ,I have problem to login to my Microsoft account and also the store..I reset the phone and fixed the date and time but the problem is still not fixed..any help will be appreciated.thanks

  20. Girlfriend and and I both turned this on a while ago in the UK. The features worked like the typing indication and read & received notifications but other things went wrong. Stuff like messages being sent multiple times and messages arriving hours later. We both turned it off.

  21. Samsung in the UK seems to have put it on by default must of been with a new update to the Samsung default messaging app. You can also go to chat settings as well as you'll see things like read recipts etc

  22. Well – Could've saved me that effort… It isn't usable on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ phone, so there is that… -AP

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