The Knight Before Christmas starring Vanessa Hudgens | Official Trailer | Netflix
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The Knight Before Christmas starring Vanessa Hudgens | Official Trailer | Netflix

January 17, 2020

We all grow up fantasizing about finding true love
with a knight in shining armor and living happily ever after. But that’s all it is. Fantasy. Are you okay? Fear not. 
I’ve been thrown much further by much faster horses 
than your steel steed. Not a scratch on him. But apparently he believes
he’s a 14th-century knight. Sir Cole Christopher
Frederick Lyons of Norwich. -At your service.
-Oh, boy. This is all my fault. Where are they playing 
that lyrical medley? On the radio. I’m gonna help him 
till his memory comes back. What if he’s dangerous? Trust me. He’s harmless. First thing we should do 
is update your wardrobe by at least a few centuries. Greetings. Greetings.
I’ll let you get dressed. You know time travel
isn’t a real thing, right? I have traveled here,
and it matters not if I understand how. A knight is sworn
to valor and virtue. We’ll give aid 
to those who seek it. Claire! -Claire!
-Just stay where you are! But I fear I must return home. Do you really think going along
with his little delusion is helping the situation? Who are we to tell him
he’s not who he says he is? You sure you’re not a witch? What if Cole really is 
who he says he is? What if there are things 
beyond our comprehension? I would say you both need 
to get your heads examined. -You don’t have to go.
-I have no choice. Wherever you are, that’s the only place 
I want to be. No one can control 
their own destiny. Nice catch. Steady now, my lady.

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  1. All of you haters can close this filthy little potty mouth! » Netflix's Christmas specials are the thing that keeps my dying husk of a body in this world

  2. You know..i love this and i always watch this a million times because of tge love story and josh sings the "before christmas" made me cry..

  3. oh Really interesting to see a local castle used as the Medieval location! Tullynally in Co. Westmeath, Ireland….heading there for the Christmas market on Sunday where I'll have a stall. Well worth a visit to this place anytime and not that well known. Lovely cafe and gardens there too.

  4. Darn. I envy her. She gets these super hunky guys every year… and, I have been single watching her movies and dreaming…. 😣

  5. For a Christmas movie is is actually somewhat original- instead of a career woman in a small town it's a man in a big city

  6. Everyone is talking about how dumb this movie is for involving time traveling yet this whole movie hasn’t happened yet. Vanessa is a witch yall fools

  7. His armour is wrong on so many levels. From short sleeve chainmail shirt, to a coif that is way too big for his head without a protective cap meaning he would lose some of that hair. His armour is also more of a 1400's variant

  8. When l say l am a 14th century knight then l turn out to be crazy, but when he says he is a 14th century knight then he turns out to be cool and find him self a hot girlfriend. wtf!!

  9. Was this cheesy? Yes. Predictably? Yes.
    Did I still enjoy it? YES!
    Vanessa looked Gorgeous in the red dress and Josh reminded me to Hugh Dancy in Ella Enchanted

  10. The knight before Christmas?!? Really? How original. Good for you, that you cancelled Anne with an E and made some space for the good old mainstream shit, Netflix.

  11. Weirdly enough… I was watching this just a few minutes ago, and it shows 18 December 1334 and I was like 😧, oukay, coincidences… 🤨 Then, after, 18 December 2019, aand I was like 😯😦 whoaa… IT'S TODAY!!! 😱😱😱 And its my birthday today 18th December!!! 😂 How cool is that??? 😎😁

  12. Really enjoyed this movie…there is going to be a part 2 because the old lady when to the other brother at the end of the movie

  13. The pitch for this movie was simply just the title and Netflix was like "Sounds great, call up Vanessa and we can start rolling"

  14. 10/10 time travelling knight from England with no social security number offered a job as a cop. Too good. What was the budget on Christmas lights too? Must have been more than the acting.

  15. I saw it yesterday and now I came to the conclusion that instead i could have watched this video. It's honestly the whole movie summed up in a couple of minutes.

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