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The Art Of The Turn 3 | Salomon TV

January 17, 2020

– My perfect ski day is with a perfectly groomed
slope first thing in the morning. When you have all the slope for yourself you feel this sensation to be free. To do what you want. – I think the perfect turn is when you have perfect balance at
the beginning of the turn and at the end you feel
that you took the power and it gave you some speed. – Speed is relative. You
can prove the same feeling if you are a world cup skier or a little child that started
yesterday to skiing. – Bastien won the Crystal
Globe this winter in ski cross. – He is very athletic, very
powerful, very dynamic. – Marielle, because she is very clean and she’s very natural. It seems that she doesn’t use power. – Davide won the World Cup in GS Podiums – To have a perfect turn, we have to stay all the turn on the outside ski. When you have to lean a lot and the snow getting closer and closer,
you feel this adrenaline. – When you are smooth and
you have the right rhythm, you’re faster than when
you are fighting, the snow fighting the slope and use
a lot of power for nothing. – I’m a racer, but I also like to ski and to free ski with my friends. It’s difficult to have a
lot of perfect turns, but the thing is to try every time. – Skis are a powerful tool. When you manage this powerful
tool, you think to be the king of the world.

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  1. Finally!!! I can say that Art of the Turn 3 is an accomplishment at least on par with Art of the Turn 1 as a work of art. Superb.

  2. Cette série est magnifique depuis le premier épisode j'arrive à écouter, lire patiemment ce que ces légendes disent… A chaque fois un souvenir me revient un souvenir de piste, de conduites coupés…

  3. The camera work, the music, the skiers. All amazing. The grin on my face just watching them carve makes me want to strap in and hit the fall line 👍🏻👊🏻

  4. Shiffrin makes the closest I’ve ever seen to perfect turn after perfect turn in competitions. There isn’t a man or woman comes close to her.

  5. Kimbo's groomers are quite underrated. Although I don't understand why all that unnecessary turning? There was nothing in your way!! Hahaha. Clearly, I am a figure 11 skier! 🤘

  6. Salmon TV. Every time I come home from school to find that you have uploaded a new video, I am absolutely delighted. I always look forward to sitting down with a snack and watching your videos. Thank you very much. Your videos mean a lot to me. Keep it up salmon TV!!

  7. This series has been such and inspiration for me for so long I want to thank all of you guys at Solomon for making the series, it has helped me get so much faster, hopefully nest season I’ll be on a pair of Salomons

  8. it is actually a useless video in terms of technique for most of skiers, since 95% don't ski at high speeds, it is mainly motivational

  9. Can we have a little less groomer action? Anybody including your grandparents can shred groomers hard. And ski racing is for ninnys who don’t tele

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