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Tesla 2019 Rewind & Future of Channel

January 1, 2020

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  1. Thanks for making 2019 awesome everyone! If you're interested in helping with the channel in 2020 you can apply at the link below. Happy New Year!
    – https://teslanomics.co/apply

  2. Thanks a lot for the energy you put in this channel. It’s very informative and very well done. Happy newyear, Ben, looking forward to 2020.

  3. I thank you for the work that you're doing on this channel very informative. I have a question or perhaps a request that's more geared toward ev's. Do you think, or do you know of any company that offers an Ev drivetrain that can be outfitted to an existing car or truck, of course after the gas engine has been removed. Is anyone doing this, and perhaps doing this in a way that could be affordable?

  4. The thing I've appreciated the most from your channel is your aggregation, study and analysis of EV related data. Please keep that up. Very happy to see you answer a few questions here. I remember when you used to do that live Q&A. Sad to say, but that didn't work so well. Your current approach is much better. Gather questions, research them and come back with answers later.
    All The Best

  5. Thanks for everything you do Ben…been watching since pretty early on. Would love to see you continue to do more partnerships with other TeslaTubers. Would LOVE you to do more with Gali and others!

  6. Happy New Year Ben, really enjoy your content, it's always been a help. Ben any idea on the next FSD price increase? I have enhanced Autopilot but missed out on the "notification" when they offered a 50% price discount back in March 2019 to owners of an Enhanced Autopilot model 3 bought before Feb 2019, whoever I never received any notification from Tesla and missed out on that discount ($2,000 instead of the current $4,000) and when I talked with a Tesla rep they said it was too hard to contact all of the owners and it was up to me to follow Tesla and Elon to know when changes are coming!! Anyway I bought my Model 3 AWD with the Enhanced Autopilot thinking at the time that was FSD, so I would have purchased it for sure but since I missed the discount I have been waiting to see how much better FSD is getting and with the most recent update I want to be in line for the install of the 3 hardware for FSD but not sure when the next FSD increase will be or if Tesla may even offer another discount, any thoughts Ben? Thanks, Ben

  7. 'Ben Sullins' with tag line "Free the Data with Ben Sullins"; and yes, the aesthetics will be DRAMATICALLY improved Jenny and tads.

  8. the nomics side of your tesla posts are unique and has surly been my main interest in viewing. Everything else is always a bonus. 2020 is when everything should be hitting from Tesla and promises to be an even bigger year for you.


  9. Very good stuff Señor Ben. Keep it up! Question: What sort of Tesla Unveiling do you expect? Plaid Model S? Tesla Wagon?

  10. Ben, I can honestly say that your videos gave me the comfort to move forward with the switch to an EV. Thanks for that, I absolutely love my Standard Range Model 3 and it’s been worth every penny

  11. Thanks for a great year Ben. We live further up the coast from you and have enjoyed all of your information and own a Model 3 and have a Y on order. Looking to see what the new year brings. Happy New Year to you and the family

  12. I would like to see a running total the total number of gallons of gasoline that have been replaced by the Tesla models. It would be great if this was a running total so covering now and into the future

  13. Super nice! See you in the UK for the fully charged event and can you please come to Belgium during your road trip?

  14. Please stick with the data stay away from politics. Several channels started out good then became political and became unwatchable.

  15. Looking forward to the new year and your continued content. Not sure your audience is viewing because they want to save the planet. Pretty sure it's because Tesla is doing great things like Apple has done in the past and we're intrigued and want to learn more about the tech and the numbers to justify us putting down lots of $$ to participate in the future. Keep it up!

  16. Ben,
    I had a great ride in ‘19 listening to you and others such as Tim and Joe and when the three of you came together, I scratched my head at first wondering what would these 3-cool Tubers have to say together…..yes basically what each of you three are doing but the neat aspect is the human interaction between these three so different characters that makes it cool.
    So what you discover is that suddenly the Ludicrous Future becomes more of a social hangout spot as opposed to your individual channels where I go to devour your research.
    I like it and sometimes it’s too much Tubing but nevertheless an enjoyable ride

  17. Here is a question for you Ben. Can you make a rough study on the amount of money saved by a young person buying a first car that is EV Vs. ICE over a lifetime through college, house and family etc?
    I feel the American middle class is being driven down by endless “small” costs that add up to “death by a thousand cuts”. I believe EVs are the beginning of a possible economic turn around for the less affluent in our country. TYVM Great show!

  18. This morning I realized that Tesla is really the second generation of “consumer robotics” the first being Roomba vacuums. They have hit on the “MONSTER APPLICATION” for robotics and software SELFDRIVING. People think of Boston Dynamics as the robotics company but Tesla has been mass producing robotic systems masquerading as a car company.

  19. Tesla=carbots, SpaceX=spacebots, Boring Co.=tunnelbots, Neuralink=brainbots…add this up what do you get? Lots and lots of bots being very very productive…

  20. I think its the Mistakes, Leaps and Tries that end up with you learning from your attempts that makes the content Most entertaining and believable. Public Embarrassment real or imagined, and dealing with it, moving on.. connects with me.. perhaps the audience far far more. Hoping for lots more on CT arrival anticipation.. and how to deal with that Stainless Steel shell.. did Elon really say we could get a Piece of Starship as a hood ornament?

  21. I always enjoy your unique look at the data, instead of just talking about Tesla or EV news. I really think that once the Model Y ramps up there is no reason to keep building the Model 3. Maybe only keep the performance and low end. Model Y really improves on the Model 3 and makes it obsolete in most use cases.

  22. Would you consider doing a "bring a fan with you" drawing to the next Tesla event? Where you (or a sponsor) pay for the travel/hotel to go to a Tesla event?

  23. Just did a couple of of Indianapolis to Atlanta road trips and we desperately need some additional V3 chargers along the way. Only option is 6 stalls in Nashville that ALWAYS seem to be at least half full. The V2 chargers are getting worn too. I often only get 80 kW at the 120 kW chargers. Also power transfer drops off drastically at 250 miles on my 310 mile range M3 dual motor. Makes sense there should be a drop off but I will often see power transfer drop from over 100 kW to 30-40 kW in a matter of a few minutes. No, no one else plugged in. Car is less than a year old and most charging is level 2 Tesla garage charging at 48A / 240V. Any helpful advice or comments?

  24. Well done dude!
    Need more data, graphs and such in what you do. Seeing your cars was/is cool. Hearing about your own life was cool to see (practicalities of your cars, etc.)

  25. If people click the bell and select All, they will be notified of all your videos. But this feature was introduced later, so default, for people who clicked the bell when it came out. They will be on the default and only be notified of some of your videos. So you need to explain that to people in one of your next videos.

  26. Hey Ben, can you do a video for how to calculate the economics for OTHER countries? I love in Hong Kong and the price of petrol is 8USD/Gallon and electricity is 0.15USD/kW. Does it make sense to buy an EV? After my own calculations, the cost per km is 80% less. Even when supercharging, it is 60% less. Also, my family does cycling so can we fit road bikes onto a Tesla? Your online calculator should also allow different manual gas prices. Many thanks

  27. are they going to buy material for batteries from austrailia or if larg amount sale solar roofs and sale batteries and powerwalls at low cost for the battery material so they can build aquaponics and infostructure of all the roofs conbined going to batteries like shared energy for a lower price not all people are at home at the same time and not all work on same days will they ?

  28. Love all the analytics videos, very interesting! Amortization? Depreciation? Right up my alley being an accountant by profession. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  29. omg the Model Y launch was soooo boring but yeah I kinda get what you're saying that it needed to be. I was just salty because I stayed up until 1am on the east coast (ya know of course it was an hour late like every event) and then it was like "Here's this fat Model 3" uggh.

    But I think that was the trough. Tesla has been killing it for the rest of the year. What an exciting time. Thanks for your coverage and digging into the data.

  30. So glad we’ll see Jenny again!! There are a lot of female Tesla owners I think they’re just not engaged in Tesla social media/ YouTube so it seems like only guys are into Tesla. Learned so much from this channel and Our Ludacris Future channel!

  31. Great to hear you are coming to Spain. I strongly recommend you to visit Malaga in the South. We can do a Tesla or EV owners meeting if you want.

  32. Speaking of data – we sneaked into Rand in Santa Monica and ran a simple research test and based on every published pronunciation of "Tesla" since newsreels in the 40s including his own country of origin's pronunciations – that your subscriber base would increase by 17% if you pronounced Nik's last name with a soft sssss – like he did. Do you drive a model Ezzz? No, you drive an S. So really, data doesn't mean that much by itself does it? Signed, wise-ass. 🔚

  33. I usually like your videos, but 20 minutes seemed to long, even playing it at 2X. Q&A could have been a separate video! My 2 cents. Lots of success in 2020.

  34. This guy has four tesla now. What do you need four cars for. That is an environmental disaster if we all did. We are losing sight of why elon started thus company

  35. Keep on the good work Ben, all the best thinks you wish in 2020 for you and family, oh yeah I love my model 3 en will learn al lot because of your good information videos. 👍👍👍✋✋✋🎉🎊🥂greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪

  36. My only wish is that I’d have found you sooner. Love the content. Thanks.
    By the way Farnborough – where Fully Charged UK are showing – is pronounced over here as *Farn-brer* so much easier. 🙂

  37. happy new DECADE everyone!
    the 2020's are going to be amazing with all the new advancements in renewable tech, self-driving cars, EV'S and even space exploration.

    we really are living in the future!

  38. Perhaps "Teslanomics" is a broader, more generic definition of what could be called the "Tesla Revolution". What is becoming abundantly clear to serious observers of this company is the extent to which it is reshaping a massive variety of technologies and their associated industries. Historians may look at this era of our techno-industrial evolution as "The Tesla Effect" – how Musk and his associates transformed not only the application of technologies, but how business was forced to adapt their traditional methodologies.
    Nikola Tesla was known to have been working on bizarre technologies in electrical power distribution, to ultimately make electrical energy free to the end user. JP Morgan – initially intrigued by this – allowed Tesla to experiment, but was quick to "pull the plug" (pun intended) and said to Tesla "If I can't put a meter on it, I don't want it".
    Tesla replied: "The present is yours… the future is mine".
    Are we now at that future? Teslanomics is a new definition of an economic model that wil be historically signficant – so don't change the name…

  39. don't overthink the name- just keep crunching numbers on all things sustainability and saving $. I think those two things make people really reach for the tech.

  40. Hi! Couldn’t hear the name of the stat app in the end of the vid? Post a link to it maybe? Thanks 🙏
    Happy New Year Ben & family and all fellow listeners 🥂😁

  41. Ok on the speed thing, I disagree and would love to study it more. The biggest drain is sharp elevation changes with speed, think the bottom of Grapevine to top near Gorman at 80mph or above. (5 south) At slightly downhill grade, speed of 80 mph or even 90 uses very little if you are creeping up to that speed. 72 mph seems sweet spot but I can not do it! 80+ is my desired speed. However if short on range I stay below 66 while going up a steep climb. The only other time range really got killed below 20 egress outside or pouring rain. Overall I am amazed how great the cars are at staying very efficient.

  42. Thanks for a great year of content. Looking forward to seeing the future of your channel and Jenny joining the YT vids. Happy new year Ben!

  43. I was scared when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was one of those " I'm leaving Youtube" videos for such and such reasons, which seems to be routine among Youtubers in order to get more subscribers. Please keep up the great work in 2020.

  44. 2019 has been a crazy ride for Tesla! Enjoyed every moment. Love this channel, subscribed!!
    So excited for what Tesla will do in 2020 😀

  45. There's been rumors of a possible 100kw Tesla Model 3 as well as upcoming battery chemistry changes. Would you recommending waiting for the Model 3 as well? I was looking to buy in March but unsure due to these rumors. I would be pretty disappointed to get a new Tesla and then a 100kw come out.

  46. Planning my first road trip in my Tesla M3 and need to carry a 50 pound EV scooter folded up in the trunk.  Do you have any data on how it affect my battery range, will I need to use "Chill" mode (that would be a bummer) or just drive normal.  I can tell having the EV scooter in my trunk around town, it takes longer for the vehicle to stop using the 'one' pedal driving. I'm sure I'll have to stop more often between San Diego and Sacremento about 500 miles.  Thanks.

  47. Look forward to Jennie's addition and taking channel to the next level. Women around the world learning about Tesla is key to the successful transition to EV's.

  48. I think the name is great. Teslanomics. The way you help us save money and the (habitable) planet is by electrification and economics. Faradaynomics or wattonomics don't have the same the same ring to them

  49. We (you and your supporters & followers) should help get you some data on the insurance from their family & friends who own one. It’ll be good for the community to get a better sense of pricing instead of defaulting to “varies by person.” We can work to get at least an average and show bundle & insurance providers’ differences 👌

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