SoundChaser: MiniProv 01 [Track 01: (In/Re)flection]
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SoundChaser: MiniProv 01 [Track 01: (In/Re)flection]

January 10, 2020

SoundChaser – MiniProv 01 – Track 01: (In/Re)flection

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  1. (In/Re)flection is a set of experimental improvisations informed by compositional elements of Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and Edward Grieg.

    Each of the “MiniProvs” (an invented word based on the words MINIature and imPROVisation) were recorded using a different set of Rhodes Piano based instruments, and then manipulated using a ring modulator. In this way the ring modulator isn’t just used as a sound effect, but rather as an instrument to compliment the Rhodes. Not that all of the improvisations themselves were not edited: they are pure, raw recordings. I call them “warts and all” recordings as there are things that I might have termed mistakes or flubs, but in this instance felt it was important to be faithful to the recording as it actually happened.

    There are twenty MiniProvs in this collection (although many more were recorded and discarded during the process of creating this work). In addition five tracks were selected to be presented in alternative versions without the ring modulator to provide contrast between the two settings.

    The title of this work, (In/Re)flection, is a bit of word play. The best way to say it is “Inflection over Reflection”. There is another word in the title, hidden in plain sight, that I believe describes my overall approach to creating these works.

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