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Soapbox How-To on AppSumo

March 13, 2020

Most managers say their biggest challenge
in the workplace is juggling their team’s needs with their other responsibilities, but
it’s crucial that managers make the most of their time with their team so they build
working relationships – so how do managers break through the struggle and accomplish
that? Turns out – it’s easy! If you’re looking for a more effective way
to boost productivity and communicate with your team, then you better stick around for
today’s product showcase. What’s good, Sumolings? It’s your girl Vanessa with AppSumo and
today I want to introduce you to your new executive assistant, SoapBox. SoapBox is an agenda tool for one-on-ones
and team meetings designed to build better relationships between managers and their teams. Before I show you how to set up your SoapBox,
make sure you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel and let us know in the comments below what
type of content you want to see from AppSumo! Alright, let’s dive in. We’re going to create your first meeting
agenda. You can start with a template, or create meetings
from your calendar events, or start from scratch. SoapBox will suggest items and you can add
your own. For frequently addressed items, you can favorite
them or set them as repeating to add to agendas in the future! Once you’re ready, go ahead and invite your
teammates to the meeting. SoapBox lets you add content to items in the
form of comments and summary, plus you can include next steps, add deadlines, assign
tasks to a team member, and attach files! And it’s all in one place that’s accessible
to everyone in the meeting, so you never have to leave the platform – not even to open a
file. At the end of a meeting, you can send off
a recap to your team. Any meeting items that went unaddressed will
be saved as outstanding for your next meeting. Next, zoom on over to the Insights tab, where
machine learning reads what you’ve been discussing the most and the least based on your agenda notes
and recommends items for your meetings. SoapBox even gives you readings from their
blog based on your recent discussions! Bonus! SoapBox
comes with a Chrome extension that lets you add items directly into an agenda from Chrome. Get ready to say goodbye to the days of digging
through emails to find meeting notes or adding agendas to calendar invites! It’s time to say hello to being prepared and
more productive meetings with SoapBox.

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  1. Want to see a custom branded crm or customer subscription management system. For things like web hosting, domain reg, internet access etc

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