Self Love and Forgiveness Opens the Gateway to Manifesting Anything (with Landria Onkka)
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Self Love and Forgiveness Opens the Gateway to Manifesting Anything (with Landria Onkka)

March 11, 2020

Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears live an amazing life It’s available to you I’m going to give you the tools to manifest anything come physically and really calm and see what I got for you over there Go down below. I’ve got all kinds of codes for discounts. I want to show you something everybody screws up Everybody screws up Well, we call it a screw up how we look at that is what makes us struggle and suffer as human beings We believe because we really do come from perfection and I think that’s still ingrained in us We believe that life should not have any mishaps Now here’s the worst part is when we do something stupid Everybody does stupid stuff. What is that? We’re learning Babies don’t get up and you know just walk they fall they crawl. They do all kinds of stuff They figure out how to use the furniture to get around We think that’s perfectly fine But if you do something if you cheat on somebody or you did something Stupid or you hurt somebody’s feelings or you did something at work that wasn’t so cool or you lied or any number of things we beat ourselves up and we think we’re low-lives Now your human being learning now. Here’s here’s when it becomes important See this It’s part of one of my favorite ornaments When I was putting an ornament up on the tree number four on my front porch One fell and broke It fell and broke because when I was screwing around with it that little top that’s attached Wasn’t secure and it fell off because I was working up here note to self These things aren’t very secure crash Bummer, all right Guess what? I just did I moved the tree to the back porch and move that one in the front Fortunately, those are plastic plastic ornaments Decided that one of these needed to be moved because it wasn’t in the perfect spot because I’m a perfectionist And guess what? I did the same stupid thing Crash, I just lost another beautiful one You’re not always gonna get it right the first time you might do something stupid again It’s stupid only the second time when you already had information and you knew that you shouldn’t do it or you knew in your gut Your heart something’s not right now. I want to start talking more about intuition because we’re not paying attention to that enough Intuition is when you’re doing something and you don’t, you know, darn well, you shouldn’t be doing it It just doesn’t feel right that thing you eat or drink? and you’re you just you know that it’s not good for you and you really want it you really want it right because Satisfying this desire that you know this need for something to fulfill something and deep down You’re saying I shouldn’t I shouldn’t be doing this. We have to start going with our intuition more and more It’s going to take a lot because you’re having to go against the human basic desires, which is the ego All right, and then on the other hand, we have to start paying attention more So when you know that the tops of your favorite Ornament are not secured and you go and you screw around with it again, and it falls on the ground you go. Oops. I said to myself I already knew that those were not very secure tops and I did it again and because of that I lost a beautiful ornament Cause and effect cause and effect. What are you doing in your life right now that you are consistently doing that? You know darn well the top starts secure and you doing it again and it breaks and then you go So here’s the other thing so we do stuff and then you know, this breaks say okay it bro, whatever You do something in life out here and something goes wrong to go This shouldn’t happen to me no, come on This is what we do you do stuff you learn? But we go this shouldn’t happen what might happen one or two or three more times before you get it? All right Uh-huh This person is abusing me. I might make it fun of abuse, by the way at all. I’m taking it very seriously In fact, I want to bring it up specifically because a lot of you are in abusive situations This person’s abuse. You mean like well, you’re married. Um, okay, you got the red flags now, you know, okay Wait a minute. That was a red flag. I didn’t know the first time Number two red flags are still going let’s have kids with this person you Let the ornament fall a second time now you’re getting stupid We all do it. We’re humans go easy on yourself. Don’t do it a third time. I Won’t be losing another ornament Doug gone and it’s a sparkly one see the little sparkly little reindeers. It was cute Why do we when we’re out there not accept that we make mistakes you ever cheat on your spouse You’re doing something stupid like that. I felt really bad. Didn’t it? Okay at the moment you might think is exciting you Thinking this is wrong. There’s another way to do this. Maybe maybe one out of a relationship, but that’s not the way to do it next time you say you know what next time I’m gonna go to my spouse and say This isn’t feeling right I need out I need to get out You separate you go go. Have your fun. Whatever Here in the state of Georgia you can date if you separate you’re considered legally, you know, you can do whatever you want Try it. Maybe you find out your spouse wasn’t so bad after all There are ways to do things and we learn that through mistakes Why are you beating yourself up now? If you keep doing this see mistake over and over and over again now, it’s a habit And it’s a destructive pattern Now we’ve gone into something different if I kept going out there and doing the same thing and moving all of these and broke all of the born events and then Sat down and cried said I don’t know why this is happening to me These ornaments are then you know what the universe is thinking McFly Hello, you knew the first time you did it again, and then you keep doing it What part of your life do you keep doing that and now most of you do it with money? Not only do you do it with what your actions are out there. You’re starting with the thought. I’m still thinking as a broke person I’m still thinking as a broke person in and I continue to act like a broke person So I had somebody say something to me because I talk about wealth I talk about You know going after your dreams I talk about, you know, creating abundance You know, how do you do it in here? And how do you do it out there? You guys see my training all the time. This is some easy stuff, by the way This doesn’t get rich quick stuff because that’s another BS thing that that’s being sold out there And guess who’s making money the people who sell it the SU real skills. You’d have to learn Guess what buckles out a dude? If not, it’s not for you. That’s cool we don’t want to live in the real world where we Actually have to make the effort where we have to put the Cheetos down and go for the walk or the run and that comes Down to us and our responsibility, right? It is all about what we’re doing and our responsibility What patterns do you have that you are not breaking right now and you’re blaming the world so Somebody says to me. Oh You quit investment-banking you got fired and and And then you had all this money. Well, okay first of all There’s a mentality of somebody who doesn’t want to believe that it’s possible to do what I did So they make up a story in their head How can I get fired? I owned the company? Hello, I owned the company That million dollars I had to sue a client and they never paid it Guess those those two theories are out the window for you So But why do you have to come back to somebody like that? Why because you want to tell yourself? It’s okay to be broke and that that person’s lying to me that they actually went after their dreams and accomplished their goals Because you don’t want to believe that it’s possible because you might have to get your butt off the couch and go do something That’s not a lot of fun to create the life you want We don’t want the bad stuff. We don’t want to learn we don’t want to break the ornament Why is it happen to me? Well, you know what the top was loose the first time it wasn’t your fault the second time Guess you weren’t paying attention You had information and you didn’t use it and you were the same person doing the same thing That keeps breaking the ornaments When are you gonna stop What are you doing right now? That’s not changing your life who are you dating or married to that’s gonna consistently beat the crap out of you or talk bad to you or Demean you and you blame them What are you doing to take care of you? Or your kids you’re exposing your kids to that garbage It’s time to take responsibility. No one else is at fault that person in that situation That rotten boss that whatever it is is there for you to evolve it’s there for you to say Not gonna do this anymore Because that was precious to me It’s material thing. No big deal what I really enjoyed it And I don’t want to lose any more of these so I’m not going to do that anymore I’m now going to shift into another reality where I will never treat those bulbs the same way Right. I’ll never cheat on my spouse again. Next time. I’m gonna do something with integrity Doesn’t mean you have to stay with somebody. I don’t care about or love or that just is it right for me It just means that the way I’m gonna do it. It’s gonna be with integrity next time For myself and for them first That job I keep going into I keep blaming the boss Why am I going into that job? I am not confined to one job There are other jobs out there if I’m qualified, and I know that I’ll find one Instead of blaming and then coming home and having a heart attack In a bad marriage Learn how to take care of yourself go get some skills Go get a job so that you have enough money to get your own place so you can walk out that door Next time that person does anything to you that is not acceptable We don’t tolerate bad behavior anymore in the fifth dimension That allows them to go off and learn their own lessons and then you Dissolve the things in your life that no longer serve you but if you continue With this down here you go to stay down there in that lower dimension Until you get it until you’ve broken every bulb on the tree and then you have a bulb –less tree It’s time to break the patterns it’s time to take responsibility It’s time to stop feeling guilty beating yourself up about anything. I was a baby learning I fell down a few times. I finally learned how to walk And now I’m gonna be more careful. I’m not gonna jump off of buildings. I know that that’s gonna be a bad I’m just gonna walk and then run and I’m gonna do it safely and then if I do something stupid I’ll learn from that again and Just know that’s what it is. It’s a human being learning something. And yes making Not really great decisions, but there’s no such thing as bad. It only becomes bad when you keep doing it and Then blaming other people or seeing this shouldn’t happen to me. It’s not happening to you. You’re happening you’re happening There’s nothing separate from you. You’re doing it. You’re doing it you’re doing it Nobody through this off the tree I had to pick it up and screw around with it to get it to break and guess who had to clean it up. I Had to make sure the shards were gone said nobody got hurt You may have to pick up a lot of shards so nobody gets hurt. You may have to clean up some messes. That’s okay Clean them up learn from it and move forward so Go visit Landry acha comms got some webinars there three hours If you’re in my manifest – anything email list, you’ve got codes for discounts. Go take break through fear Inspiration with Landry is the code you can use for 25% off and one year access That’s pretty cool. Oh there’s my little Fruit fly have one fruit fly. That’s still hanging out. I Like I’ve got like me, I love him now. I was like trying to get rid of fruit flies now. I love him He’s like my little friend See how the world can look so differently if you choose It can be beautiful for you. Oh, I didn’t make a mistake. I was learning. Oh, we did it again. All right oopsie Won’t do that again Come on Come on, it’s time go make the money go. Take care of yourself break away from the abuse. You’re better than that It’s okay for whatever reason you needed be in it. That’s probably how you felt about yourself at the time You don’t feel like that anymore put down the booze. You don’t need to cover up your feelings anymore Put down the junk food Start being this amazing amazing person that you are I’m counting on you. I’m here to do that and I’m counting on you. We’re all humans For all humans, and we’re perfect within that You’re holding perfect strong and powerful loving harmonious and happy Blessings to you my friend, by the way if you go to Landry on comm you can see what’s coming up every month with my live webinars when you take the live webinar you get the replay and If you miss the live webinar, you’ll get the replay that you can have for a year So come see what I’m doing every month I’m going to pick some really fun subjects love and relationships gonna be one money’s gonna be the next one and if you’re with manifest Anything in five steps you get a code discount code for that It’s gonna be a lot of fun this of course is my free workshop for training for Internet Just you know, I start going out there. You can’t make a mistake You can’t make a mistake Blessings abundance to you, my friend and awaking namaste

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  1. Ladies, giving someone a second chance is like giving them a bullet because they missed you the first time. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  2. I’ve been practising what you teach for awhile now. One of my favourite videos of yours is from August 25th. Thank you so much for this particular video. Today I got exactly what I manifested. My vibe is high and it will continue on this path. Thank you so much. You have brought me immense joy and I can feel the power growing. Thank you Landria 💕🇨🇦🤗

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