SDK Developer Meetup 07-31-2019

SDK Developer Meetup 07-31-2019

August 1, 2019

okey-dokey cool all right well uh thanks everybody for being here I don't see most of you have heard the feel those I don't think you have yet are you new to the Estoque Meetup I am you are cool well let me tell you a little bit about why we're here so we're here to play with the tools that all space publishes to bring your own stuff in collectively we call these the SDK I got a couple different tools to play around with number one the first tool in your toolbox is the world editor okay this is a button in your UI and if you're in a world beacon edit either an event of yours or world or your home space you have this button and you can use it to drop in any of a whole catalog of objects that all space publishes so for example I'm just going to drop in and this is like a generic like generic campfire bush I can just spawn it in drag and drop decorate right super easy and yeah all space has a library of tons of ease I never bother counting how many exactly but I think it's on the order of a couple hundred so it's not about write to people so yeah it's that oh yeah which which is point number two with this you can publish your own stuff so you can use the same jack and drop menu to bring in objects that you've uploaded you can use unity which is the game engine all spaces built in to import whatever models you want be they from sketch pad or the unity asset store or you made them yourself drop those into unity export and upload an old space and then you can drag in a whole bunch of custom stuff there are tons and tons of user supplied kits we call them these custom uploaded objects tons and tons of custom kits one that I uploaded that I like to show off is for my rocket that's where I created this nifty little shovel so I can just grab that put that on the wall there right it's fine yeah a little bit bigger sure there we go yeah like I said these are easy to do just drag and drop you know it's not that hard to drag and drop it into unity and upload your own stuff and for those of you that are artistically inclined you can even make your own stuff and bring it in a lot of fun you can also use this tool on another level you can use this tool to upload your own custom environments so with drag-and-drop editors you can add things to the space but you can't take them away or I can take away things that I've added write it like this at this Bush I can get rid of this Bush but I can't for example get rid of that chair over there okay if you wanted to you'd have to basically rebuild the entire environment from scratch which is great if that's what you want to do the basically every world and the custom world list is in the featured world list excuse me basically every world in there is built with the unity uploader – with totally custom environment so yeah it's a really powerful system I think we're gonna be looking at one of those a little bit later during your Show and Tell portions um I guess oh yeah yeah Timmy's an Allen I'm assuming the world vending machine is going to be looking at that yeah we'll play around with that okay so we've talked about how to get your art in here be it a kid object like this or a whole custom environment but none of these objects are interactive okay they're just you know models you can place in places sometimes you know they can be animated but they can't react to the user they can't be synchronized across everybody if you want to do stuff like that you need to use our scripting SDK so for that we have the what we're calling Oh Alex we have our mixed reality extensions SDK or MOU for short apologies to those who know MRE as meals ready to eat but MREs so this cube here is an example of one MRE that we've built it's got basic functionality it's got a cube geometry texture we slap down there it's got some pets it's got an animation and it's got this little click the spin interactivity on it uh Harrison did you have a question you did not okay cool so yeah pretty basic source code for this is online and I'll share the link to that later we also have a little bit or a little bit more thorough of an example those sorts of things you can do with the MRA SDK this is our this is our test matrix basically whenever we're testing a new release of the MRE SDK in all space and we update probably about every couple weeks on average we run these tests to make sure everything still works so for example this is the grab test somebody seems to be figuring this out this is the grab test so I can just pick it up and move it right and hopefully you're seeing that there might be a bug in grab at the moment but I'm seeing somebody move the monkey head around so that's cool and we have just the whole slew of stuff you can bring in with this it's a lot of fun all right so feel free to poke around with this at your leisure during the Meetup I just try not to disrupt the thing with a lot of sounds in particular the video test and sound test please stay away from so it doesn't get annoying if you're interested in building with either the SDK or any of the art tools that I described before kits custom environments should go to this website behind me you can see on the label at the top this is a developer dollfie our comm and this has the resources you need to get started it has links to a couple tutorials and videos that we've made did though the SDK is still new enough that we don't have a ton of resources out there a better resource is our it hope simple code so the the source code for that cube for the test matrix for the full SDK package it's all on our github page you can poke through there do whatever you want there's some read knees there's some documents they're probably the most important thing on this website is our discord community link we run a discord server chatroom those of you that a little older maybe discord I'm on there the other core Emory developers are on there and we're there to help you get started so if you have any questions about you know maybe troubleshooting and ask you're trying to build or running ideas by if you're looking for solutions do how do I do X or why isn't it compiling for me or how do I get started find me on discord I'm happy to answer any questions you have and the community at large is also pretty friendly so if you have if I'm not online maybe somewhere else and your time span is so yeah please please find us on there and that concludes the tools portion anybody have any questions about what I just said yeah Nick do you have a question yes actually we would to my knowledge nobody has contributed but please do there's several the ESPs pequeña is open source we've all compotes depending on what you wanted if you don't know what exactly you want to work on we have several little starter projects to get you to build functionality in the sdk while also not being too complicated so there's lots of low-hanging fruit if you want to collaborate we'd love that i'm and discord we can talk about some more cool any other questions on the sdk front or maybe world-building nobody oh hey Nick what else you got oh yeah there's like integration with that right correct this is well come on yes and no you can't use any unity scripts however you can use the MRE SDK like I described before this is not a unity scripting system this is actually in nodejs and typescript slash JavaScript so totally different model yeah sorry I realized I forgot to explain that in the intro materials the Emery SDK runs on nodejs on a server so it's not shipped with your environment you can update it live in fact speaking of updated live and is well I'm gonna drop another a few years and I can bring them in just like from the world editor just like anything else so I'm actually gonna punch in a little in here just for fun give me just a moment hey that's what it's popular so I can just hit go you get this little star saying it's loading and then it's loaded and we can I'll just put this over here shrink it down there we go so yeah this is running from a server that we've set up lots of free hosting sites for these servers and click a link and you get a funny little hat so it's fun nice let's see any other questions if not we can go on the show and tell me so it's my first time on VR chat and so basically like how is it like basically like how do people like are like people nice and stuff well one you're not in VR chat right now you're an old VCR and people are pretty friendly yeah at least better than CR Chet we an old space try ya factory and we have 24-hour moderation to try and prevent you from being grasped we try and make sure that if you are being harassed you have the appellate power to ignore that person if you look in the nametag there's a button up there to say I never want to see this person again so make use of that okay yeah really cool so it's not even like like on oh I'm guessing you're on an oculus go yeah so the our chat is only on PC and oculus quest not on go well faces on go though so yeah I hope you I hope you have some fun though no it's not what you were looking for okay thank you cool yeah Nick Oh Nick you're meeting a priority well yeah we have a team of two and a half full-time dads plus some interns so it's it's not nothing considering that the whole alt space team is only like 30 people so yeah so I mean I work on this full-time just in the job there's always tons to do never enough resources but I think we got our priorities or did pretty well if you want to go on github you can see what our priorities are what sorts of things are on the backlog and if you think maybe things should be reordered you know post an issue you will consider it yes so space is no longer a separate corporate entity we are owned by Microsoft so Microsoft pays my bills and work on space yeah okay cool well with that let's go ahead and look at some show-and-tell look at some apps so today well first of all every week I announced I'm discord in the morning that we're having a meet-up and I asked you to send me whatever you're working on I love seeing all kinds of new apps so if you have an app if you have a kit if you have a world message me before the Meetup and we you know we're gonna take a look so today today we have a submitted by Demi's and Allen the the two and the seven sweaters in the back here you guys have built something you're calling the world vending machine is that right you guys want to give us an intro yeah it's a work in progress Todd I'll never really know what we're calling it for sure but uh yeah it's a world vending machine it we kind of had this idea a while back but there was a few things missing that that the MRE doesn't support just yet so we kind of decided to make a quote-unquote light version of that space and we turn it into a vending machine it's still it's still pretty pretty early in its stages but I think it's think it's pretty good so far we're actually gonna take you guys to a space that Allan built so you guys can get the full full feel of the vending machine and its true glory so whenever you whenever you're ready I can pop the portal we can head there we just play and it needs to be a certain size and I just realized I was muted yeah sorry about go ahead and drop the portal if you if you don't make this portal I'm gonna come back to this room and drop a permanent teleporter so go ahead all right all aboard let's check out the rooftop hang on you do not keep your hat but you'll have it when you come back all right is that I think that's everybody let's do it my computer struggled for a little second and then is loaded we yeah I'm getting sound yeah I'll be right back guys I'm gonna interrupt that permanent teleporter so some of the some of the buttons are a little off right now so if you click on a my code and it takes you somewhere completely different don't worry we know about it it's a little bit smashed but most of them are all right no there was a stairway all right so vending machine what how does this work what is it so yeah there's if you look inside obviously there's some chip bags with some some graphics of the of the space that it corresponds to and then under that you'll see a code and when you enter that code they'll just spawn a little portal to the to the right-hand side and whoever puts in the code yeah it's not that surprising for those of you that are new to these show Intel's oftentimes these are the largest tests that these show internal apps ever get so yes someone is already using this vending machine you guys mind if I just oh you are baby oh cool I think we crushed it you're connecting it by design running in incidentally what was the functionality that you wanted the Emory doesn't have yet you said there was some functionality that it doesn't that the Emory SDK doesn't have that so I don't know if you remember about a while back we shut off a space I was kind of like a library where are you able to press and keep as it was fine a big portal yeah one of the biggest things was we wanted to kind of figure out a way to transport a code or some some somewhat a transport transport information from one space to another but what we wanted to do was basically have like a slip of paper or a book or something you can grab from the shell and you can carry it to the to the to the keypad and you enter in whatever code it was hollow okay so this is related to our unit tracking policies yeah accepted yeah so for those that don't know as a as of today the MRE MREs are not able to track users across spaces so if you drop the same apps in two different spaces a single user will connect apps connect to both apps but it will show up as it with a different ID so you're not able to tell us the same user except for by name which isn't unique this is mostly for privacy reasons until we can figure out a good safe way to actually sort of opt in those sorts of positions but yeah it's on our to-do list we got oh man I forgot about the video game history and I loved that I was good at b5 oh and it's on the portal just for me yeah there's something right here nothing I didn't have a chance to get in yeah a lot of the values are kind of just a little low just for testing sure yeah it'll be raised eventually and eventually I do want to add nice did you imagine you just like entering you'd like a secret code and then going off to a private world I have some sort of secret menu in the vending machine exactly it'd be awesome so let's see any other it's kind of where to see it but it on the bottom very very bottom right you see and I'm feeling lucky oh yeah and actually if you put in eleven but it will actually take you to a random space inside of this so you can't really pick what you won you like you can just put on that basketballs so let's see any other noteworthy new polls and the space do you want to point out this is my first time here I'm assuming it's a first time for a lot of people um how about this I'm not sure maybe he won't see oh not really I have my Diagnostics running on my quest right now it looks like I'm sitting at about 50 frames per second so I think this happens yeah we have like several memories in here mostly its shaders memories is a very simple vertex lip shader so I'm guessing I don't know what yeah yeah that reminds me actually so at all spaceman develops at this vertex lit shader that we use for all the Emery's and all the avatars and a whole bunch of interactive holes I would love to actually open source at shaders so you guys can use it in worlds as well sometimes I struggle with finding the right shader and actually behaves the way I wanted yeah okay well I will ask around if or I need to see what the process looks like from Microsoft published three posts or source code I don't really do much work with amre it means those but okay for this particular project we just collaborated I I tend to take more towards using the unity uploader and scoring modeling x2 DX for events yeah it does capture user events so for example camera let's find me yes come we go the SDK made leader and tell Steve exactly now that said if what you want is something that is compatible with what we already have and you wanted to implement it yourself I think that would be a ton of work but I mean if you wanted to do it we would definitely encourage that so the same yeah we doing it comes back but maybe there's a camera yeah and for that matter so I don't know if this is some high but so that our nucleus JavaScript style native SDK package is open source but our unity plugin but all space uses is actually also open source so if you wanted to build your own unique flavor base or what that mean if I build a you know step against I want to make sure I'm clear about this but um see it sucks so you could be like if you had another game like another VR or maybe a mobile app or something you could go ahead like a you know you could and then run your for example your educational content you could get have users interact with that content either through alt space or through your third-party app right so you write the code ones things work everywhere yeah sure so the so again go to defer them off your home our github the link and then we have a package on there mixed reality extensions nice and that is our unity you can use that project to build unity DLLs you can drop in your project then there's some more basic steps awesome but other than that you basically good to go and would you recommend oh so those are you would have to be both of those the DOL is what lets all space spawn and manage these MREs so if you integrate with the DLL your make sense all right everybody well we have reached the end of our call him for the SDK Meetup thank you so much for your attention I really appreciate it I hope you learned something hope you had a little bit of fun let's see next up on the event calendar it looks like Chris is doing his lgbtq+ meet up so if you were interested in hearing some stories and checking in with a fun group of people definitely check that out I'm Steven Oh see you around happy all space everyone

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