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Rider 860 | Get Started With Rider 860

February 19, 2020

Press and hold the [POWER] button to
Power on the Rider 860. Select your preferred language
and unit of measurement. Use QR to find and download the Bryton Active app Or find Bryton Active on the
iOS App Store / Google Play. Download and Install the Bryton Active App After installation is complete,
open the Bryton Active App。 Log in or Sign Up for Bryton Active Carefully read the Bryton Privacy Policy
And select “Agree” Enter your desired email and password A confirmation email has been sent Click the confirmation link to complete
your Account Setup Exit the window and open Bryton Active Read through the introductory tips
and press “OK” Go to Settings and select “Device Manager” Press (+) to add a new device
and select the Rider 860 Confirm Bluetooth pair and
Allow Smart Notifications Select “Yes” to save Rider 860
to your Account After device completes its initial setup,
the Rider 860 will restart. Select “Settings” and
Scroll down to WLAN Activate WLAN and choose your Network Enter your password and press okay Once connected, return to Settings
and Select “Software Update” Press to check for latest version and update Your device will update and restart.
This may take a few minutes. To add maps, go to Navigation
and select “Download Maps” Select a continent and a region to download、 Select which types of map to download.
“Standard Map” is recommended Return to the navigation menu and
Select “Navigation” to view map Zoom in for more details. Return to the main menu and select “Profile” Log into your Bryton Active Account.
This will give you access to more features. Your Bryton Active information will appear under your profile Return to the main menu and select “Cycling” Here you can view your real-time
Cycling Data Swipe Left to progress through data pages Swipe Right to return to previous pages Data fields can be customized in the quick access bar Press the RECORD button to start your recording Press again to stop recording After each ride you can choose to
Save or Discard your recording data If signed into your Bryton Active Account and with WLAN connected, saved rides will upload automatically. Rider 860 | Follow Your Instinct

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  1. Magnum opus Byton! This is a art piece! Very clean looking! And smooth! I love my aero 60! Best battery life ever! Never fails! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Ty

  2. Is it possible to use the rider 860 for mountainbike navigation, because I just saw roads only in your video?
    And could you make a video where you show the navigation/routing feature on the road?

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