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Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

January 16, 2020

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  1. Can we the people get the crew neck you have on Carla? I love it!!

    Bump so they can see or if anyone in the comments knows then let me know!

  2. I know everyone loves brad, but tbh, ive always thought he had a real complex of needing to be right/be telling people how to do things (especially women) and it really jumped out in this video.

  3. I don't know why but it really frustrates me that Priya always chooses something that she has done before and does not embrace the challenge like everyone else

  4. Me: Women keep your “wand” clean. (I knew you all had one hidden somewhere)

    Chef: Don’t read too much into that. (Ok maybe not all of you have one hidden away)

  5. im 1 time try create coffe face)))> wot i can do Smile & geometric figures=> Idea you Carla Lable B.A.=Bon apettit ☕ (*_*) ez > 7:37 molly waite Claire 8:03 your cup is looking at me)

  6. I was shocked when Sohla said that she worked as a barista so long time ago, I thought that she was a 17 y/o kitchen prodigy
    she looks so young and is so smart

  7. Brad and Gabi’s interaction is me with every large dude in the kitchen. OUR HANDS AREN’T AS BIG AS YOURS, WE GOTTA ADAPT. CHILL.

    Ps, still love you Brad

  8. If this was a video called Pro Tattoo artist trys line art it would get destroyed. Or Pro plastic surgeon trys nose job. 😅 "Idiots making coffee"

  9. I only watch pastry chef attempts and was wary to try this but that flipping intro KILLED me and 110% sucked me in

    "Oh my god, is that Barack Obama!!!!"

    Gotta love Claire man ahahahahahah

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