NEW EARNING APP THIS 2020! | Kumita ng $10 USD kahit walang invite dito! | Cash4Gamez | Marky Vlogs
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NEW EARNING APP THIS 2020! | Kumita ng $10 USD kahit walang invite dito! | Cash4Gamez | Marky Vlogs

March 9, 2020

[Music Applause] Do you want earn money online? Make sure to Subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell So you don’t miss any of my uploads once we have a new earning applications And legit extra income online! Hello what’s up guys welcome back again to my Channel Marky Vlogs! And for todays video we’re going to review a new earning application that was released this month of February! We’re going to check it on Playstore, The name of the app is “Speedy Race – Make Money Free” And if we’re going to check about this game, we’ll see here that it was released this Feb.3! Regarding with the download link of this app, I’m leaving it in the description box and also in pinned comment! We’re done downloading the app so we’ll open it and wait for it to load … And there you go! I just want to give a quick heads up that this app doesn’t require you to invite! Yes! We don’t need to invite for us to earn in this earning application After we open it, we need to input/link our Paypal Email right away, to do that we need to click the @ sign That you’ll see in the upper right corner of your screen, reason for this is when you withdraw it’ll go here And also, I just want to add that the cons of this app is that there’s random ads that’ll pop from time to time But we can close them right away alright? So now I’m going to walk you through this a earning application By clicking this INFO, once we click the info you will see instructions or rules on how to earn in this app Alright so first one is we need to play and earn points, second is watch videos to earn Free points Third is reach minimum $10 to cash out fourth one request cash out via Paypal And the fifth one is you can email them for other forms of cash out Alright so if you have any inquiries or issues you can email them to [email protected] So the next slide is first, collect points to turn them into tickets for daily draws Number two is you can use same points to turn them into daily cashout! They have screenshot here, and then the next slide is You can turn your remaining tickets into cash and click withdraw And secondly is all cash out requests are processed within 5 to 7 days For the last tab you’ll see here Daily Winners and you can play any of our games and earn! It also says here that “No network will not save your score so we need to use Wi-Fi or Data to save tickets And having said tha, there are two ways for us to earn points the first one is by watching a short video And the second one is by playing the game which is what we’re going to do now so let’s click play What we’re going to do here is to avoid cars ahead of us at the same time collect the fuels w/c are color green And we also need to collect the coins that we’ll see here, feel free to use brakes so it’ll slow you down By doing long press or hold. And the other cons is we cant’ see the timer nor the score here Because there’s an ads at the top blocking it not unless if we got Gameover. So let’s keep playing it Playing … So that’s how we play the game and the good this about it is that we have unlimited life here That means we can start all over again to earn points So it just depends to you on how you will put effort for you to earn points right away and withdraw What I’m going to show you now is how to convert in the upon young points into your cash So we’re going to click this wallet on the bottom left corner and you’ll see here two tabs/slides Let’s start with the left one, and we’ll see here our total tickets/points And we’re going to convert them into our cash amount by clicking ALL So basically, if you can see here we have 3975 tickets which is converted to $0.03975 If we can earn 10k points/tikcets it’ll be $0.1 and 100k is $1 USD Alright so we’re moving on the next tab and let’s submit this first In this tab, this is you go to place if you want to cash out your earn points once we reach $10 USD If we will click Withdraw it says here that the Minimum amount is $10 So there you go we need to meet $10 so we can request our payment And by the way, regarding with the short video/ads, sometimes it says video not available please try again But it’ll give you exactly 100 points. I’m going to keep you posted once we made a payment here And I believe that’s it for this video guys if
you’re not yet subscribed to my channel Click the subscribe button and also hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my uploads Feel free to like this video and share it to your friends who want to earn extra income online Once again my name is Marky. Thank you so much for watching and a peace! Watch my recommended FREE earning apps here …

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    Update: I've made a redemption today guys and will update you if papasok yung narequest natin.

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