My NEW iPhone App Organization 📱✨ (minimal custom apps)
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My NEW iPhone App Organization 📱✨ (minimal custom apps)

March 12, 2020

what’s up you guys it’s Adrienne welcome
back to my channel I’m filming on a DSLR again for the
first time in so many months because mine broke and it’s just weird I’ve been
filming on my blog camera which by the way if you didn’t know I have a new and
improved log channel you guys should go check out and subscribe if you haven’t
already in today’s video I’m doing another
iPhone app organization and customization video as you guys know I’m
obsessed with these I’ve done many before and if you haven’t watched them
and you’re interested I would check them out because I talked all about how to
make invisible icons how to make custom icons a bunch of different aesthetic
ways that you can organize your apps on your iPhone so sorry Android users I’m
an iPhone user so I just I don’t know what to say about that
so I’ve had this layout on my phone for a little bit now so today I’m just gonna
show you guys what I’m deciding to do to change mine and along the way show you a
couple tips and creative ways that you can organize your phone we’re gonna be
focusing kind of on minimalism and productivity but also while keeping it
aesthetic and amazingly cute so without further ado let’s get into it
okay so just start off this is the way my phone looks now I did a recent what’s
on my iPhone video and showed you guys what it looks like so currently the
organization setup that I have is I have like my front page being basically all
the apps that I use the most regularly and then the pages after that I have a
technique called shelving so basically I have a folder full of a certain category
of apps so for example I have a folder called social media and it just has all
these social media apps in it and then the three apps to the right are the ones
that I use the most frequently so as you go down the list it’s like all my most
frequently used apps in these categories with a folder on the left side holding
all the rest of them so I actually really really like this method of
organization I don’t want to change anything too much but I do want to do is
obviously these random apps at the end I need a place for those but also I want
to completely redo and change my front screen my home screen this one because
right now I just feel like this is a bit too cluttered and I want this to be a
lot more minimal and a lot more aesthetically pleasing so I’m gonna show
you guys some tips and basically what I’m gonna do with mine okay so the very
first thing that I want to do is actually change the background to
something very minimal but also something that’s kind of helpful in
terms of productivity and so I was thinking of doing a
that I can switch every month so like a March 2020 calendar with like a cute
background so I just went over to Pinterest and I was just searching like
March calendars there actually weren’t a ton that I liked but I ended up choosing
oh this one’s kind of cute oh they just have so many cute like random wallpapers
okay but let’s not get distracted here but I actually really like this purple
one so I just went ahead and downloaded it and let’s see what this looks like as
my wallpaper so that’s what that looks like I don’t love it to be honest let’s
try the other one okay I think I might like this one a lot
better actually set as home screen okay yeah for now I really like that okay so
basically what we’re gonna do is I want my front page to be like very clean so
I’m gonna pretty much take all of these and just move them one page over so that
I have a clean page but I’m going to keep these for social media apps as
being on my front page you write back okay so now this is what the home screen
looks like there are only four apps on top there’s this calendar and then there
are the doc apps and then everything else is already how it was before so the
reason I like it to be like this is it’s very minimal and just not distracting so
far I like this the only thing that I would do is I’m gonna change the apps to
be custom apps because I just I like the way that’s the top ones look but I think
like the green of the messages and foam just I don’t love the way that it looks
so I’m gonna switch those so if you guys didn’t know how to create a custom app
what you’re gonna do is go to this shortcuts app on your phone I believe
that you need I oh s 13 and above for shortcuts so I already have some of
these shortcuts created if you don’t know how what you do is you click new
shortcut and then you click add action you’re gonna search for open app click
on this little colored square thing click Choose and then you’re going to
click the app that you want to choose so I have podcasts then you’re gonna click
the three dots and you’re gonna name it podcasts Add to Home screen then you’re
gonna click here and name it actually what you want it to be called like on
your home screen so a little pro tip if you guys want to use custom fonts go to
fonts keyboard comm and download that app and then add it as a keyboard so I’m
gonna try something new like maybe those squares there’s a pro version that has
even more I just have the basic version so I’m going to try these circles pods
pods and I’m gonna click the icon and then
basically for this icon you can either choose a photo from one that you have
you can take a photo so I’m gonna go ahead and search on Google I’m gonna
search aesthetic Podcast logo Oh app logo okay I think this one’s pretty cute
gonna save that out to photos then you’re gonna go here choose photo click
on this one and then just zoom it in to be kind of what you would want the icon
to be click Choose and then add so as you can see here’s the little app so I’m
gonna drag this to the front basically when you guys make custom apps it’s
going to just reroute you to the podcast app so I recommend keeping the podcast
actual podcast app somewhere just put it in a folder like on another page I’m
gonna just put it at the end right now and also another thing that you guys can
do is for podcast specifically like let’s say that I wanted to actually make
this the icon the logo of my podcast then I would just go to myself my CEO
podcast find the logo and just make it that and add that to my home screen so
as you can tell like that could also be really cool to have my actual podcast be
my podcast logo that’s pretty sweet also I’m noticing that this font is a
little bit tricky to read I think I’m actually going to go in and change the
font small caps ok so then next we would do Spotify you’re basically just gonna
repeat this same process and then I’m gonna actually Google again
aesthetic Spotify I like this pink one but look at their cute little options
yellow pink that’s pretty cool when I go with the pink I’ve never tried to do a transparent
picture so let’s see if that even works oh that’s really cute okay I changed my
mind I am I’m gonna mm but the podcast back how it was the only thing I don’t
love is that the YouTube logo is like a different shape but whatever so now we
just go in and do the same thing for the dock and I’m just gonna do that off
camera real quick okay I’m back so this is what it looks like I’m actually very
happy with it so as you can tell like if I click on the phone it goes right over
to my phone so all these shortcuts work it does take a second longer so you may
not prefer to do it this way but I do think it’s pretty cool to be able to
have your phone look however you want it to look and then I think I’m just gonna
keep the rest of my phone in these shelves it’s obviously not the most
aesthetically pleasing but I have found that like in terms of productivity and
just being able to access my phone the way I want this honestly is the easiest
for me so maybe I will continue to decorate it differently in the future
but for now this is what I’m liking and this is what
I did another pro tip for keeping your phone very minimal and you know good for
productivity is to turn off all of these badge notifications so besides messages
and phone I don’t want them on anything so as you can see whatsapp has a
notification so if you go over to settings and then notifications you
unfortunately have to do each one individually like each app which is kind
of annoying but you click on the app and you just toggle off the badges so
there’s one other one what is it Dropbox it does take a little while but
honestly you guys it’s so worth it my homescreen used to give me such bad
anxiety and I’m pretty sure gave you guys anxiety too because there were just
badges all over it and now it looks pretty good so that was like my favorite
way to organize my phone for productivity and minimalism I also found
this other guy who made this awesome layout I don’t want to do it this time
but I might try it next time but it looks like this and basically what he
has is his 12 most used apps and then four folders on top that are called work
play go and sift sift would be like other because he realized like all he
really does with his app it’s either something for work it’s either something
for entertainment or for fun or it’s like travel related or then it’s just
like something else like so I thought that was like very clever I
think I have too many apps to do that but that could be a goal of mine is
really to get it down to that he only has one page he doesn’t even have
multiple pages of app but anyway I’m gonna link my other videos down below if
you guys want to learn more about customizing haps I have plenty for you
so I hope you guys enjoyed give this a thumbs up if you did and let me know any
other video suggestions you want especially iPhone related or Apple watch
related or organizing or decluttering or anything because those are the videos
that I love doing so I want to make more coming up in the future thank you guys
so much for watching and I’ll see you later

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  1. You have organized folders too?! I organized my apps into folders almost immediately after I bought my Samsung a year ago.

    So I only have one main page. It's SO much easier because all the less frequently used app folders are in the SWIPE UP page of my phone. Everything else is on the main homepage: 'Games,' 'Reading & TV,' and all the more frequently used 'Tools.'

    I also put a weather widget and a phone widget on as well as a Google searchbar widget, and a Google Play music widget.

    Because of my medical issues, I've had to put a few emergency contact widgets on another SWIPE homepage.

  2. Hardly change wallpaper even tho I got lots pics I keep the same wallpaper plain black background wallpaper I know basic

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