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my new favorite organization app // Notion

December 6, 2019

hi everyone,today, I quickly want to jump to talk about my new favorite notes taking app,and the only one,it is actually able to place every notes for good the app we talk today is NOTION , notion is like every notes slack combine put better so everything works with work spaces,a work space functions like main note booking every notes but besides corporating notes are also users discussion and commitment options one thing I really enjoy notion is that u can quickly switch work spaces without leaving app we don’t have to sign in with an account and so on so its really easy to manage different parts of your life such as sharing different users just quickly boarding on the left of corner of ur squint and select the spaces u want to work on, also, even u want to share work spaces with other people , u always have a sharing section and private section for u all pages, that can not be seen by others users’, a great things about notion is that the writing style happens we blogs instead of a whole page , so blocks mainly act as a paragraph of text or as a templates, these are all movable, so users click dragging mechanic that make easily simple to organise everything so there are needs listing copy information if u want to structure of ur notes also break down pages for different topics is really easy because the Main pages will always have the links for the subpages and I just need to click whatever I topic that I want to read more about also notion operates their attempt base this means every time u create new block u don’t have to automatically quote texts notion often has ability to quote to different things inside ur notes like images, to do lists, galleries and videos and so on , u can also use templates to quick pages on to go like u want to, include, a calendar, notion create a full size calendar for u checking incooperate into ur notes in the same way, u can easily in back things for apps ,like google drive, maps and so on and as u can image linking files are simistly incorporate things from ur google drive accounts insides ur notes and u just have to click it and then notional send the external files can download into ur device right away also I need to mention the minimal design that mix writing have no distraction so ever it works very smoothly its very simple and its very easy to understand how u use notes structure ,how can easily access to more spaces,on the other hand if minimal design is not for, also have ability to add icons and covers pages and that visionally organise in an identify notes better if u are more over-vision learner I think its the best thing about notion is that they have the solid free version,so with free version have a limited of 1000 breaks but if u over the limits, u can simply delete the breaks u don’t need any more so those paragraphs with things like to do are calendars there are no longer require in ur work place or u can simply create new work space and since u can switch back force between them so easily and this is web option for people who do not want to pay the opinion version.i was actually using the every notes in pay for premium account because it was the only way I am able to access my account in 3 different devices so my cases, my computer and my iPad without have sign off in one device and signing in the other, and that was really something annoying I was basically pay almost 40 dollars a year, just be able to sign in on the third device I don’t have corner any more I don’t need to pay for previous service that I actually don’t use and finally I was able to switch note taking apps I was linking down below and I swear this is not pay, this is not sponsored ,I really enjoied this app I am so happy that someone finally developed a note taking app that actually fits my needs thank u for watching. tomorrow we will have a new productivity and organisation video. so us will see then bye~

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  1. I am the first viewer and commenter. Lol .once in a life time..
    A quick request maraina .. plz give me some tips for my boards ( India) (10th ) ( horrifying exam ) ..
    I would love if you even search abt my exams .. ❤ india

  2. Great video as always ! ❤️ I'm still hesitating between different note-taking app for next year, since I can only handwrite them in my current school. What are the main difference between one-note and notion ? What made you decide to switch from one to another ? I'd love to have some in-depth about those two !

  3. I use an app, but I also get a glorious amount of pleasure (and productivity) from making notes and lists in my art and junk journals. There's nothing better than pen on paper, beautiful ink in a handmade notebook. Complementary to your app suggestion.. thank you for explaining.❣️🌿😄 Joie

  4. This is great! You should ask them for an affiliate link cause we all gonna be flanking this, you better believe it lol thank you for the suggestion!!

  5. Aloha Mariana! I think that you have helped me make a final decision to switch out of Evernote. I tried Notion earlier but it looked a little daunting to learn. After watching this, I think I’m going to spend some time and learn how to use Notion effectively. BTW, you might want to request a student account. I believe that it is an upgraded account either for free or at a discounted price with proof of university/college enrollment.

  6. Great video! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am super unhappy with my current organization system and when you announced that you're going to post up this video, I was excited immediately. 🙂

  7. Mariana, muito bom o video. Fiquei com vontade de testar esse aplicativo, Apenas sugiro que, para sua própria segurança, você coloque um efeito de embaçar nos trechos do vídeo em que aparece seu e-mail no programa. Abraços

  8. I’m currently using MS OneNote but I’ll definitely have to check this one out, the block-system seems a lot more practical for what I use notes for!

  9. i’m actually >shook< because it does what trello does but as a sub-function of the overall app?? this is witchcraft. and you don’t even have to use it so… it’s just everything in one. wish it had a dashboard to see tasks due and such (maybe i just can’t find it)

  10. This looks really good, but I always get a bit overwhelmed at the thought of completely switching over from Evernote, since so much of my stuff is already in there 🙁

  11. Ooh this looks like such a great app! I switched to using Google Keep, since I figured out that Evernote has a lot of restrictions in the free version. I hope that this app works for me!

  12. Very good presentation of Notion. I'm a suspicious user for the moment because they are online only software. I wrote about this on several occasions, I'm even a member of a Facebook Group for Notion (Notion Made Simple) but no way I can trust an app that doesn't offer local storage, like Evernote does. The modular/bocks build of Notion is amazing and very promising. I'll become a happy paying customer if they give us local storage of the user data.

  13. Amazing video as always😍 Could you please maybe make a video of how you will use Notion with your university notes and planning and how you will set it up? This would be amazing x

  14. You know I was going to ditch notion too before watching this video, because after an initial great impression I found out that the blocks limit is not so difficult to exceed. I just imported a big word document and every time there was a new line or a new paragraph that was a new block for notion (so I reached and went over the limit all at once). Now that I know that I can create a new workspace I can bypass the blocks limit problem without paying. So thank you Mariana.

  15. O teu mail pessoal apareceu, não sei se reparaste :/

    Gostei muito de dar para clicar e ir para as notes! Mas não sei se substituiu a versatilidade de gravar as aulas com o one note :/

  16. Ok, I downloaded the app the second you mentioned it in the video. If you're making a video about it, it must be good 🙂 I have been using Agenda, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I already love Notion after five minutes. You might just have solved my ultimate problem by introducing this app. Thank you for your videos and recommendations, it helps me a lot!

  17. You cant compare notion with Evernote. Its two different products.
    Evernote is more about collecting and storing information. Were as notion is more about organisation of many different things.
    When it comes to searching, tagging, and retrieving information, notion falls Short.

  18. I gave up with their terrible register/login. Once signed in the Mac OS app didn't work, and the interface was non-standard and too much trouble to learn! So not a good experience for me!

  19. I've just recently started using Notion and I've really enjoyed using it so far – especially the tip about creating more workspaces. Before I used it I didn't really see the 'point' of it, it just seemed like another Evernote or OneNote but after using it I've definitely changed my mind.
    I love that I can make what is essentially Trello boards inside this and it's all in one space so I don't get distracted.

  20. I never really liked Evernote but it was also difficult to find something else for it. Also, the fact that I could not use Evernote on both my Macbook and iPad without doing the upgrade was really annoying. I am really happy that you recommended this app because I am so happy with it!!!

  21. can you please tell me how do I ignore a certain misspelled word or add it to the dictionary? only option I see is disabling spell check but I do need it on most of the time, only for certain words or scientific terms it shows misspelled word

  22. I’ve been using Notion since last year and it’s been really helpful for work and personal stuff. It’s powerful, it’s flexible, it’s easy to use, it’s free. Love it!

  23. I love love love all your videos. They are super helpful, especially since you're going to school to become a lawyer as well! I came across another good, FREE organizing app.
    Have you tried "Notebook- Take Notes, Sync" by Create Beautiful Notes? It allows you to create your own folder and notes/ to-do lists WITHIN that folder. If not you should check it out, it is a WONDERFUL app! Let me know what you think.

  24. I downloaded it on my laptop and phone! But is there a way to log in with a password I make instead of getting so many temp log in codes sent to my email?

  25. I loved Notion! It'll make me retire my onenote account. Is it possible to add drawings with the apple pencil to notion pages?

  26. Yessss! I can't believe Evernote charges for multiple device use. That's why I left it, too. They are the only ones who do this, to my knowledge. It is so rediculous!

  27. As all good things in life, good stuff take effort, so start with Notion from the basics, then you will fly on your own,

  28. Já tinha visto alguns vídeos sobre o Notion, mas, como estava satisfeito com o Evernote, até agora não tinha sentido grande curiosidade em o experimentar. Depois deste realmente senti o bichinho a crescer e fui experimentar! So far, estou a adorar! Obrigado! 🙂

  29. Hi I want to use the Main Calendar template but can't find it in the Templates section in Notion 😀 Can you please help me?

  30. There are nothing wrong with having paid/sponsored videos in apps. But what actually makes a difference is in the state of your opinion even when you are getting paid. Amazing video! see the effort you put here. Lots of love

  31. Well, it's not free if you have more content than a little bit to play around or have files larger than 5MB to upload. Cannot see how notion can replace Evernote's handwritten notes capabilities or document annotation functions.

  32. Thanks so much for sharing. I recently downloaded Notion to my PC because my OneNote notes inadvertently were deleted after Microsoft notified me that I was about to exceed my storage limit. I am not totally unhappy with OneNote, but rarely use it to it's capabilities because it seems a bit clunky and like to much work to find the notebook, section and page when I want to make a quick note. I mainly use the web clipper and when I learned Notion had this as well, I decided to give it a go. I also stopped using Evernote when they implemented their policy limiting their free version to two devices.

    So far I'm really happy with Notion, but wanted to learn more about how others are using it and your video was really helpful. I like the option of embedding spreadsheets, images and links, etc. I also understand there is the capability to create a database which is really exciting as I have been searching for the right tool to manage my jewelry business inventory of raw and finished products. I'm exited to get to know this app better and your video convinced me I made the right choice.

  33. Evernote became rubbish abt a year after its release. Just bulky and not intuitive at all. Had to switch to google keep and then Microsoft one note for career/school. When I’m using an app for note taking and collecting data I need it to be all at my fingertips and that’s where I feel Evernote fails.

  34. Restyaboard is a great tool indeed, and I have experienced it among other tools, and there are some great features and ideas!

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