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My Cafe: Update 2020.3 FAQ

March 9, 2020

hey everyone I’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: recipes and stories. In this video I’m going to
answer most popular questions about update 2020.3 and to give you
some insights and tips about how to pass different stories so let’s go. So you’ve
probably noticed that sometimes the customers just rush in the cafe and
they’re acting really quick. This is actually very convenient, and it was done
for the reason that we wanted you to pass the stories without waiting for a
lot of time. For instance, I have passed the first story at level 38 in about 20
minutes because just waited for the customers to come back, and I didn’t have
to leave the game. I hope you have noticed that and that is going to be
really convenient to you. Another popular question that everyone has asked in the
social media, I’ve seen that, is why we moved that store icon right here. The thing
is that we adapted the screens for newer phones especially on iOS ,because the
guys couldn’t play the full screen, they always had some black frames, so we
adjusted the screen a little and now the guys can play the game in the full-size.
I know it’s not really convenient for you right now, I also keep miss clicking
a little bit but it will change with time. Besides from that, we are always
working with the interface: you also have probably noticed that we
have improved the screens when you pass to the new levels, they become really
bright, and you see different parts of what’s going to be available at the
level and this is just the first part of our improvement of the interface. We will
gradually make it more modern, more convenient, and more adapted for the new
devices in the future. That’s why we are making those changes and we’ll be happy
to share this changes with you in the future updates. Not many of you have
noticed that, but I still saw some of that in the social media: we have
improved wardrobe, and now you can see different baristas and servers as they are
standing near the wardrobe actually, and I think this looks very much more
natural. so if you like it and if you have noticed that please also
comment under this video it will be really nice to know your opinion about
it. what else… definitely everyone has noticed that when you serve something to
a customer, they start waving hands, and actually everyone does it, except our
temporary guests for instance Diego or Charlotte will not
be able to wave hands. It’s alright, it was designed like that. On the other hand you
may also notice that when you serve something that a customer used to need by the story, they start waving hands. They may also do that if you serve
something that is really too expensive to them. They will still continue waving
the hands, but they will not take your order.
We will continue improving this feature and in most cases it is really
convenient. I hope you have appreciated it during the barista blitz.
Finally, we see the faces of our customers: we haven’t seen them from such
point of view, and it’s really fun! please share your screens in the social
media it’s really amazing to learn how you discover something new in My Cafe!
Finally, I wanted to share some tips about how to pass the event story with
Charlotte and how to pass the stories at level 38. I’m not going to spoil the
story, so watch safely. But right now I’m going to give you some tips about what
is waiting for you in terms of the resources and what you can do to get
more resources from the stories. Actually by the story with Charlotte there is an
option to talk to Petrovich, to listen to all of his jokes, so if you really
read all of his jokes I guess it’s going to be after the 18th order or something
like that, Petrovich is going to give you 43 gems this is not bad so don’t miss that
chance. Also, if you want to know the end of the
story you can pay 289 gems after you make 22 orders, and you will know the
ending of the story since then. If you decide to skip then you just pass 27
orders and after that time the end of the story reveals. Actually this is what
I wanted to tell you about Charlotte’s story. now we have the story at level 38 and this is the story about Ron and Bill,
and football. So basically by that story there will be a part when you are going
to teach Ron to play chess.. yeah, and if you teach him everything correct, he is going
to give you a gold spice as a thank you in return. Just remind you that at level 38
you are going to get two blue gifts by the stories, and this will bring you to
levels 39. Actually guys, this is everything that I wanted to tell you
about the newest update. I hope you’re enjoying it, I hope you’re enjoying all the
stories, and all the new features. Definitely we will continue developing
the game for you further, so if you have any suggestions or you want to report
something please write your comments below this video, I will read through all
of that and pass your ideas and thoughts to the developers, and we are going to
make our next updates even better. so thank you so much for watching this
video and see you next time bye bye!

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  1. my opinion on update 2020.3 that makes it easier for me to serve my cafe customers without employees and also makes it easier for anyone to order with the same menu. this time the update is better, and hopefully the following updates can be better than this.

  2. I really love this story..and i will love play this game with the update ..and gift surprise from all guest .. 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  3. I like everything about this game. Whether the festival, Barista Challenge, Dice game, Customer questions, I'm glad to play this gam💞

  4. Hola, debiesen volver los objetos para emparejar o los trajes, realmente es lo más emocionante de cada actualización. También pudiesen modificar los premios del carro, que cambien en que número de pedido dan el regalo o que varíen los diamantes que dán, se ha vuelto aburrido saber exactamente que será lo mismo.

  5. i liked to be able to buy uniforms and matching objects.. it was cool to have a special decoration for the temporary guests like the LOVE! sign or the christmas magic book.. hope they come back soon! id 77940973

  6. Hey Olga!! LOVING THE UPDATE!! We just celebrated our townships 1st Birthday end of February!! Can’t believe it’s already been that long! I just wanted to ask what couch is Chloe sitting in in the video? I don’t know if I’ve seen that! (I have a mix of Northern Lights and the new English style, they go great together!)
    Thank you!
    Morgan (player ID: 70098754)

    Keep making your awesome and super helpful videos!!

  7. Generally, after 27 orders, we receive a gift/item but for 2 or 3 update, we receive nothing. I liked to receive items from storys to decorate my café 🙁

  8. I think no need of real money for purchase of VIP status. The customers are promising to provide VIP points but it's not given in any level.

  9. Firstly i really enjoyed the customers entering the the shaking hands while we are ready to serve updates are very interesting…go on

  10. Lower right button DID NOT have to be moved. Simply REDUCE THE SIZE of all buttons – they're super large – so reducing the size a little would still allow them all to fit without messing up game play. OR… consider moving the township access button to left of special offers, which would ALSO reduce accidental clicking into township (even before this button change).


  12. Your video is amazing its help us who r new to game nd also in all update every time.. But It will be more Convientient if devloper give some benefits like 5 time change order or 5th server or extra spice slots to non vip at certain level
    Also I want to ask why I am not getting woman's day special order ???
    My id 99965558

  13. De por gusto este vídeo si ni se puede jugar. Ami no me ha dejado acceder a mi cuenta desde hace 3 días, ya instalé varias veces ya apagué el celular, ya utilicé Datos y Wifi pero nada.

  14. Si que me di cuenta de lo del armario de la ropa, esta chulo. Me gustó que agiten las manos pq facilita cuál te lo ha pedido

  15. The customers leave too quickly now. Sometimes they'll give up as they are about to receive their last item from the server and they'll run while only paying for the first one or two items.

  16. I am at level 29, i finished emily's story but i still need 80k points to get lvl 30 , is that a glitch ? Do i have to wait until i get all those points ?

  17. We want a 3D game, not just a picture, the sea, trees, the weather , and inside the cafe, all of these things are just a picture, there is no movement, and we want the cafe room looks like fallout shelter game for 3D rooms.
    And this is not update , we need a real update .
    Good luck.

  18. It would be awesome if the customers indicate or be specific about what we'll get for fulfilling special orders. There's no point in wasting spices if all we're gonna get is lots of simple bag spice compared to the ratio of tickets gotten

  19. Hi My Café! Kindly fix the bug every time the festival starts and please fix the menu icons and the others as well. My friend owns an iPhone 6, so the screen and icons are still perfect and in order just like before. I’m using iPhoneXr, after the update the icons move a little bit so there’s a space to the both side. Originally it doesn’t have space coz icons were placed on each sides. It’s really awkward to play. I tried to reinstall the app but it didn’t change, there’s still spaces on both sides. Help please.

  20. GRAM w my cafe ponieważ jest takie zadanie w OSM aby zdobyc 150 gems i tylko dla tego… ALE jestem na 6 poziomie i zaczynaja mi sie podobać te historie. I'm from Poland.xD

  21. Hello..I love the game very much and spend most of my time with it but I only have one problem..When I want to unlock the box for spices I must collect 199 diamonds and I am not always able to collect this whole number..Please reduce the number of diamonds

  22. I have an issue, I am currently on level 7 and I got the tartlet display, but it still says that I need to get it. Please respond soon.

  23. My Cafe Recipes & Stories ive been havning a hard time completing stories in the updates i was woundering can you give me some ideas on that

  24. Dear Ola, I love the new update and I have some new ideas to make My Cafe even better:

    – Removing diamonds paying options bubble from the machines / or making it accessible in a menu rather than so easily clickable. I play for almost half a year now (lvl 29), and not even once I've used diamonds to speed up machines. Maybe devs should consider skipping this, because sometimes I am really frustrated when I missclick and spend couple of diamonds stupidly just by fast clicking and serving the item with diamonds to a customer. It happened so, so many times and I am getting really mad thinking that I wasted stupidly like maybe 100 diamonds already. This feature also disrupt the flow of completing orders – diamond bubble gets in the way all the time on my small phone screen – it's irritating. Also this feature makes styling the cafe difficult – paying bubble is rather big and you need to work around it in order to make all the machines accessible in your cafe.

    – bigger Diego/Charlotte (seasonal customer) pointer. It is rather hard to fulfill the orders on a phone (i play the game exclusively on my phone). The bubble/pointer is too small, when I zoom out to get to my all machines to fulfill the orders – it is a pain. Maybe you should make the bubble fixed/always peeking out in a corner, no matter if the view is zoomed in or out – on my small smartphone it is a real problem to get perfect access to machines AND Diego or Charlotte.

    I really hope the game gets better and better, because waving hands feature is awesome and I like it very much!
    My ID: 96373453

  25. I love that the customers come in faster, I don't have to wait for everyone to sit down. So I can serve faster. Love the raising of hands. Saves time. Also I can see what other customers want the same item. #3151584

  26. So what I learned: 1. Ugly button permanently stuck in wrong position on my iPad Pro 12.9”, bad decision Melsoft! 2. The last time we had a two-week “orders” event, there was no decoration prize for doing all orders. Also, the last order for the Gold gift required Gold spice— more Melsoft greed!! 3. For tech support/feedback they insist we follow on FB when most avoid Facebook now, even though Melsoft literally makes billions per year and so has plenty of $$$$ to hire a decent support staff! They just want to milk us for every dime. 4. Playing daily for two years and still my Ann is stuck on level 9!!

  27. Is it just me or after the update they don't sold machine anymore ? Usually there's 3 offers at the 24h offer, there's machine that can be bought by coins& diamond,and furniture that were on sale. But now it's only offer furniture sale, I haven't bought the entire modern machine yet 😭

  28. Hi Olga!
    I have been watching your videos since very beginning. I do love them all! While playing this new update I saw many glitches.

    1)Sometimes the customers sitting on the stools leave the café without even finishing their drinks!
    There drinks and cakes are left on the counters which can't be picked up and you have to restart your game.
    2)While preparing orders for customers they wave hands. But sometimes the customer who didn't even ordered one particular drink waves hand too! This causes a lot of confusion and again I need to restart the game.
    3)I play game on my Android Lenevo tablet and I also have this game on my iPhone 7. I noticed that in the loading screen when we go to the township the cat air balloon is cropped in the tablet. While on my iPhone I could see that cat air balloon clearly.

    That's it for now! I'll do inform when I see other problems. I'm obsessed with this game but now as my exams are on therefore, I'm not playing it that much.

    Hope this comment helps! Have a great day! ♡


  29. Game wents very tricky i had 85 lac coins when I was on lvl 29 they forced me to but opera couch to continue story and after that level suddenly jumps to 30 where i have to but milkshake machine for 70 lac. My car order is stuck because i dont have enough coins to buy milkshake machine

  30. Hello🙂
    Thanks for answering those questions. Some suggestions:

    1. Move cash register back, or make it smaller as someone in this thread suggested. I keep trying to avoid going into the township (which I've had a problem with before the move as well) and if doing a barista challenge or even just making drinks it's a mess. You lose the whole drink progress and have to start over.
    2. Better spice prizes or prizes in general for the car orders. Rose and anise by the boatload and a few other spices here and there are not comparable to doing 300 minimum truck/car orders-and especially when you already have to spend spices to complete some. On that,

    3. Better distribution of anise in Brown bags. I needed to use my brown bags recently for some anise special orders (in which their continually asking for anise all the time) and have a bunch of Rose in my spice box. One could say donate them, but I need those spices. Just not now.

    Thank you!

    Update as of 3/8/20:
    Please adjust this new customer leaving event. I'm doing special orders for the festival and they get up and leave while I'm making it, and do not have a request for one the next time they come in. It could have been just me but I had no issues with finishing my story because of customers staying for sometime. Now the issue is customers leaving in the middle of orders. This has been detrimental to my play☹️. At least make it where the customers don't get up till you are finished with their request. 😐

  31. Salve, con l'aggiornamento nelle due caffetterie la banca da offerte non conformi ai sottostili del mio arredamento ho una caffetteria in stile americano è una caffetteria in stile francese mi arrivano offerte loft inglesi oppure continuano ad arrivarmi offerte dei sottostili inferiori a quelli che ho Da premettere che in caffetteria americana Sto per passare al Flamingo è in caffetteria francese sto preparando per passare allo champagne, perché la banca mi fa offerte di provenzale e Normandia o comunque gli altri stili che non sono della mia caffetteria in francese Mi dà offerte la banca in stile americano mentre nell' americano a volte mi dà tutto ripeto altri stili chiedo cortesemente di risolvere questo problema perché io non ho più offerte nella banca addirittura alcune volte spariscono proprio

  32. Costumers that rush into the cafe are not giving XP to our servers :/ It’s convenient that they go away after served but Very bad that don’t give XP to servers ! Hope it can be fix 🙂

  33. I really like the new stuff. But For non VIP players is really difficult to gain gems for more spices space and coins for new equipment which is way too expensive. :(any future plans to change it?

  34. Maybe you should focus on doing things that make your customers happy and improve gameplay rather than whatever you think you want.

    You improve customer influx and yet don’t sit there and think oh hey they can’t advance anyway because the price of equipment is absolutely INSANE. How many years, of customer complaints across platforms do you need to put an end to this nonsense and start caring about your clients opinions?

  35. lately there has been a lot of customers and special mission and task ask for cardamom and the non VIP players can't buy it all the spices should be avilable for the vip and the non vip player maybe with a discount for them ، Ty and sorry for my bad english .
    player id : 106289391

  36. Holaa, deberían de dejar o hacer que se juege en una computadora PC, a medida que se va agrandando la cafetería es muy grande e incomodo para jugar en un celular… Gracias, a mi me fascina este juego…

  37. Can the new equipment items be cheaper. I just reached level 25 and I need the g syrup to do Charlotte's orders but can't get it in time

  38. I like that they move in faster which is great. But I noticed that sometimes a customer will get served one thing and then pay and leave, but the employee does not get the experience nor do they get the chance to complete the order. It occurs at least a few times every time the crowd comes in, either with the customer at the bar counter or the customers at the tables. Can you fix this or make it to where they receive the whole order, pay the employee like normal then leave. Or perhaps it is a glitch?
    Also can you fix this issue as well: when filling special orders with spices, when you try to switch to another spice majority of the time they keep asking for the same spice 4 or 5 times before you get another spice or they keep switching back and forth between the spice you're trying not to use and the gold spice. I have a lot of attempts thankfully but it gets used up really quickly because of this. I will literally go through about 5 to 10 (wish I was exaggerating) attempts on one customer before I get them to ask for something that doesn't involve the spice I don't have/don't want to use and/or gold spice. If I need to I will record it next time I'm serving my customers.

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