MUST KNOW WHY you have Pain Body Mind Chatter (with Landria Onkka)
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MUST KNOW WHY you have Pain Body Mind Chatter (with Landria Onkka)

March 9, 2020

If you don’t know who this is Then you probably haven’t been on my channel for very long because this is hacker t-dog playing the role of the ego In other words, I’m going to talk about the very thing that stops you from feeling. Peace the thing that makes you fear the thing that makes you hate or have anger or not be able to forgive and why it’s there and how to control it because this is Your ego and it is totally trainable Yes, it is. Let’s talk about that right now Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through your fears and live an amazing life I’m going to give you the tools to manifest anything Yeah anything welcome to my channel where we go out there into the cray-cray area because Sometimes that’s the only way I can explain things Today, we’re going to talk about the Eco. We haven’t seen Haggerty in a while. So thank you for coming back and thank you Yes for playing the Eco today. Why am I using this adorable little guy as my ego? representing the ego now Eckhart Tolle often refers to the ego as the pain body in other words he’s placing it as this other type of energy that are You distracted about something. Can you pay attention? Alright, so the pain body as Eckhart Tolle explains It is really this energy. That’s with you. You are an absolute pure 100% pure perfect energy. You’ve never lost contact with that But in order for the one this one energy that we share and our to experience every possible Definition of itself it we must appear to be separate in other words we can’t really know what we are to experience pain or Anger or not forgiving or all the things that the ego does the Eco is the dense part That we take on when we come to this planet. All right, so in other words our pure form Can no longer really recognize itself in order to believe That we’re limited and that their resources are low Don’t worry You’ll get everything you need and that basically you don’t have to be afraid of anything Now if we didn’t have all this going well We wouldn’t even bother coming down here because we just be staying on the other side me Doing whatever looking really great it all skinny and gorgeous and whatever, you know never aging all that good stuff So here we get to experience of limitations of you know the skin sagging and the aging stuff going on and and whatever form you came in that you don’t like and a Parents that didn’t treat you. Well, so what is that? that is the density that allows us to believe all of the things that Give us that experience of being human loss But because we are this one beautiful energy that really great. It’s not out there. It’s right here Yes, it’s even in you When you realize that you are this one energy and you connect to it you are oh it you’ve never actually disconnected from it you can access it at any time and break through this dissolve this Quantum made up thing that we’ve created. Each of us has our own reality that we get to create and What we do that is we recognize the eco and all of the dense energy around us for what it is So it’s with us as long as we’re humans. It’ll be here because that’s the human experience We’re experiencing having eCos and all that other stuff, right? So what happens we become friends with it. I want you to recognize something about this little guy So, you know, let’s get cozy here. Yeah He’s actually protecting you Right think of him as like a little doggie down there and he doesn’t even know that that up there exists Right and then what happens when the ego feels threatened it protects you? Right back off a little you there. Those are our friends out there Your ego will protect you because it thinks that there’s that you are a material Person and that there are limitations it does. It doesn’t recognize that light that it is It’s that energy here on the planet that we step into Because you know planet Earth has done some serious damage here and gone to lower frequencies So it is an act energy that we come into that is not what we originated some from But what we’re creat what we’ve created here Okay, does this make sense? So here’s what I want you to remember When you have a negative thought it is the density of the ego only the ego It’s not something out there doing anything to you. It’s your own Lower frequency energy that you stepped into and it’s just trying to protect you It’s saying you don’t want to be poor we have to get the money Let’s do whatever we have to other people to get the money All right, so it’s just saying well We’re on a planet and I’m dense and I can’t think past this form here this adorable thing I mean if you think of your ego is looking like this. It’s pretty easy to say Okay You know behave because I’m having that thought I’m waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning Worrying about money or worrying about my relationship or whatever it is And I realized that it’s just it’s just hanker T or your ego, whatever you want to name it It’s just that energy this is trying to protect me to say we we can’t be in this situation We have to get out of this because it’s uncomfortable your higher self That is if you connect Nats aware awakening comes you connected to that recognizes what this is and Doesn’t react to it anymore. It becomes friends with it and says, ah, that’s that’s that human thing going on again I don’t have to believe it anymore because I actually have the power of the universe flowing through me and that these things I’m Experiencing are part of why I came here. I’m experiencing being human we forget that I mean if you didn’t experience the loss and the grief and the anger and the Being able to forgive or whatever then what’s the purpose? Right. There’s no purpose Well, I mean, you know, I mean not that I don’t love you but you know you get in the way sometimes since um We got to separate this. So call him the pain body and Today is just you know, he’s acting for us But he’s playing the role of the ego. So think of your ego is this We little thing yeah, I’m cute a Sweet little thing that just wants to make sure that nobody harms you, you know, it’s gonna be your watchdog II So what are we gonna do about it? Okay Knock it off, would you? All right, so what are we gonna do about it we’re going to Imagine this separate energy, which isn’t really separate all as part of the human experience It’s always looking out after you He’s always stealing the so isn’t he he always has to steal the show. He thinks that’s funny Why is it protecting you it thinks that it’s limited it is not Recognizing what it is because it is the energy that’s been created on this planet for centuries it is the one that believes that there’s not enough property or money or food and So it is a conditioning that we must become friends with so when you battle it You guys will just fight we want to fight you Yeah, we’re friends. You won’t he won’t even he won’t even pretend to fight me. Ah, okay, that was enough We want if not lost my mind, I promise You think I’ve spent a little bit too much time in front of the camera, but max Okay, does this make sense That any time you hear a voice That’s protecting you from something. You don’t want it’s the ego Believing that it’s limited and that it’s protecting you it believes that you need to get out of that job It’s only seen that situation that’s not seeing a higher purpose. It’s not recognizing that it can change It’s not not recognizing that that actual situation is the reason you came here. And that’s what you get to Conquer in order to raise your frequency and then this little guy just sort of hangs out in the background You know, he just learned, you know Hanging out there Is there you lifting your leg? Don’t boom don’t be doing that This is your ego, this is the dense energy, this is just a protection system from the lowest kind of thinking Limitations it protects you in particular and what is important to you? so it could be family you go to the defense of your family or your relatives or whatever because you see Yourself is separate. It is a separate thinking entity even though we’re not separate from anything, right so Let’s just see it for what it is No more badly and you will actually start to laugh when this when these thoughts come in. You’re gonna go I am an absolute Unlimited powerful being that came here to experience this cray-cray stuff that doesn’t feel very good and that this little guy is Really having a major impact on me And so I just have to see it for what it is and realize that This is not who and what I am. It’s part of the role that we’re playing it’s part of this whole scenario that allows me to experience the limitations and the you know, Protecting ourselves and you know, he’s this and she’s that and all this other garbage we do. That’s the ego That’s the ego talking right? It’s not you He’ll do anything to entertain me You’re still not going. I’m still not gonna listen to you So and you can hear this you’ll hear it. Oh Oh, I’m being threatened. Oh, they’re getting something that I’m not I needed that that raise was mine. You can hear it It’s how you react to it. That is most important so It’s always gonna be talking blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I’m not listening No talk to the hand You didn’t like that No talk to the hand because I am no longer listening to you I recognize you for you what you’re doing and I appreciate you. Thank you, but I’m not against human beamed I’m a light beam and I can access things. I don’t have to fight for anything anymore I can create abundance I can create love and great relationships And that’s me putting out and knowing that in giving that and not listening to this because this is not giving this guy Wants to take he wants to protect he wants to get So when I’m going out here to the quantum field of which is really truly Who I am. I’m getting everything out here That is limitless when I listen to him Well, he’s a dense little fuzzy beam All right, and then this is all he recognizes and that’s all you’re going to see when you listen to that ego You’re not gonna see that massive Endless, I’m looking out those French doors at endless space and stuffs Floating out there. What’s it? What’s it on? What are we on? It’s just mind-blowing stuff and yet we listen to this Alright, so I want you to go to Landry okok All of that’s done in the description my free mobile app Getting you to switch your thinking from whatever this look guy says to positive thoughts all day long. All right, it’s free and Hopefully by the time you are hearing this the iPhone version will be out if you like it Please give me a great you if you don’t give me a review at all All right, so I have classes coming up the miracle circle membership march of 2020 So if it’s past that go in and sign up monthly membership, it’s super cheap And I’ll have that down here in the description also, and what do we do? we have weekly trainings on how to create miracles what they are and then we have a private Facebook group and we actually go live this a couple of times two or three times a month and we place our or Place our order to the cosmos and we focus as a group on Miracles so you can place your order and we will actually focus on it. Then I have replays in there So, you know if your order was in there, you couldn’t do it live you still get to participate in it. It works I actually show you Actual demonstrations that this does work and we’re going to then do miracle live sessions miracle circles for planetary changes You know this right as of right now the coronaviruses, you know Everybody’s panicking. I mean what happened to the swine flu and the killer bees and mad cow disease, right? Yeah, I mean these things come and go there they do some damage I’m not downplaying it but let’s not panic, you know, so let’s well Let’s get together as a positive group and see this thing Disappear heal it and we’re gonna do stuff like that We’re gonna if you if there you have a personal situation We’re gonna bring the group in we’re all going to focus on that. Everybody gets to place their order All right, you get to do this every month So it’s an ongoing membership and You get the training every week from me you get to go in the circle and then we’re gonna share positive stories This is going to be super high frequency group. So it’s live you guys get to talk to each other we’re going to do live sessions that I will conduct and It’s gonna be a lot of fun. So I hope you go down and join the miracle circle Membership. I have a free email series down there how to manifest anything in five steps you guys get All kinds of offers and discounts in that email list, too. I’m giving you tools of course over here You’re in the way Yes, it’s all up here is my free workshop series you can I’ve never had a dog do that things like staring at a Jack Russell that used to sit and just stare at me up here is the workshop that free workshop series is Actually for my internet Training and we’ve got people learning how to use the internet to do all kinds of things a miracle circle online That’s I got trained on how to use the internet to create those e courses to create all this stuff for you So if you’re interested in that, that’s a free workshop that just explains That just explains how everything is I Have to go cuz he just makes me laugh cuz he’s not a threat anymore Please subscribe, please share these videos and you know I’m sending you light and love your whole imperfect strong and power ful. Loving harmonious and happy Blessings to you my friend. Let’s just keep it going. This planet is changing. Do you sense it? Do you feel it? Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s all good and you can stay around Yeah, you can’t help which are and we’re all gonna love one another aren’t we? Okay, you ready to say namaste? Take care everybody and namaste

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  1. Hey landria can you make a video about what do you think of subliminal audios and some tips (if you use them)….

  2. Hello from The Nethrlands. First time for me to put a comment here. I,m a little bit confused what to do in my own situation. After my mum became a widow, 11 years ago, i immediately started to care for her, we were close so it was a normal thing to do, but because she,was so dependent on me it influenced my marriadge very much, and after she got dementia things all went south. I didn,t had a life anymore, caretaking etc until she finally ended up in a nursing home. Two years I went very often untill i broke down, fell in the floor,very burned out, i evennhad braindamage.I,m in a recoveryprocess for two years now! My husband left me 1,5 years, could not deal with it all anymore. Hold on i,m gonna get to the point right now my my EGO wanted to protect me today as i was on my way to visit her again after three weeks not going. If i had listened to that voice earlier maybe i things would have been different. Today indidnkt want to go but infelt guilty. I got an anxiety attack in the car and with wobbling knees i went inside. Oke , do you get what i mean? Sometimes thwt ego voice is helpfull and you better listen to it. It is a good thing when it wants to protct you in sime cases.Din,t now what the best thing is to do, anyone has advice? Not going is taking care off me (, finally having some boundaries) What to do, thank the ego for wanting to protct me, ( if you,re going you end up feeling horrible and have a setback maybe, it,s bad for you) so a good thing right? But feelings of responsibility and not wanted to let my mum out in the cold holds me in that pattern. Too long this comment i know but i really struggle with this. Thank you !

  3. I am an adult who is working on overcoming Asperger's Syndrome and this episode is very helpful. Thanks for being here for me.

  4. Love it, lov' your amazing light-power filled with joy & love…….🌈
    ☀️….Com'on, why don't you shapeshift to let's say 30 years of age in all your beauty back again…you've go the power to manifest this here & now…..
    💫 ☄️

  5. This really got through to me, thank you for uploading this. I found myself laughing with you. It all tied together so nicely.

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