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Moral Story | GIFT FOR MOM | #Kids #Fun Rakhi Special | Aayu and Pihu Show

January 17, 2020

Sister get me a glass of water please Ok I will get it Wow.. my painting is looking so nice Here is your water Oh God Aayu get me the eraser I am not going Why why will you not fetch it? Because I do not want to Next time I will show you my attitude Even I will not do anything for you ok sister my work is done, I just wanted water Kids what are you doing? Mom see I made such a nice panting Is your home work done? Yes it’s done but he really troubles me What did I do? I am just doing my work Really? I brought water for you, But you did not get me the eraser I will not See this, I do everything for me But he will not do anything for me Stop now I will not do anything You just gave me a glass of water at least I did something Is your fighting done? I never fight, she only fights with me So I only fight You are fighting today so much Do you know what is it tomorrow Yes I know, my birthday is about to come Before your birthday, it will be Rakhi (Indian festival) Do you know what is the meaning of Rakhi (Indian festival)? Brother and sister’s love You are fighting today? What will you do tomorrow? I am not going tie rakhi (sacred knot) to him I do not want it either I will not give you a gift I do not want it either See your nice daughter is fighting with me Mom he started it What should I do about you two? come here Listen kids Nikhil is calling Hello, yes Nikhil Yes sister He is our uncle, nikhil uncle How are you? I am really good Did you get your rakhi? Yes I received the Rakhi. you said you will try and come so final you will not be coming Sister I will not be able to come this time too See If you can come It’s been five years since I tied rakhi to you I have a really important meeting here Try a little at least Sister I will call you back, I am getting a call okay fine work is important too ok then bye Mumma look at my Painting. complete your work fast you know mom was crying? because Nikhil uncle will not come for the festival why? because he is really busy but they do not fight like us yes you are correct They are good brother and sister ok good night mom tell us a story no mom first tell us why were you crying? I was not crying i saw you crying When you and Aayu were fighting seeing that reminded me of nikhil uncle Nikhil and I used to fight like this too and it is festival time but he will not be coming so I am missing him You and uncle also used to fight, when you were little yes all siblings fight just like us yes, really? yes that is why only I started missing nikhil uncle Brother and sisters are always like this They fight in their childhood but then when they grow up and get separated, they miss each other Mom, why do we celebrate raksha bandhan (Indian Festival)? Rakhi is a festival of bonding between brother and sister On this day brother promises to always protect her sister and that sister will also protect him always Aayu will you protect me? when we grow up Will you Aayu? yes I will too See you were fighting in the afternoon and now you are loving eatch other mom tell us one thing What if someone does not have siblings? if they do not have siblings they can celebrate with their cousins but what if there are no cousins? If not, then they can do this with their most dear friend Tomorrow is the festival you will not fight tomrrow right? you two will be good friends tomorrow so now sleep good night Aayu Pihu come fast You have to do the rituals Mom I am ready Where is Aayu? Mom I am here I am always ready for dessert come fast, you have to the rituals Mom wait for a little bit No, do it we it will get late otherwise no not now Let us do it No after some time, wait a little Mom can I eat sweets till then? Noo After the rituals Mom someone is here wait, let me see Mom the vegetable vendor is here I do not want any vegetables we do not want vegetables We do not want vegetables Please take the veggies yess How are you Aayu? Nikhil uncle is here Nikhil you said you will not be coming I came because you were crying How can I leave you crying like that I was not crying Pihu called me I know everything You called your uncle Hello uncle You both gave me a very good gift on this Rakhi Mom from that I remebered Don’t you want to start the rituals Yes yes Come on let us start Now I will do my rituals with Nikhil uncle and Pihu with Aayu What is this? white rice No no I am very health conscious Get brown rice for me So then get chocolate rice for me very good That is a nice thought Brown rice chocolate rice We only have these I will pray for my brothers happiness and he comes to visit every year Yes yes but I will not get you any gift Ok will do I want my brother to always be happy and fight with me a little less very good kid, very good Aayu will eat it all Give some to your sister too no, no, no all of it, all of it you will have to eat it all This is your rakhi gift Aayu where is my gift? Here is acoin for you Mom he does this always It’s okay, he is your small brother I got a real nice gift this time I will a buy a gift for you two I am celebrating this festival after 5 years with my brother Mom was crying, when you were not coming you are here she is still crying she always does this tell us one thing Did you two fight too like us? I was a very good boy ooh He was even naughtier than Aayu Laughing He use to trouble me even more than Aayu Sister this is your Rakhi Gift You got this? Is it possible that a brother does not gift her sister something on festival day thank you Hit the like button if you liked the video and share and subscribe to our channel Love you all …

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