Microsoft New Office App For iOS and Android Combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint✅Must Have App  2020
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Microsoft New Office App For iOS and Android Combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint✅Must Have App 2020

January 15, 2020

Hello Friends,
Today I will share with you a app which is all-rounder in true sense. It is single go to app for mobile productivity. Microsoft has launched all in one office app. A new Office app for Android and iOS that
combines three most popular apps — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — into a single go-to
app for mobile productivity. The app is available in now in public preview
for Android and iOS. The relatively new app gives you a convenient,
cloud-synchronized central point for Microsoft Office document creation and management, plus
scanning, notes, and more. In addition to the floating button for creating
documents, you can also access more specific actions like document sharing, PDF creation,
and optical text recognition for document creation via the Actions tab.You need not
download separate office word, excel app, Just this app combine all features in one. It will save valuable RAM space. Microsoft Office All-In-One App Features:
Office lens,Word,excel,convert text in images, Sign PDF,Scan PDF. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint merged in
one app: • Create, edit documents in real-time. • Store and access documents in the cloud
or on your device. • Easily access recent and frequently used
Word, Excel, PowerPoint files stored in the cloud or on your device. • Search documents stored in the cloud,
on your phone. Unique utilities in App:
• Click a picture of a document and turn it into an editable Word file with scan text
in word tab. • Scan
a picture containing data in form of table into an Excel spreadsheet. • By selecting pictures from phone storage
make Power point presentations easily. • Create automatically enhanced digital
images of whiteboards and documents with Office Lens features available inside the app. Quickly perform common mobile tasks with Actions
Tab: • Instantly create PDFs from photos or Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint documents. • Add your Signature to a PDF using your
finger or stylus. • Quickly take notes with Sticky Notes. • Scan Picture into PDF. • Create PDF from your pictures. • Convert a document into PDF. • Easily transfer files between your phone
and computer or share instantly with nearby mobile devices. • Scan QR codes to open files and links
and save them to one Note. Anyone can download the Office app for free
and start using it right away – no need to sign in. However, simply logging in with a personal,
work, or school Microsoft Account will enable you to access and save documents on OneDrive
and SharePoint. The Office app is in Public Preview and currently
only available on phones. Thank
you guys.

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