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Medical Miracles with Ambien – Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

December 2, 2019

[ badly slurred] This is Tom and it’s the 20th of August around 10 after 12:00 AM And this is me reading this [badly slurred] Belonging [badly slurred] to the Y [badly slurred] Strengthens Communities and Two hours later, this is how I talk now Notice how my mouth seems to be moving a whole lot less. There’s no straining.There’s no spasming big change from the”[goofy voice] “oh I can’t talk man” man So there’s something in the ingredients in ambien that allow me to speak and relax and You know I can actually talk like a normal person which is great Ambien is a drug with many faces and not all of them are sleeping best known for treating Insomnia causing bouts of uncontrollable nocturnal binge eating and endowing Tiger woods with enhanced sexual abilities Ambient has another property one that may very well change medical history by normalizing neurological functioning and damage to brains in 1996 24 Year-Old Louie V owen was struck by a truck resulting in an injury that left him in a persistent vegetative state then in 1999 Louie’s mother decided to feed her unconscious son a crushed ambien tablet through a straw to reduce Involuntary muscle spasms in his arms to her amazement Louis spontaneously regained consciousness opening his eyes and speaking for the first time in 3 years and So I decided to visit Louie in South Africa and learn more about the ambient effect I met with Dr.. Walley Nel who has known Louis since he was a child and saw Louie through his zolpidem metamorphosis is me Louie VC, Saw Left man.
Hahaha look on this! [foreign language] Do you know that you? Were the first person in the whole world That took this soul knocks Yes, what still work? Oh? Yes, oh yes, it’s still working that was the picture how he looked before his accident Louie was 25 years old and he was working at the Far Eastern hospital as Switchboard operator, and he borrowed a bicycle from one of the frames thing and that knotted about how post 11 He somebody was outside market, and they were calling me there was an accident a bicycle accident so they took me through to the ICU and he was lying there But his head was twice as big as it used to be cause he was brain damaged. It was terrible you know for For a mom, to see your son like that
that’s bad. New Year’s in the solid coma he never said one single word nothing He swallowed the tablet and we were staying here myself and my husband and I think it was after 20 minutes I Just heard things he didn’t say anything he just did the- did the “mmm” this Like in the past but I said I said sweetheart something and he said “Bareyne, it’s nothing” and after about 40 minutes He’s asked for life. You know love stars It was like twinkling and I said “Louis can you hear me?” then all of a sudden he says “yes” He says yes, hello, Mommy andI couldn’t believe and I couldn’t I just cried and I phoned up to Wally and I’ve heard my family said Louie can talk! She told me the story. I said it’s totally impossible this doesn’t happen these things in my time The Brain is dead it’s dead. So I came out on the Sunday. We gave him the tablet and I went to stand there me and the family was standing down the bed I saw also the twinkle in the eye, then you started with all your monsters then!
hMM He is a rehabilitation Louie had these three tablets a day He’s on half twice a day now his Iq 10 o’clock before he gets his tablet is 70 and After the tablet two hours after the half his IQ goes up to 90 what other sorts of brain injuries could be treated with Ambien what we have treated [and] what we are treating as multiple sclerosis a Dementia Alzheimer’s cerebral palsy near drownings We’ve got the problem. We’ve got the answer But we haven’t got the in-between We didn’t know we didn’t know where to start or how to start until the Ralphie is the big fun be honest on That one there on the explanation part on the more scientific ornament In 1999 Ralph Klaus stumbled upon an article about the miraculous awakening of Louis Vienne and decided he wanted to study the effect further by imaging changes in cerebral Perfusion before and after ambien What happened in Louis’ Brian Was that the way these big areas that weren’t functioning at all were kind of dark areas and then after zolpidem These regions all normalized so like a day/night difference This this is Louis’ brain his original state before was operative and you can see this large decreased uptake in the Parietal region which Normalizes after zolpidem and see with error is there [three] it’s about forty percent of normal comes to A hundred percent after zolpidem. So you have these two phenomena. You have the excited toxic effect Which is the same time destabilizing the micro environment say I was almost is suicide cells that offer themselves for the greater good and you have the other cells which are influenced by the GABA which don’t regulate and survive.
The exact Biochemical mechanism of ambience therapeutic effect in Brain injury has yet to be identified But Dr. Klaus theorizes the GABA-A ion channel Undergoes an epigenetic change after brain trauma Causing an unregulated influx of chloride ions that suppress neuronal activity so you have really two different Gaba-a receptors here you’ve got the normal gaba receptors which you know it induces the sort of sleepy change then you have the abnormal receptors Which has gone through all these these phrases after brain injury is not the same as this original receptor anymore It is a receptor.which is super sensitive and Zolpidem through distorting this receptor normalizes it again and when that happens Then the brain becomes less suppressed obviously and you see these changes on the brain spect scan or metabolic [tells] and you see the changes, Clinically, so Something works anywhere in this in this in this spectrum, basically Because every way in the spectrum you have you have this this part that is Damaged, dead if you like, all non-Reversible injury if you like And you’ve got this parallel area of dormancy This is Jonathan pool. He’s a bank manager here in Guildford actually and He had a stroke And after the stroke he had problems understanding people music suffers from auditory diagnosis her so he hear sounds and hears words But he doesn’t know what they mean Dr.. Klaus, and I went to meet Jonathan Poole the banker who lost his numbers a Sudden stroke at the age of 56 left pool with a lesion in his left temporal lobe That interfered with his ability to read and understand language Dr.. Klaus Prescribed pool Zolpidem and I wanted to see the effects firsthand See I can hear what you’re saying very well But if Klaus talked to me, I would not have half of what saying Because this this ear is Doing something funny inside the brain So so when I talk to it like that, I talk quite well But right here from this word my words will come very short the [ceiling] [oh] Interesting and if you see Dr.. Klau’s lips while he speaks are you then able to interpret the words? Most of it, but it’s a new word like names numbers People Don’t hear and this is written down in front of me that I might have a chance to say it See took me nearly Six months to hear my wife’s name which is Sue or Susan but it was someone on the phone and just give a name of sue It’s all it guh That means no name to me at all It’s been very much more easy since he’s been under zolpidem. I wouldn’t let anyone take him off it I really wouldn’t because it makes life so much easier for us all But before his stroke Jonathan was very articulate. It was very good with figures [and] things like that Since his stroke although he can obviously now speak properly. He does still have problems with words He very bad with numbers particularly over the telephone so quite often if he gives me a message over the phone I know I have to check it first because it’s quite possible. He’s got the words wrong numbers wrong Could we test the effect Dr.. Klaus would you? Write down a few numbers Just sort of more of this complex numbers if it’s a give you five numbers right and then you You say them once I say them. I said yes, you know your videos often an hour later. We do the sentence. Yes now He will see something Possible, okay you ready. Yes 583 153 613 377 Something some 291 250..250..251 830 th.. three and I’ve lost it. I had I think I think I had three but I’ve lost I didn’t hear it quickly enough So that one I’ve lost that one yeah 991 171 okay, we asked you five questions and five were wrong. Yeah [Laughing] Let’s get your favorite item right oh Even though Jonathan Poole had already taken one ten milligram ambien that morning the effects had diminished by the time we arrived So he asked him to take a second allowed 60 minutes for the drug to Reach optimal Concentrations and tested him again to see if his understanding of numbers had improved 641 6-4-1 198 1-9-8 472 4-7-2 Seeing the positive effects of Ambien on pool and Louie was extremely impressive But there was still the matter of Thomas Rowe a voice-over artist. Who’s one of the most dramatic responders to the ambient effect “that was fun!” In 2009 Rowe played a tragic visit to the dentist one that left him without a wisdom tooth and without the ability to speak or Rowe’s career was ruined and he was forced into retirement at the age of 52 One night. He stayed awake on Ambien to find his voice Had returned this is how I talk now [and] so I traveled to Orlando, Florida to meet Tom at his former studio Sunspots I Spent an hour years here. I was the voice of The circuit city when they were in business for six years I did a lot of Nissan, uh.. “It all ends tomorrow!” That kind of stuff. When I hear myself or feel myself speak it’s hard I sit, it’s hard to believe Ya know? Oh, it was like a country song I lost my career, and then my dog died and what can I do other than if there was a job for someone with a speech disorder It’s not so much. I I want to go back behind the Mic again But I would like to speak without pain, ’cause it really hurts. For someone that hasn’t experienced anything like this could you describe it feels like muscularly? if you took your bottom lip and Pulled it hard maybe as hard as you could out and then took your neck and grab that and pull it back The forehead and pulled up And your cheeks and pull back And I feel everything thing Turlock only Drug the work is handy in order to test ambience therapeutic effect [I] Asked Tom to promote a Chevy spring event the [GMS] Every spring of that. I’m more patient $8,000 off or next Tahoe [lure], I can hear me And the inside me Breathing that I know the rhythm I know the sound Drives me.. unlike many brain Trauma patients who don’t experience ambience typical hypnotic effect tommrow started to become inebriated In a world of giant monkeys only one man will stand above the apes tonight on WGN and Will need to arm them with the skills the knowledge and the confidence they need to be victorious Yeah, that’s pretty good. Yeah. He’s funny. Can’t deny them in his It’s working yes, it’s not there yet it’s working while General Grant was busy with his horses there was something going on Deeper in the South… the sun had set and although Tom had to fight a strong urge [to] sleep his voice was back and Couldn’t be stopped. It’s Mardi gras at Universal studios. Who are you gonna? Love it [cher] we’re gonna have a big [time] Yeah that’s no different than what was done when I was there and now with the ambien in full effect [I] once more asked Tom to promote a Chevy spring event It’s the [gene] Messer Chevy spring event and we’re taking 8,000 dollars off your next tahoe. That’s right get a Brand-new 2010 Chevy tahoe at Jean Messer Chevrolet, and we’ll take $8,000 off MsRP. It’s time for our new Chevy Tahoe from Jean Messer Chevrolet Wow, wow, it feels like being Alive when I do that Don’t do that cause [ooh], [hahaha] What started out as a serendipitous discovery may now represent one of the most important interventions for brain Trauma? with time and medical research who knows what the future may hold We try to push along this research on zolpidem all the research that you do is actually just art of interest in Goodwill of Of people who are trying to find out what’s going on? It’s just scientific curiosity really these Insomnia tracks are not optimized for pattern of brain damage and therefore there is a lot of money to be made but if people develop this and optimize it specifically for for people with brain damage Now for myself getting on it’s it’s such a wonderful thing. [how] can we leave [it]? I don’t think it’s fair to any Anybody or any population or any race or anything to say leave it with what we’ve gone [through] now you

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  1. Wow! This is an extremely obscure and little known treatment, even in the medical community. I believe Zopiclone has similar effects as it is in the "Z" class along with Ambien.

  2. I took Ambien a few times. Once I went to my buddy's and apparently knocked on the door and asked him for frozen pees and canned fish products. The other time I showed up at my ex girlfriends house and was apparently acting like this guy before the Ambien takes effect. Good times. Both times I had a full tank of gas or close to it and woke up to about a quarter tank. Scary shit kinda hahaha 😂

  3. These are super sad stories glad something works for them especially tom he has a voice I grew up listening to

  4. My wife has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and has been through 2 open heart surgeries in the last 10 years. After the 1st surgery she could not sleep at night because even though she was taking very strong painkillers she just couldn't get to sleep. Whoever's taken pain meds knows sometimes it has a reverse effect and make you very energetic. So the Dr then prescribed a 5mg Ambien each night and just like that she was back to sleeping again. Now the bad side of this story. She literally has to have her Ambien every night and if she has ran out of her rx and can't get it refilled by the Dr the next day she goes into bad withdrawals. I have told her it's because she has become dependent on the pill just as a opioid user becomes addicted. She tells me she not addicted and just can't stop taking them because it's the only thing that works. If she goes eight to bed after taking one she is fine, but if she is interrupted before falling asleep she becomes high ans talking out of head saying some weird stuff and I have to put her to sleep. I worry every night if she's going to wake up and do something she will regret. My point is, if you take this medication only use it short term. It would be impossible for her to quit now. Just my thoughts.

  5. I remember taking Ambien when I was younger…. it was NOTHING like this. I used to “fight” the sleep and end up eating random stuff and sleepwalking. Good times….

  6. As a former addict, Ambien was the worse drug a doctor ever prescribed me. I threw up in my car on the way to work doing 65 mph. I would get out of bed in the middle of the night and do crazy shit. I would rearrange the living room and wake up thinking someone broke into my house.

  7. After taking ambien I slept and in the morning i woke to an empty gallon of rocky road ice cream on my chest. We didnt have any rocky road icecream in the house…..
    The next night i awoke in a hospital. I was driving my car with my eyes closed and eventually did a hit and run. Thanks Ambien. Now all of a sudden people started to believe i wasn't fill of shit afteralll… fuck tou insurance company.

  8. man I can't believe this, I was so hooked on ambien, snorted daily 2-3 boxes, worst time of my life. when walrus got replaced with demons and all hell break loose I barely got out of it alive. I'm glad if it helps someone but really, don't fuk with ambien.

  9. Ambien helps my autism significantly but my doctor doesn't believe me and won't give it to me anyone. Autism is PAINFUL and confusing. I wouldn't even wish it on my pedophile serial killer uncle. Not even him. And yet, my doctor can watch me meltdown with a smile on his face and refuse to believe or help me. The meltdowns are literally making me go deaf. I'm slowly dying, or going to end up killing myself. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who cares :/

  10. Ambien either knocks me out or fucks me up hard if I stay awake if I take about 40mg I’ll either be very very fucked up or blacked out anymore than 40mg and gaurenteed blacked out

  11. I used to take ambian recreationaly with my friends that is the only shit ive ever tookin that gave me the urge to take off all ky cloths and run around the forest naked

  12. What a crock of shit. You can tell Vice got paid to advertise Ambien in their video. The first guy did a lousy job in 'trying' to sound like he has a speech problem. You can clearly tell it was fake. Can't believe people fall for this shit. No one advertises a product for free.

  13. I take Ambien every night to sleep daily. I thought of giving it up and finding other ways to deal with not being able tip sleep. I have no idea what decision to make now. Is it benefiting me in other ways that im not aware of?

  14. I once knew a guy who was Autistic that with a very very similar behavior and speech pattern. Accept when he was on psychedelic mushrooms he would talk and behave just like anyone else. Seriously, you wouldn't even know he was Autistic when he was shroomed up. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen.

  15. Shout out to ambien! Thats my ishhh. It sure does make you hungry tho . But it tells your insomnia hold my beer and watch this!

  16. Ambien and clonazapam are two great therapeutic tools for me. Such cured seizures and muscle spasms due to neurological complications

  17. Wow! That really is amazing that it can change a life that that so quickly. What a beautiful thing to share! Thanks vice❤️

  18. This is very interesting to me. I was a very accomplished guitar player until I had my stroke, but now I can't play at all.. I'm going to try this. That's if it's available here in Canada. Lots of things aren't.

  19. its the gamma i used to get very small amount prescribed they were really tight on scripts and its because it gamma restores your body and make your fully restored hence the way he acts normal on the pill..

  20. This french millionaire i chauffeured around gave me some Ambien after a all nighter. As i was driving home i took it and in like 15 min i saw everything blurred and fuzzy almost hallucinating. I got nervous and pulled over. Once i got home i took another and slept for a wholw DAY! LOL

  21. I love how the camera man zoomed in so her boobs weren’t showing much LOOOL and fuck I don’t wanna offend this documentary it’s very interesting

  22. My mom abused this and my whole family has ptsd after a dramatic event that triggered her to abuse drugs as I was little I’m wrecked mentally trying to seak help after 12 years of shit gone down 247

  23. I took aambien and in the middle of my sleep got into my car started it up and drove into the garage door yea no more ambien that stuff is trippy for me

  24. Wow that’s awesome 👏 for a brief moment these people have their lives back, while others who have to take Ambian for insomnia have really bad side effects, my mom is one of them. My mom takes 20 mg a night and she turns into a whole other person, this medicine is a very dangerous it has made my mom do some really funny stuff, but also very frightening, one night about an hour after taking the pill she decided she would go for a drive and around 4:00 am the police found my mom in a Taco Bell parking lot asleep with a taco still in her hand 🖐! Thank god she didn’t kill anyone when this happened, when they asked why she was in her pajamas and robe asleep 😴 in her 🚗 she couldn’t remember how she got there. Thankfully she wasn’t arrested and didn’t get her car 🚗 towed! Other things she has done are- cooking is one thing she’s done a lot while on Ambian very dangerous because she has left the burner on and has not turned the gas off completely and the house smelled of gas fumes, also online shopping 🛍 ordering stuff on shopping websites, and not remembering she did it, and one time our neighbor saw her walking around in her pajamas in our neighborhood. Another very dangerous incident was taking medicine that she already had taken so she could of overdosed. People don’t realize what their doing while on Ambian at the time and have a kind of amnesia the next day. She has tried taking other sleeping 💤 medicine but nothing ever helped like Ambian does. So my mom continues to take it but now we hide the car keys and take the knobs of the stove so she can’t cook after she takes the pill and we also have a security system and if she try’s to open any door to outside the alarm goes off! This medication is no joke one minute your fine the next your asleep 💤 in a Taco 🌮 Bell 🛎 parking lot!

  25. I am thrilled that this is so beneficial to those with damaged neurons. It absolutely did nothing for me as far sleep is concerned. But, to be fair, there is very little that does.

  26. Ambien can help someone with physical deficiency, but i wake up the next day naked with red stuff all over my chest thinking i killed someone only to find a half empty bottle of ketchup and the cold remains of left over meatloaf on the ground. Apparently figured i didn't need a plate and just laid down and poured the ketchup on my chest to dip the meatloaf in

  27. I have a theory that Pregabalin (Lyrica) has a similar effect. Not in the sense it brings back people who's been through brain trama , but in "normal" brains to make more synapses. I've personally seen it cause, people with lower IQs to become momentarily smarter, for a short period of time. Not a nootropic. It has side effects that would make it seem otherwise. Confusion and a general "dumb" feeling, but somewhere in all that, it makes the brain fire faster. I'm sure of it.

  28. I don't doubt this story, but from personal experience, benzo and hypnotic withdrawals are so vicious that a lot of addicts just opt to stay on the train for good. Ambien withdrawal would be absolutely emotionally devastating for this guy if his use escalates to the point of physical dependency. I came off phenibut and gabapentin cold turkey, which had me psychotically depressed and coming out of my skin. Ugh! I dunno what's worse…benzo or opiate WD. They both suck. And alcohol was no exception!!!

  29. It’s so hard to get Ambien even during the “opiate” crisis ! Most doctors will not allow you to take it for more than a month straight and only to take it as rare as possible is what they want. Also adderrall is the only thing that helps my adhd and doesn’t give me severe anxiety like “Ritalin” caused me but yet it’s very very frowned upon to be prescribed adderall as an adult which isn’t right when a lot of adults have severe adhd like I do ! I cannot play a video game for more than 5 mins or watch tv for a few minutes I’m always finding new things to do constantly cuz I cannot focus at all on anything and it’s horrible and my memory is bad too because my mind goes so fast and adderall slows it down for me to think straight and be calm and focus on important things in life. Sad world we live in

  30. I'm crying because yes I have some kind of autoimmune disease and it's the only time I ever feel normal after I take it. I knew it, I knew it had other healing side effects besides sleep. Because I take pain medication the doctor is trying to take away either my Ambien or my anxiety medication. Ive been on them for years and all the sudden they say they are worried about overdose but if I lose this I will be suicidal, why isn't this being talked about more??? I'm so angry I knew it was doing something it had to be and it is. They won't diagnose me I can't afford the specialists but they want to take away what fixes me and it's bullshit, I need help!!

  31. If i was that guy I think id prefer to have been unplugged than woken up with ambien. Medical science and its solutions arent always the best.

  32. An IQ of 60 is in the range of mild mental retardation. An IQ of 90 falls within an average intelligence range. I am very happy for this man and his family. It is awesome that this by chance dose of medication greatly improved this mans quality of life.

  33. I take Ambien for sleep but would love to know if this is why, since starting it around 7 years ago, I seem to "get" scientific concepts easier and faster where in the past I would struggle and give up trying to figure out what the Big Brains were talking about??? If it helps people with damage to the brain from injuries or brain disorders then maybe those who take Ambien for sleep are getting their effect in a slightly higher IQ? Slight as in 5 maybe 10 points higher?

  34. This Ambien is not the case for everyone some sort of "miracle drug," it can be very dangerous for some normal people. The withdrawal side effects are awful!

  35. I took ambien for sleep and used to wake up outside in my boxers chain smoking cigs. I would come too and there would be half lit cigs all around my feet. It was also snowing a few times lol

  36. Hey Hamilton…dont forget that, according to Roseanna Barr…Ambien has the power to make you a total racist pos too.

  37. I just watched this for the first time and I'm almost to tears. Im normally sarcastic or complimentary on my comments, but this one hit home. Years ago, my brother apparently had some sort of trully undiagnosed episode where he lost his ability to speak fluidly and resembles all of the patients shown here. The restrictive tongue positioning and all. I've taken him to several doctors and it has not cleared matters up one bit. I am taking him to his doctor's office to get a script and pray for the best outcome. If we can achieve 50% of these results, it would be half my brother back. Wish me luck.

  38. Damn you. I don't like stories that make me feel good. I like stories that make me feel evil. Anyway, that's really fucking awesome.

  39. Anyone know of any research teams looking to pay for brain damaged people to take ambien and be studied? I'd be happy to hear.

    People never understood why ambien didn't put my friend to sleep. He kept it very private though as it made him self conscious if others were aware he took a point of limiting him in a different way of feeling like he was doing something wrong. So he kept it private mostly except to his closest friends, wouldn't even tell his family though. How he could produce, create and learn amazing things while it was active in his system shocked us though. Mathematics and advanced engineering concepts understood in a very logical way, musical aptitude and abilities seemingly natural, speak openly with confidence to a whole boardroom of people, and not hallucinations as others close to him could confirm. He tutored me on art forms a few times, once while he was on it and it was the best learning experience I had with how calm and in tuned he was, teaching style completely flipped. He never drove on it, but could. He learned the clarinet and saxophone on it, in one day – he didn't own them, borrowed the clarinet from me and on the other occasion the saxophone from another friend. even though seemingly tone def but not while on it. Don't get me started on the piano improvs without any training, very sad melancholy improvs though he wouldn't be able to repeat again after done. Did his first backside 360, completely in tuned with his body, ski's and the forces of gravity, just as he visualized and logically planned it beforehand and explained to us without really paying attention as we were afraid but knew we couldn't stop him. And he was always mortally terrified of kickers til then, he always avoided them when riding with us. His doctor took him off it for that reason, figured he was tripping, called it recreational use and said he was not using it for sleep as intended, how it could create problems, like driving somewhere, risky decisions, or impact financial decision making. He didn't intentionally take it recreational if that's what that was, I would know being close to him, he genuinely KNEW it helped him, it just became a thing after the first week, and we noticed, in a positive way – which concerned us at first – realizing it kept him up more if I used it for sleep, and enhanced his wakeful life greatly. We noticed it too. Now I find this video and wonder if he was/is brain damaged, and living poorly and half the time on the streets because of his brains limitations from the damage. I can remember him taking some hard falls growing up on the playground, in martial arts, and a bully that flipped him onto his back for fun. He's a sober man but people think he takes drugs cause how he talks/behaves, very socially awkward, but some days a totally different person, completely functional, rare days… but he is 100% clean and takes cannabis oil for neck pain in the colder months of November/December. Very curious. I wish I could help him, he hates that people think he takes drugs, I even remember back to the ambien days him saying why couldn't he BE like "this" without ambien, the 'accidental' effect that came and went with that two month prescription. Struggling to cope with his mind naturally to interact with others dripped into his adult life and affects employment even now, he's awkward and stutters, he never stuttered growing up ever..not so much with us his close friends but pretty badly with people who make him nervous, unless it's during november/december then the cannabis seems to calm him down or something. It would be cool to find him the help he needs but we wouldn't even know how to approach him on this. He's a very sober person that doesn't like drugs of any kind (unless it really improves his life like the cannabis does for neck spasms in November/December) and long since forgotten about ambien as he never has mentioned it since that time he was on it. We certainly didn't though, it was bizarre.

  40. Wow amazing. Do you think this would be able to help with my stroke damaged brain? I've lost total motor function on the left side of my body and I just want to be independent again. I have to give this a try.

  41. There is a huge problem with the wife reading the second run of numbers for the Guilford guy. They should have been read by the same person both times. Science, guys??

  42. pretty sure proud Anglos, despite making the history of Ambien, won't even say it's a french drug, designed by Sanofi, commercial name "Stilnox" (now the patent has expired)

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