Mary Poppins Returns | Official Trailer
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Mary Poppins Returns | Official Trailer

March 9, 2020

♪♪ Michael Banks:
I honestly can’t remember why we kept most of this stuff
to begin with. Don’t you remember that kite? We used to love flying that
with Mother and Father. Michael Banks:
Those days are long behind me. As I live and breathe. I was flying the kite and it
got caught on a nanny. Mary… …Poppins. You came back. You seem hardly to have
aged at all. Really?! One never discusses a
woman’s age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught
you better. What brings you here after
all this time? Same thing that brought me
the first time: I have come to look after
the Banks children. Us? Oh yes, you too. Michael Banks:
We’re about to lose our home! Everything’s fallen to pieces
since your mother… I miss Mother. ♪♪ Nothing’s gone forever
only out of place. ♪♪ It’s a good thing you’ve come
along when you did Mary Poppins. How’d you do that? Do what? ♪♪ So you’ve been off filling the
childrens’ heads with stuff and nonsense. You’ve forgotten
what it’s like… to be a child. ♪♪ Everything is possible. Even the impossible. Off we go. ♪♪

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  1. For people who think this movie let put it Disney could have the easy way out remakes the original Mary poppins but to their credit they did not that I respect them for it

  2. I'm afraid to watch this because everyone on IMDb really put it down, in a big way! I don't think there was hardly anything over a star rating.

  3. So this is Ms. Poppins?😂 It's funny to know this ryt now. I remember a co-worker who used to call me with this name before but unfortunately at that time i didn't know who Ms. Poppins was? 😂

  4. This is nothing is near to old Marry Poppins……she had so much more energy and enthusiasm ……. Love the old Marry Poppins and her supercalifragilisticexpialadocious…….

  5. Por suerte logré la auténtica, con julie andrews👏👏👏👏 espectacular, irremplazable!!! 'sabor' .. original!! 😉 ☑️

  6. "I've come to look after the Banks children."


    "Oh yes, you too."

    Tbh that made me laugh more than it should of.

  7. When I think of old strong female lead characters, I always name:
    Sarah Connor from Terminator
    Ripley from Alien
    T-Rex from Jurassic Park (she was female)

    But I forgot lady Mary Poppins

  8. I saw the original when I was 7. Loved the new movie. OK, Ill just say it. I want to marry Mary Poppins, (either Julie Andrews or Emily Blunt), it doesn't matter !

  9. 🇬🇧 I demand to see Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee together … // 🇪🇸 exijo ver a mary poppins y nanny McPhee juntas…

  10. She didn't come to help the Bank's children in this or the original. She was there for their Father as confirmed by Travers herself!

  11. Just watched the movie. At first, when I saw the opening scene of the man dancing I thought "Hey! You am no TRUE Dick Van Dike! Get outta here!' but then as I watched the movie. Saw the three kids and I was like 'Okay, what's going on here. There are only supposed to be two.' THen as I continued watching it all made sense… When I first heard about this movie I thought. Cool, they are making a remake of my childhood movie…

    But it isn't a remake, or a revamp. It's an actual… SEQUEL. That was pretty cool of Disney to make a sequel to a old legendary classic of Mary Poppins. I think they did good with this; after the god awful 'Lion King' CGI movie they produced. That was horrible… Because that ENTIRE movie follows the same SCRIPT word by word after the animation. The same EXACT story. It was… disappointing to me. At lest in this "remake'… They have a totally different story and it's a honest-to-god sequel. I understand they are making a live action 'Mulan'.. Let's PREY… they have a different story with different events and just dont make a 'live action', following the same god-damn script as the animation.

  12. 🌟 Mary Poppins Zootopia Version
    Mary Poppins – 🦌
    Jack – 🐶
    Banks Family – 🐱
    Mr Dawes Jr/William Wilkins – 🦁
    Admiral Boom – 🦒
    Mr. Binnacle – 🐮
    Hamilton Gooding – 🐻
    Templeton Frye – 🐃
    Balloon Lady – 🐰
    Miss Penny Farthing – 🦓
    Miss Lark – 🐹
    Angus – 🐵

  13. I prefer the original with Julie Andrews but this actress is ok.. it's not that I hate her it's just that Julie Andrews nailed the role of Mary Poppins back in 1964

  14. Jane- What brings you here after all this time?
    Mary Poppins- Same thing that brought me the first time I’ve come to look after the banks children
    Mary Poppins- oh yes you to. Best lines from the trailer, it shows she’s still looking out for Jane and Michael as well as the new children, she knows they need her help again as well as Michael’s kids

  15. Credit: to Carlos for this idea
    Marry Poppins
    Mary Poppins goodbye
    Mary Poppins returns
    Saving mr banks
    marry popppins forever

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