Maps Live: New Features in the Google Maps Mobile APIs for Android and iOS
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Maps Live: New Features in the Google Maps Mobile APIs for Android and iOS

August 27, 2019

CHRIS BROADFOOT: Hi. I’m Chris Broadfoot. I work on the Google Maps
Developer Relations Team. DANIEL SCHRAMM: And I’m Daniel
Schramm, Associate Product Manager on the Google
Maps Mobile APIs. CHRIS BROADFOOT: We recently
released updates to our Mobile Maps APIs on both
iOS and Android. DANIEL SCHRAMM: These updates
introduce three new features that we want to talk about
in today’s video– map padding, marker rotation,
and flat markers. CHRIS BROADFOOT: So first up,
let’s talk about map padding. Map padding allows you to offset
the default Google Maps controls from the outside of the
map, allowing you to add overlays like translucent
menu bars or side bars. Map padding can be changed at
any time, or animated, for example when sliding a side bar
in and out from the map. Camera updates such as
re-centering the map take padding into account, so you
don’t need to do any calculations about the offset. DANIEL SCHRAMM: The next future
we want to talk about are flat markers. Flat markers are a new type of
marker that always stay flat on the map, regardless of how
the camera is positioned. This is different from standard
markers, which will pop out from the map when
the map is titled. You can also now rotate both
flat and standard markers around their anchor point. This allows you to create some
interesting flat markers, such as compasses, which will always
stick on the map, pointing in a specific
direction. CHRIS BROADFOOT: These two
features can be combined to create some really compelling
experiences. For example, we’re showing a
playback of a GPS route. The marker’s bearing represents
the user’s bearing at that particular point in
time, and it can be animated as the marker moves
along the map. DANIEL SCHRAMM: Those are the
cross-platform features we have time to talk about today,
but to learn more about platform-specific features,
please see the release notes on our documentation. CHRIS BROADFOOT: And stay in
the loop by following the Google Maps API+ page. Thanks for listening, and
we’ll see you next time. DANIEL SCHRAMM: See you.

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  1. Gee, hows about allowing me to download all the mapping data for a specific area?
    That way when I leave my network range and my phone can't connect to the internet, I CAN STILL FIND MY WAY AROUND!!!
    This is why as a delivery guy I still use a garmin.
    It's the ONLY reason I use one…
    I mean jeeze you can still UPDATE the mapping data to my phone once a week or whatever, but it's completely useless when i'm not within network range otherwise…

  2. I think you should call them landmarks. Connatates usage of these flat stable markers. Your video should show people how to use you features. Show some hands doing things. Talk louder.

  3. Dear Daniel & Chris, please fix the crashing on incoming calls on your own Nexus 4… or please go do something else and give us back version 6.

  4. We hope to integrate the GPS info into Video and share to my friends. How can I make it on Googlemap without any 3rd party software?

  5. On Android, and iOS

  6. I noticed on the video that the zoom buttons are back on the screen. Is this being added back , or was the video made using an older, more useful, version of maps? I also don't see the search bar on top, nor the menu slider on the lower left. Don't recognize the menu bar on the bottom either. I'll install the update to 7, but usually uninstall back to 6.14 when I need something I can trust.

  7. Hi Mark,

    This video is related to the Google Maps Android API v2 (, which allows developers to add Google Maps into their apps.

    For the latest information on the Google Maps Android app, please check out the Google Maps channel:


  8. hello everyone suggest me someone good tutorial or a sample code on finding path between two location in android ?? plz

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