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Loud Autistic Stimming and Communication

March 13, 2020

– Say hi to everybody! Say welcome to the vlog! What do you need? What’s up? We’re not gonna go anywhere right now. You look super cute in your shirt though. It’s a cute shirt. You want, not right now, not right now. We’re not gonna take a bath right now. All right, you don’t have to pull me. Just say come here and open. There we go. All right, what do we get? Pick your after school snack. Priscilla went out to the… Where’s Wayne at? Rehab? It’s like a rehab place, yeah, for… – [Man] They do like PT and stuff. – Right. Physically therapy, all that jazz. What are you doing? Just making messes. She went there to visit him, just hang out with him for a bit. So Isaiah and I are hanging out with Abby. Summer’s at school. We’re not doing Whoppers. Do regular snacks. No, that’s candy. We’re not doing candy. No candy, no candy. Why do we have so much candy? Do you want a banana? Hey look, do you want that? No. What do you want? No. No. No, we’re not doing candy. I’m not gonna get it. What do you have? Chocolate laced, pecans, walnuts, okay
at least there’s more than just candy in here. Oh there’s not too much chocolate on it. It’s like little stripes of chocolate. Ooh, can I have one? They look tasty. Yum! Those are amazing, Abs. This is how we manage when
we’re hanging out with Ab, having to keep an eye on her and then also getting work done, because I’m working. Isaiah’s doing homework. You pretty much have to just spread out through the house, you know? He’s in the kitchen area. I’m in the office. She’ll meander back and
forth between the two. Are you good or you need a drink? I didn’t get you a drink,
do you want a drink? Ab, do you want a drink? No, okay. I’m done working, Ab. Are you done with your homework? – Yes. – You are not done with your homework. – Don’t tell the vlog dad. – Get done, get your homework done! – Alright. – It was cold so I came down
and there was a blanket here. Just turn the air off,
bro, and get to work. You know, if you work hard
it’ll warm up your body because your brain puts in the extra work. (child yelling) – What? That is not science. – Hey, you can go upstairs
and do all that mess. Yeah, you can, come on. (child yelling) – Come on, let’s go upstairs. (girl laughs) – Come on, let’s go. Yell all you want to, beautiful sound. What? No, go upstairs. Go upstairs to yell. If you need to yell go upstairs, come on. – Yeah, good job, yelling upstairs. Reinforcing the behavior that we want. (child yelling) No, we’re staying in here though. Gotta stay in here to yell. No, we don’t go down there and yell. Come back, come back. No, we’re yelling up here, come here. Come on, it’s a yelling place. Isn’t that fun? Yelling upstairs is fun. Nobody corrects you. You’re done? I don’t believe that you’re done. Do you want me to go? Do you want me to go? You’re done? You want to go? Okay. No, no, we yell in here, come here. Yeah, look, come. Come back in here. Come here. Okay, yell. Go ahead. Yell, go Ahhh! You do it. – That stem? You can do that anywhere you want, yeah. No, no, we yell in here. We yell in here. (child yelling) Yelling, we’re yelling. Oh, being a parent is weird sometimes. Where are you going? No, stay in here to yell. Stay in here. No, okay. Well go ahead, but just don’t yell. No, no, no, definitely not. Nope, come back in here. We yell in here. (child yelling) Yep, that’s what we do. Boy if I had a nickel for every time that A-B-A Principles felt dumb. What’s up? You done? Okay come on. – That’s in there. You yell in there. Then don’t yell out there, out here. Okay. Fish bubbles only. – What’s up? All done? You want me to be all done here? You want me to take a break? You do? Okay, I’ll come with you. You want me to come with you? You want me to come sit with you? Okay. You can’t yell, nope, nope. (mumbles inaudibly) – Abbie, it’s creepy dark. So that was amazing
communication on your part in that vlog you just watched. And also I wanted to update you guys on the yelling stim, how that’s going. It’s going fantastic. I mean, it’s going great
because she understands. You get it now. You know it’s not a punishment, but you’re still testing
us because you’re… (child yelling) – Because you’re Abigail and
that’s what Abigail does. We’re not gonna go swing right now, no. Yeah, I didn’t vlog
anything else that day, but I didn’t want to scrap that footage and just start over the next day, because it was such good stuff. So anyway, sorry for the short one. The yelling is going great. We’ll see you tomorrow, bye! You just stink, Ab. You just like proving me wrong, don’t you? – Do you like proving him wrong? – Yeah, figured.

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  1. I love that you added what she is saying or communicating. It is great for us to see how she communicates!

  2. I do love Abbies fish bowl sounds, the best part of this blog for me was Abbie getting Summer and telling her to have a break, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting Abbies words up on screen, I LOVE IT when you do that, Annie is super happy with summer around, it warns my heart

  3. I love it she knows how to mess with her parents look at her face expression she just what to be a teenager go Abigail.

  4. I love when they tell Abbie to go upstairs to yell and she says no and immediately looks her father in the eye and yells again then laughs. And when she says she's done yelling in her room and walks out and immediately yells.

  5. “It’s creepy Dark” 😂 but in all honesty the amount of communication Abbie has now is so amazing! You can see the wheels turning and understanding occurring is amazing!

  6. ooh love that PLL tshirt…looks cool…lol the face when you asked her to yell …. the grins when she notices you yelling too..so presh….that bed dive was so teenager lol…lol the testing…she is so cheeky and gorgeous…

  7. I think of the yelling stim a bit like a bad habit. If someone was a nail biter and needed to go to their room every time their finger went to their mouth, it would take quite a few trips before the habit would break. I know that you are doing the right thing, Asa, keep it up!

  8. Asa: It’s not a punishment, but you’re still testing us because you’re..
    Abbie: YELLS Yells
    Asa: because you’re Abigail…

  9. Great job Dad. Positive reinforcement works well. I love how you reminded her that she could only yell in her room. It was fun to see how she was pushing you and you’d turn her around and put her back in her room. I used to work with families similar to yours. I learn a lot from your channel and occasionally drop a tear here and there. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Abbie nods much more for "yes" and I thought towards the end made a sound that went with the nod for "yes" (when she was with Summer). She understands so much and it's great to see her being able to output more in ways we can comprehend.

  11. you Asa have a bond with Abbie like no other and l thank you for letting me see as it is an example of a true relationship. : )

  12. Hi big fans here! Just an observation on Abbies yelling stim Maybe could it have to do with the sound/ acoustics in certain room? We noticed In her room the sound is stifled, in the upstairs hallway/ living room her yell reverberates, maybe giving her more satisfaction/ entertainment/ stimulation? <3 love what yall are doing, parents and families like you are inspiring to us next generation of parents! – sydney and brock in California (you guys are awesome)

  13. Interesting to see when Abbie walks through the door first she yells but when you had gone first it took a little longer for the yell. Given me some food for thought, thank you x

  14. I think abby likes yelling in the rest of the house because it kind of echoes, in her room it doesnt do the same thing!

  15. The look on Isaiah's face, when asked if he had finished his homework, is the same look my son has when I catch him doing something he shouldn't like still my candy. 😉

  16. I love how much Ab communicates 💜 i love when you add the words to the screen, also makes me realise how much of Abs sign language I actually know which is awesome!

  17. i love the subtitles of Abbie on the screen! I know its a lot of work but i think its very helpful for people who doesn't watch everyday and dont know her signs yet 🙂

  18. She loves yelling in other parts of the house looks like she likes the echoes it gives being and older home it echoes louder my sister does it.

  19. She's really quite smart, that girl! She knows exactly what she's doing. Frustrating, for sure, but so adorable at the same time.
    The interaction with Summer was precious! Great communication!

  20. That whole thing looks like fun, I like how when she was picking a snack and dad kept saying no candy, and then she picked the last thing and kind of shoved him out of the door and turned off the light, she knew it was an okay snack. I think she's smarter than we all know, LOL.

  21. When a girl needs chocolate you must provide.  LOL  so cute.  She needed some form of chocolate no matter what.

  22. Abbie is doing great with her yelling stim and being in her bedroom! Her communicating is awesome with snacks and wanting Summer to take a break😂This video shoes how present Abbie is with the world, she just has her own way of being❤I have learned so much from watching your family, you guys are genuinely beautiful people👍👍👍

  23. Asa Ifeel your pain with teens. Go do your homework you can do all that mess upstairs. I feel I say this a thousand times a day. Also I love her lip stem.

  24. I laugh when I see kids that are loud or yelling always get quiet when their parents respond likewise. Lol! It's like it catches their kid by surprise. And then the kids are either shocked or embarrassed by it. Lol!

  25. How do you tell the difference when Abbie says "come here" "all done" "gold fish" and "hello", is it all about where her hand is? Sometimes I have no doubt which one, but other times I can't tell…

  26. What if you gave her the whoppers she wanted earlier in her room when she yells in there as a reinforcer

  27. Is it weird I catch myself doing fish bubbles 🤔 Our little Abby is such a little brat as all teenagers 😂😂

  28. that's was amazing the way abbie told summer she wants her to take a break , and come sit with her… her communication is getting so much better!!! proud of you ab!!!

  29. Asa: telling vlog that the yelling is going great but Abbie is still pushing buttons
    Abbie: yes I am and to prove it I'm going to yell
    Summer: looks at Asa and laughs
    My day is now great

  30. I love how excited Abbie gets when Summer agrees to sit with her.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. Abbie is an amazing young woman.

  31. Abbey makes my day!
    Love to see her communicate and her sense of humor is rock on!
    Makes me wanna go hang in her room and yell and giggle and just be a teen again.

  32. I just interviewed for a very rare full time ABA position (so hard to find as a behavior tech) and it's with Juvo autism and behavioral health. They sent me an email with some videos about ABA, though I'm very familiar. It has some of your videos listed! You guys are used as an example by Juvo of what ABA is and how it can benefit people with autism! Juvo is a California based ABA company. So fun to see you guys over here!

  33. Do you make your own captions, or hire someone to type them for you? I've been pestering other Youtubers to close caption their content or at least let their fans contribute. To me (as a hearing person) your captions seem incredibly accurate and are easy to follow, so I thought I would ask how you go about making them! Thanks for all the incredible content!!!

  34. This one made me laugh! "Yelling's okay in your room. Fish bubbles are fine anywhere." Abby goes downstairs, "EHH, EHH, EHH!" She just does that to push your buttons.

  35. hey guys this was amazing to watch , cause abbie was really comical , in a great way she mad me smile and laugh . Ilove watching your utbe videos , with all of you including abbie's best friend summer

  36. I had rewatch it a couple time but while Asa was in the kitchen telling abbie to go upstairs, did anyone else notice her doing her bubble noises while smiling? Is that new i personally havent seen her do that before. I know the noise isnt new but her not moving her lips to "make bubbles" seems like a new one to me.

  37. Im not sure if this is something that could be part of her yelling but do you think she yells as her version of getting your attention when your not in the room or maybe she gets confused on why she can't yell down stairs? I know as a child I would get confused on why I couldn't yell in the house but when my parents would yell it was ok.
    Just thinking outside the box a little to try and understand her more. She is so inspiring to watch.

  38. This is probably one of my favorite videos from this channel. Seriously loving the pure happiness & love coming from Abbie. I LOVE watching how you encourage specific behaviors. And lastly I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fish bubble stem 💕 bless this family

  39. She is so fricken adorable! I just love her ❤️ Abbie has something about her that’s just so special! She has her own little sense of humor to her. She’s so smart in so many ways and I notice them all. I love when she smiles ❤️❤️❤️

  40. I love it when there are subtitles for Abbie, because we don't know all er signs its like we can see the conversations she is having. it's cool

  41. I haven't watched your channel in a few months, and out of no where I had a dream of asa and abbie last night lol. Now I'm here.

  42. Loving the captions for Abbie's signs! It's a big help for those of us who aren't as familiar with them (I know a few, but not all), because sometimes she may do things that we (at least I) don't even realize is a sign. Like in the beginning of this video, I caught "come here" but not "open". So thank you for that added context!

  43. Ab is soo funnyy! Keep saying she is done but the moment she gets out of the room starts yelling again 🤣🤣 I LOVEEE YOUUU AB!!!

  44. Yall are amazing. I must admit I felt envious though. Im currently struggling because I've been getting threats of getting a lease violation because my 5 year old is going through a stomping/yelling phase and unfortunately I have a neighbor below me who has been complaining. I so badly wish I could move to a normal house. A single family home where I didn't have to worry about my floor being connected to a neighbor's ceiling. 🙁

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