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Keplerians rewind 2019

January 3, 2020

Naughty boys and girls … This year has been very special for me and Keplerians Team. Although you have not been good children, we had a good time together. We have laughed, we have solved very difficult puzzles and in the end, you managed to escape from school with all the lost children (angry sound) I didn’t like that last thing … but the truth is that we have lived very exciting moments, I can not deny it. How are you chubby boys and girls? This year has been important, yes … above all, because you have met me (laughs) You are brave players, because you have dared to hinder my revenge plans. I remember all the times you managed to escape from my icy breath, (angry sound) I don’t understand how you run so fast! Keep in mind that you still have much more to know … although you have discovered some secret than another of my past, they are even more … much more. (laughs) Rod! Shut up, don’t explain anything else. Next year is very close already … and in the following games many secrets will be revealed, don’t be impatient. Oh! Yes, not much left. I hope that you, players, continue with enough energy and courage for more horror and fun stories For a year full of surprises and scares! For a 2020 full of ice cream and chocolate! (laughs) Happy new year! (Rod & SM) Be good and study hard. Go to class every day! Play Evil Nun! Play Ice Scream! Buy the t-shirts, which are very pretty! Eat a lot of ice cream, so that you get chubby… (laughs) Ah! Greetings from Mr. Meat, who could not come… (evil laugh)

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  1. Я обожаю все ваши игры! Желаю вам прославиться, всего вам хорошего!

  2. Keplirlans I have all games and happy new year I have plush evil nun and rod mask I love your games don’t stop we love you

  3. Keplerians team fan: waiting for ice scream 3.
    Another fan: waiting for evil nun 1.8.0
    Mr meat: am i a joke to you?

  4. Esto demuestra que no todo juego de "terror" de play store no debe ser malo y la verdad ustedes se esmeran para lograrlo y cada espera a que salga un juego vale cada segundo feliz 2020

  5. Character voices
    MR MEAT:
    Sadly none


  7. I russia fan Topsy Hi
    4:15 Торsу
    Я русский фанат Топси Привет Разработчики
    4:15 Топси

  8. Evil Nun V 1.8 Is coming this year, and Ice Scream -3 coming in a few months like February or March… Don't rush the Develepors

  9. yo quiero también el peluche de evil nun like si también lo quieres y si hay cosas de los juegos de keplerians también

  10. Question For Kerplerians
    3 Questions
    1:If U Like Ice Scream Say Rod
    2: If U Like Mr. Meat Say Pig
    3: If U Like Evil Nun Say Nun

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