Is TikTok Secretly A DATING APP? | Mashable Explains
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Is TikTok Secretly A DATING APP? | Mashable Explains

March 11, 2020

– Every app eventually
becomes a dating app. Twitter and Instagram users are sliding into each other’s DMs, Facebook is trying to get
in on the dating game, and even sites like Nextdoor, a social networking
site for neighborhoods, sees regular thirsty posts
from users looking for dates. But what’s the deal with TikTok? It’s the fastest-growing
social media network, where its users, mostly teens, make short-form videos of
themselves lip-syncing, dancing, doing challenges, and seamlessly keeping up with the latest inscrutable trends. But according to social
media researchers, while TikTok-ers aren’t
there to swipe left or right, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t starting relationships from virtually meeting over social media. The most famous person
so far to announce that they’re looking for love on TikTok is YouTuber James Charles. Typing “#dateme” into the search bar yields hashtags that have millions upon millions of views, the most popular being #someonedateme, #datemepls, and so on. Many Gen Z-ers see TikTok
as a relatively safe and relatable community. These “Toks” are basically
makeshift dating profiles, putting users’ best qualities on display, even if it’s text overlayed on a video of them dancing to a viral song. The text may reveal their occupation or desirable traits like
their ability to cook, but it’s the dancing or
song choice in the video, and how they really present themselves that displays a side of their personality that dating apps can’t, at least for now. A representative from TikTok told us, It’s much easier to whip together an appealing Tinder profile
with a few good pictures and a compelling bio than it is to meticulously learn the latest viral dances and
project your personality on a constantly-evolving social platform. Unfortunately, the
cutesie, well-intentioned, flirty TikToks also have a darker side. The app’s target audience
is between 13 and 17, and this leaves young people, particularly young women, vulnerable to receiving
messages from older men. Reports of predatory behavior
on TikTok are common. Even if a user isn’t underage, there is still potential for abuse. TikTok has exploded in the past two years, but it’s still in its infancy
compared to other apps. Despite TikTok’s problems, there’s room for genuine connection. With an ever-growing user base, it may just be that TikTok is secretly the biggest dating platform
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  1. So Tinder for teens basically. TikTok will be remembered as the last straw that collapsed the heterosexual dating market. Poor zoomers…

  2. I honestly think that it's just James charles being thirsty and needing attention. I have met noone that has used this app for dating.

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