IoT with Smartphones – how to turn your smartphone (Android and iOS) into an IoT device / Cumulocity
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IoT with Smartphones – how to turn your smartphone (Android and iOS) into an IoT device / Cumulocity

December 19, 2019

Attention, IoT Community! All this stuff: microcontrollers, sensors,
actuators, transmitters…is certainly useful and nice to have. But you don’t need it, if you want to get started with IoT. In fact, you don’t need to buy any hardware. And the software is completely free of charge. You can’t do anything wrong! In this is IoT concept the only thing you need is: A smartphone, everyone has a smartphone, right? Or several smartphones if you’re working in a team A standard PC and your browser of choice,
(Internet connection), … and an IoT platform in the cloud, which will be provided by us completely free of charge Before we get started, I’d just like to
mention that this is ideal: for IoT starters and professionals alike and that this offer is ideal for teaching purposes at universities and schools with an IoT focus. At the end of this video as well as in the
video description, you’ll find some practical tips and tricks for IoT with Smartphones. Have fun! Here we go: The Internet of Things (IoT for short), consist of many things surrounding us in our daily lives. Things that generate and transmit data. Sensors and transmitters may look like this – for professional applications – or it may be a much smaller format for research and
education purposes or prototypes… soldered onto a circuit board like this. The core of IoT is, however, accessing this sensor data. And, for many, having the right hardware
often already is the first obstacle in achieving this. But not for you! Smartphones contain sensors and they
generate data. So, as far as hardware goes, you are already very well equipped with just your own smartphone. But how do we access this data? There is an app called CloudSensorApp for iOS and Android and that is available for free in your GooglePlay or AppStore. This app does three things for you: First, it lets you see into your smartphone
and shows your sensor data in real time Then, it enables you to connect to an IoT
platform. I’ll show you in a minute with Cumulocity IoT, how easy and fast that is. It’s super-fast. And, third, it transmits your data to the
cloud in real time. For students and faculty members, the Cumulocity
IoT Cloud–or your IoT platform—is available as a free 90-day trial subscription through
the IoT Education Package. This is more than enough to conduct your first
IoT experiments. You can also use it to really enhance your
bachelor’s or master’s thesis on IoT with practical use cases. Your teachers will love it. For everyone else, a free 30-day trial subscription
is available. The links are provided in the video description. Regardless of how you sign up for the IoT
platform—whether it’s the IoT Education Package or the Free Trial—you will receive your
own pesonal space in the cloud. You can even name yourself and we just add the ending “”
and this will then be the URL you type into your browser to sign in and access your personal sensor data – you’ll see how quick and easy that is: First: In your IoT platform – click on “Add
Smartphone.” You’ll find that in your Cumulocity Cockpit
in the upper righthand corner. Second: Download and install the CloudSensorApp. If you haven’t done so yet, you can just
scan this QR code and it will take you right to your App Store or GooglePlay. It’s a small app and only takes a couple
seconds to download. Third: Register your smartphone: In Cumulocity.
Click “Next step”, which will bring up another QR code for you. Than open the just downloaded CloudSensorApp
on your smartphone and scan this QR code. That’s it! You’re all set! It’s as easy as that. Now what? Now it’s your turn! Do you know, when your smartphone is dying? On this channel you’ll find a video that
shows you by using the accelerator sensor what to do before it’s too late. Another video shows you how to use the compass sensor to tell if someone is a righty or a lefty. Seriously freaky! Business case included. Or, in another video, find out how to set
up a room monitor using the air pressure sensor. Or, for those of you working in teams: check out how to avoid an earthquake disaster with multiple smartphones. But now. Get your free access to the Cumulocity IoT
Cloud and just start. I’m excited to read about your ideas for
IoT with Smartphones. Please post a comment! So long.

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