Ink Master Is Fake And This Is Why
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Ink Master Is Fake And This Is Why

January 17, 2020

Ink Master premiered in 2012 at the height
of the “shows about tattoos” craze. The premise of the show is pretty simple – a
bunch of tattoo artists compete to see who is the best overall artist. The last artist standing will be crowned,
wait for it, the “Ink Master,” and win a cash prize. While the popular show has made it through
plenty of seasons and two spinoffs, it may not be exactly what it seems. Reality TV has a reputation for not being
all that real, and it looks like Ink Master is no different. Down to the wire? For an elimination challenge, artists may
be given 6 hours to do their work. According to redditor Coreymatchem, a tattooed
participant on the show, the time limit is actually pretty meaningless. On the show, judge Dave Navarro appears to
give warnings of how much time is left, but Corey said that’s all done in editing, to
present a false sense of urgency. “That’s it, time is up, sharpies down!” In his experience, some artists were finished
hours in advance, while other artists even went over time. Redditor Tattood_Mom similarly claimed in
an AMA that on her season, Dave Navarro’s timed warnings were all filmed at one time
and edited in to the show after the fact. Human Canvas Jury A big part of elimination process is choosing
a handful of the “worst” tattoos that have to go head-to-head before the judges. In many seasons, this is, in part, accomplished
with the help of the “human canvas jury,” which is made up of the newly-tattooed participants. “You’re here because the human canvas jury
determined that you had the worst tattoo of the day.” Coreymatchem was on a jury twice, and he explained
in his Reddit AMA, it was all fake. He says they did discuss as a group what they
all thought of the tattoos, but producers only included the things they had told the
jury to say. Corey claims his jury actually picked an entirely
different tattoo than the one that made it to air, but the show was edited to make it
look otherwise. Uninvolved judges The show does a good job of showing how the
judges regularly go from studio to studio, checking out all the progress. But according to Coreymatchem, that’s totally
staged too. He claims the judges are actually barely on
set at all, and that they came in for about five minutes to do the walk-through on camera. In the end, this gets edited to look like
the three judges were in the room the whole time. Redditor Jdizzle, a human canvas on a different
season, adds that some of the judges seem to make things up on the fly, not really sticking
to any standards or guidelines when it comes to judging. Not about the art? For a show that’s supposed to be focused on
tattoo artistry, there’s a lot of time spent on weird “flash challenges” that don’t reflect
realistic tattoo scenarios. The flash challenge can be anything from ice
sculpting to burning objects with live electrical wires. Season 3 artist Frank McManus was required
to tattoo an inmate in a prison cell with one needle and extremely poor lighting. With limited resources and equipment, he felt
there was no way he could produce work to the best of his ability, nor could anyone
else. As he told PennLive, “[The challenges] don’t have much to do with
what tattooing really is.” To make things worse, some challenges are
physically daunting. Season 1 artist Heather Sinn told LA Weekly
that between tattooing pig corpses in a freezing meat locker and getting sunburned while working
on a car, the show was more like Fear Factor than anything else. She acknowledges that she was probably too
sensitive for the show, but also should have known it was never really going to be about
art. All part of the plan One of the biggest charges against any reality
show is that it’s all plotted out ahead of time, and based on what past contestants have
said, Ink Master is exactly that. During an NBC interview, artist Kyle Dunbar
said that one of the hardest things for him to deal with on the show was watching the
judges play favorites – praising a tattoo with noticeable flaws from an artist they
liked, while simultaneously critiquing the same flaws from a different artist. Coreymatchem noted that many shots are just
flat-out staged, and contestants are instructed beforehand how they need to act and react. For example, human canvases are given headphones,
but the producers actually just stick them on long enough to get a shot on camera – because
the headphones are made by a sponsor. Apparently, the team behind Ink Master also
tried make the show seem a little saltier than it actually was. Heather Sinn told LA Weekly that a producer
told the contestants that if they wanted to go to sleep, they better start talking about
each other on camera because nothing they were actually talking about was going to make
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  1. Huh? That didn't prove it was fake, just produced. The competition, and tattooing is real, and so is the judging. Just because they filmed the filler separate?

  2. I can tell you one thing as a canvas all three of them came in and talk to me about punk rock shows I've seen in NYC back in the day got to say they were all cool

  3. Omg no way, you're telling us they shoot all the "time's almost up" shots beforehand instead of making a famous rock star wait 12 hours every episode? Total shock.
    And they made the artist wear some headphones from their sponsor, why is this even worth mentioning? This is what sponsors do and why the artists can win a 100k.

  4. Might be fake in these examples but the art that each artist makes isn’t and let me tell u that some are hella janky snd funny. Some are amazing and artistic. That’s what makes the show interesting.

    The Tattoos are real, The Time limit is Real. Sorry that the tattoo artists that are posting this are not good enough to be on the show.

  6. I thought the Battle of the Sexes was meant for two women to win. Props to the winner since comparing colored Japanese to Black and Grey is ridiculous. If a future Inkmaster WANTS to win, they have to give their fellow contestants Poke and Stick which is one needle black and grey. In Ryan’s winning season, Giancarlo who was NEVER in the bottom had the better final tattoo but got screwed by Dave Navarro (cast winning tie breaking vote) over audience pressure to crown the first female Inkmaster.

  7. every reality tv show is fake as hell even the ultimate fighter despite being the most competitive is all fake outside of the fighting

  8. I knew it was bullshit when they picked Dave Navarro to be a judge!! Yep I'll trust his word like I trust Mexican tap water!!

  9. Who f-n cares about all the silly drama? Nobody or not many people watch the show for ‘made up drama’ we watch because it’s f-n dope seeing the artwork/tattoos come to life and the emotions that they evoke from the people that let these artists tattoo them without really knowing what they are in for. Also watch because of the dynamics between the people on the show and the judges and their opinions. I just fuckin love the cool artwork and love seeing these (tattoo) artists own personal styles. I got one piece on my ribs 20 some years ago and just black with shading. The gentlemen I got it from name is ‘Frenchy’ out of Rich. Va. And he didn’t actually want to do it at all because it was my first (and to this day, only piece). He didn’t think I’d be able to sit through it because of how painful the ribs are but I f-n toughed it out for four and half hours and I’m so glad I did because it STILL looks great after all these years!! Funny how much tattoos cost these days but I can tell you that one thing that doesn’t cost anything…THE PAIN!!! 😖😖😖😖😎

  10. You Are right But They Have To Fake Somethings To make Ink master Have This Kinda Cool Action Scenes AND Let's Be Real No One Wants Their Show To Be Boring; )

  11. Honestly, even if it’s fake, i usually agree with the outcome. even with all of the crazy things that go on, if one artist is the best for the first episode, they will most likely be best for the last.

  12. Not a suprise about scripted drama, I just want to see the tattoos which is why I record it and watch it the next day that way I can fast forward past all the annoying reality show b.s. I hate and get right to seeing the tattoos

  13. Thanks. I like knowing it is the show people who are obnoxious and not the tattooers. The latest one is the phoniest of all, Grudge Match. I just scroll through all of the yipyap, look at the tattoos, and delete.

  14. damn editing….it would be better to have a reality TV show where the person or people don't know they're being recorded…you'll get a more real feel. In some states, like mine, you only need one person's permission (the camera man) to make it happen. If you want to put it on the "air", then get their consent before airing, not during filming. It can be done in several states. 😀 You don't call it a "show" to the "contestants", you call it an "experiment". Cameras are hidden in sun & regular glasses, hidden in walls, or electronics…all this stuff is sold online & in real stores. It could be done on a reasonable budget. 😀

  15. Well the first part you’re wrong about already cause it they had even “overtime” to finish their six hour tattoos THEN THEY WOULD BE FINISHED. Simple. So many tattoos on this show are always incomplete so I don’t believe they give extra time at all.

  16. None,I'm not the least bit interested in anything to do with reality tv.All reality tv sucks balls,it's all set up and as fake as fck.👎

  17. Here I thought you were going to say something actually shocking like, "They don't actually tattoo the canvases, they're all printed and washed off."

  18. let be honest we all watched it just for the tattoos, to either copy one or to have one alike + getting some knowledge about the tattoo world, like line work, color saturation, and so on. so basically it can be totally fake ı dont think that ı would care about ıt as long as I enjoy the art [email protected]@k the rest 😀 btw thanks for the video and the effort, respect

  19. DUH, of course it’s fake, the entire entertainment business is FULL of fake ass people.

    It’s ALL staged, and prerecorded.

    Especially in the music industry where artists go on stage and lip sync to prerecorded tracks and dance around like they’re actually talented.

    If you don’t know this, you’re a clueless fuckin’ sheep!

  20. i guess it's real with some you know adjustments… you can't just say the different challenges are out of mind, it is reasonable

  21. Dave doing ink master cause no band worth their salt wouldn't hire a band destroyer ..worst chilli peppers album was one he played on.

  22. Tattoo has become a fade and means nothing anymore..people are walking doodle pads these days ..seaweed. Really tattooing seaweed on your body lol ok

  23. I'll remain different and tattoos no piercings no vaping no man buns .no skinny jeans up to my knees and down over my arse..20 something's look like homeless samurai's

  24. I knew one of the artist that was on the show, they had mentioned how the crew was trying to spread gossip and have them talk crap about each other for drama reactions.

  25. Always thought so, there was one season with tattooers with outstanding tattoos didn't make it on the show only to find out that each were award winning tattooers anyway.

  26. Dave Navarro is a complete joke… Who cares he is a guitar player in Jane's addiction how many times do they tour.. How broke is he.. Dave Navarro could not get laid if he did not have guitar player status with a popular band.. otherwise he is in ugly guy Freak show.. Who also loves to suck other guys on the side

  27. Are you for real? You're a fucking idiot! Every reality show out there has editing… That's how it is… But they are still doing a legit competition

  28. I always though it was funny Dave N was the host but also had the worst tattoos out of everyone. Fuck that guy and this lame ass show.

  29. All reality shows are fake they are basicly scripted. I have a lot of friends that worked on a few reality shows. There are even youtube videos on videogrophy that the cameraman would never do reality shows anymore because how fake they really are.

  30. Honestly kinda glad that they were lenient with the time bc imagine if they didn’t allow to finish a tattoo which fyi stays on the human canvas’ body for the rest of their life

  31. Justin Bieber has sleeves of tattoos now. It's no longer an art form. It's a gimmicky trend for self loathing people that have something to prove.

  32. Duhh it's fake, just look at the host, fake ass soyboy. He's as fake as fuck, so it's logical that the show is fake too

  33. See the time thing being fake is bs because if you remember correctly, Fon didnt finish one of his black and white pieces last season and avoided elimination

  34. The time crunch thing where it seems like they're working diligently to to the last second is nothing new. They do that sort of editing on competitive cooking shows too.

  35. Ik it's fake but I still enjoy watching it. It's like mcnuggets we love them but we don't want to know what they're made out of

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