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February 18, 2020

January 1983 (Rod singing) Hey! You! Yes? You tell me, sweet little boy? Yes, you! I know you have Lis. And I want you to release her! Lis? I think you’re confused boy. (laugh) No! I know it’s you. I saw her in the trunk of your dirty van. if you don’t release it I am going to fry your brain with this shotgun that I made myself. (laugh loudly ) Do you really think I know who you’re talking about? I don’t remember the names of all the children I capture, you idiot. Stupid boy. You have guts to face me … But you’re not fat enough to be useful to me … Wait a second! There is an easy solution to that! Open up and say Aaaah! Perfect landing! (laugh) What have you done? Wow, it’s a very tasty ice cream … I don’t know why you did this, but I’m going to exterminate you anyway. What’s happening to me! What’s this? (scream) Oh! Hello chubby boy. Now you are chump and fluby just as I like it! (scream loud) Ice Scream 3 comming soon Join the pre-register now, and be the first to play! click on the description link

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  1. Pre-register here, and be the first to play Ice Scream 3! Thanks for your support <3

    🔹 ITUNES:

  2. Spoiler alert ( this is actually an maybe ) the end of ice scream 3 could be when you got all rods items he will make an ice scream to make mike,lis,charle skinny instead of fat

  3. idea ice scream 4 we will play as Rod and we will escape our nightmares like escape the bully's that gonna be enemy's

  4. Estaria chido que el niño que jugamos en el juego que Rescate a los niños y se juntarian para vencer a rod y el Padre de rod luego se enoja y rod le dice que se calme pero no se calma y rod dice que le ayudemos a vencer su Padre gigante

  5. Omg now there's a third game of ice scream…

    Are you guys are not tired making ice scream games or you guys trying to make a series of ice scream? (And I wish there will be Ice Scream The Movie cuz that will be cool!)

  6. Here's how to end rod.
    Step 1: grab the Infinity stones.
    Step 2: say f*ck you to rod.
    Step 3: snap 2 times.
    Step 4: take rods mask.
    Enjoy your life after you did that.

  7. If I was in this world I would bye a sniper camp on top of my house and shoot him if you do a close range gun he will slap it out of your hands that’s why you choose a sniper and after that drive in the van and look for your friends and save them.

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