Human Garbage – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 2 – PC Gameplay
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Human Garbage – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 2 – PC Gameplay

December 2, 2019

Hey everybody, welcome back to Telling Lies We’re gonna probably watch more
videos of David being a scumbag today So when we last left off, we watched this one,
but I don’t think we know the counterpart to it, so I’m probably gonna use the bookmark systems to keep track of which ones we haven’t seen properly yet There we go You know how I was keeping my notes
on my phone? When I was editing, I realized that there’s a gigantic
memo pad icon right here And so what I did was, I took the chance to
transfer all of my notes over from my phone to screen hereso that we can all look at it We already saw all this, so I’m not gonna
spend too much time on this, but uh, one important correction is that I think they
only have one daughter instead of two and I misunderstood a previous line I have notes under each person’s name,
and I also have another timeline section here We have a lot of different angles
that we can come at this from today We have several names that we know nothing about, including us–the person in the screen here, Karen No idea who she is Um, I mean, we could start anywhere
right now (Welonz blows air out mouth) But– in the last clip, we saw David said the name
“Melissa”, so maybe we’ll just start with that Only 4 clips of Melissa. Hm. Oh, looks like he’s Skyping somebody This doesn’t sound very sexy He’s webcaming somebody in the middle of the night because he’s lonely, away from
his wife, so on and so forth? Okay. From what he’s saying, it sounds
like he’s talking to the cam girl ‘cuz he’s paying for a service Hah… Remember how the cam girl had something to do
with hypnosis, right, that was part of her services She had a Sleeping Beauty thing going on I feel like that might be related here Okay Mhm. 10 at night. Oh, this is the counterpart clip right here Oh. She’s got a different setup here (Welonz chuckles) It’s a different theme Does she have contacts in? Her eyes look really light Then he’s gonna tell her to bark like a dog (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) This is like some weird fetish “Sing me a song” And then he gets sick of it and then he starts asking her
“Alright, take off your top” How come he stops, though? Hmph! “Wake up” (Welonz laughs) Well, eh, if you like that kind of role-playing
thing, this might be fun, I suppose “Melissa” Is her name really Melissa?
She’s working as a cam girl, so I feel like, she might not necessarily
want to give out her real name He didn’t give out his real name; he’s not “Davey” Okay Hypnotism seems to be part of her routine
and what people pay for–Wait, “hypnotism” And…What else have we learned there just now? This is happening in February, February 26 Yeah, I think I’m gonna write that down We’ll just make it really big in the background
and go back to it, if we can. Yeah, I like this February–wait, what? Oh, my God, he was already sleeping with Ava
in February. What the hell’s this guy doing? The– web camming Melissa So he’s not only cheating on his wife physically, but also webcamming this girl during the same period of time What, is he like super lonely, or–is he just a scumbag? Oh, hey,the counterpart To the one we saw earlier Yeah Hold on–forgot to watch from the beginning She’s in a different get-up every time She’s not doing a free show got to pay the bills I like her first look better “81” She was talking to another person
earlier in the first clip we saw her of a “prince charming 81”;
that must have also been David Banned? This is when David’s telling her about
how, “Oh, I’ve changed”, “I’ve been put a medical leave” (Welonz chuckles) Whoa, I feel like we got a lot of information in this one This seems like it’s towards the end
when something happened, a big fallout? I just wanted to really quickly go back to
that one section about where she’s giving– saying something about how,
“Oh, I live in Cleveland and I have a husband? Yeah, are we missing anything here? She used to work in real estates,
owns two apartments, she’s rich “Ohio” Oh, my God Well, (Welonz chuckles) time to change this
already, right? No, but we don’t know her real name We just know she’s “Melissa” Mmm…this “81” was David
from last time. Anyway, though Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is
in Ohio, right? I think so and… Has a husband Mmhm Mm, I like having these notes on the screen but makes it a little bit harder for me to take notes ‘cuz
I can only do it once I finished watching the video as opposed to doing it right when
I’m watching it, but we’ll see, we’ll see Was that all the information we had?
They had some kind of fallout here David…was he falling in love
with this woman for real? Isn’t she– That’s why she was taking the time to be like, “Oh my, God David, are you for real? None of this is real” And I think that was this clip right here,
so I can delete it now Yeah, I think he thinks that they were in love
or something. (Welonz chuckles) Dumb guy All I want to do is delete it. There we go. I wonder if we can find out her real name. Yeah, “Melissa” only gave back
4 searches so this was a good search if we want to move on then, What angle should we go at this from? Hmm…we got one clip when we searched
FBI or something about a Mike and then an operation that went bad and back on– April 25th, David said, “What you did
yesterday was totally unprofessional” So I’m hoping we can find a clip from April 24th that says more about that.
But, how about let’s try going with “Mike” Names seems to be easy sources of information 11 records, some of which we’ve
watched already. This one has a Mike Oh, that’s completely unrelated Okay. That was the first one. None of these are pairs This was a short one. This Mike guy might be a colleague ‘cuz he knows about him being an FBI agent and he’s in on the whole thing, somehow Just wanna really quickly check the camp
thing again; we got several names: Eric, Peter Mm Oh, shoot, he’s going camping with Ava In that case, then “camping” might be
a good one to think about too And this is in… This is a November, oh, my God. They were sleeping together in
February, but in November They had already met. Something about camping? “Going camping—gone camping with Ava, Peter” Eric. We do not have the counterpart to this one Okay Seems like the wife knows about Mike too Thanksgiving. –Who didn’t come home, for the recital Hmph ‘Course Momma’s still here Is she– just napping or sick? Mike sounds like David’s boss Oh, okay, so the recital didn’t happen yet. (Welonz chuckles) That’s awful Oh, she’s forgetting his name. And a lot of other things What? Wait, from a previous clip, I got the
impression that Daniel was her husband The father-in-law but this is clearly David, right, is– Yeah, because—the kid was talking to
the screen being, like, “Dada” Maybe this is an indication
that Laura’s getting dementia Like one of the other clips earlier mentioned So don’t place too much on what we see here Another one to bookmark, maybe? Yeah Sooner or later, we’re gonna have a lot here Thanksgiving, that’s one to remember, too “Did not go home for Thanksgiving” Is that the only one I had that time? Pretty much, I guess Right, ’cause remember, Emma suspected that her mom was getting dementia back in November as well and Thanksgiving in the States is in November In Canada, it’s in October,
but pretty sure we’re in the states here Take-out? “Karen” Another agent? He’s trying to infiltrate into some group Could be related to that company
we heard about, Prosperen What…? “Green Storm” What? And he’s so happy about it, oh, my God Hm? Implying that it might be fake? I think he’s talking to Mike here is starting fake relationships and having sex with people part of an FBI
agent’s duties, though? (Welonz chuckles) Oh? The hell? Oh, I think I’m at work or something. Hold on Somebody works behind me; I thought this
was just some random house. Oh, whoa Karen seems to be with the FBI according to what David’s saying here And then…what date was that clip? February 22nd Right, so…they moved in together During this time. When exactly, what date
did he start sleeping with her? I don’t know But probably after they moved in Or…”Ava moved in with David” Sleeping with him. There you go So they were living together and he was webcamming
Melissa at the same time. Oh, my God, this guy Add a bookmark there Where did the word Mike appear? Right, so he was talking to Mike. Okay. And then…this one, March 3rd He said Mike like, a thousand times Anything they took from Peter’s, including the video There’s some kind of video evidence of something “Dopey”? ( “Sir” Mike might be like, his boss And Karen is also– let’s start a new thing for Mike somewhere.
Do I not have one? I don’t think so “Mike” Uh, David’s boss? David was sent to this place to do
some sort of “operation” and– I think it probably went wrong;
something went horribly wrong but at the same time, he’s also been cheating on his wife and then I think something went wrong
over there at too new girl and Peter– “Peter” Okay How many bookmarks am I allowed to
keep? I’m not even sure Hmm…but I’ll save this one too We don’t have the videos for Mike, so maybe this is something we’ll never get the counterpart for Okay, Peter Yes, 13 records matched These two are pairs Uh-huh, then these other ones 4:12, 2:14 Doesn’t match anything we have Let’s watch the pair ones first; these ones
tend to be the easiest to understand February 2nd, probably before they moved
in, that’s why they’re still talking via the webcam “Boo” “organizing group” (Welonz chuckles) That sounds kind
of passive-aggressive “Your girl” (Welonz sighs) Ah, while your wife is stressing at home Yeah Mmm-hmm They’re that serious? What if being with this girl has to do with his job? The more I watch, the more
confused I get (Welonz chuckles) There’s a lot going on here Yeah, if we’re gonna–Peter and Eric.
The camping thing–oh, there’s so much Let’s watch the counterpart Oh, she works at a record store I thought you worked at a hotel
‘cuz of what we saw before You don’t like his friend Peter too much Hmph That’s disguisting (Welonz chuckles) She has a ring Hold on, I do want to look it up.
Which hand is a wedding ring on, left hand– Okay, so she has a ring on her
right hand. I guess that’s okay It seems like they’re getting really serious, though And it’s not even like this girl is
the one trying to make it like that David’s actively being like “Hey, so when
am I gonna meet your mom?” like, whoa Do you want to like, marry her or what?
He’s really…proactive here Let me just see if I can update some of my notes here This is a little bit–Uh,
I wish I had a better format to put my notes but this is probably the best way for me
to show you what I have There was a whole bunch of stuff earlier about how… Oh, yeah, there was a thing about how,
I think David beat somebody up? “Beat someone up” and it’s related to Ava and Peter Mm–hold on I’m just gonna write down some keywords
here. Green storm, whatever that is This is related to Peter– video, video evidence at Peter’s And then “organizing group” That was one of the keywords I came up They all seem to be part of– Some environmentally friendly thing Maybe opposing the company
that they talked about before David also mentioned an informant
named “Dopey” earlier Okay Hm Well, we’ll go back to these ones then.
This was in–this is one day before Woah, two people It’s David’s house. Did they used to date? What? Oh, my God Oh, my God “Now, get out of my house” Okay…so we can probably see why–Oh. Hm yeah, it’s weird, why does this
video exist in the first place? Because David is trying to gather evidence and
he’s planting cameras around in his own house to try to get information from Eric? Possibly. This one won’t have a
counterpart; it’s not a webcam. Ahh…Suddenly things are starting to make sense Yeah, that’s– pretty serious and that’s probably related
to how David beat somebody up ‘cuz the video was taken from Peter’s place? Something like that? Oh, dear Not likes Eric as in like, romantically (Welonz chuckles) but I’ll know what it means when I look at it. Oh, my God Apparently Peter is trying to be a good uh Uhh… Who knows though. He’s not behind bars,
never got any sort of punishment Dang and then this was February 1st, so the next day he asked Ava about it, but all Ava said was he’s a dick

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  1. I'm in a generous mood today, so I'm giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. He's an FBI agent, so I would hypothesize that he's establishing an undercover identity. I don't know how the FBI works, but in the Olden Days when I was in training (not FBI obvs), you weren't supposed to go quite that far. It was considered potentially compromising. He just needs to keep his halo in place.

  2. Man you made similar notes than i did after a couple videos. The only difference is that your notes are looking like professional detective work and my notes were…. trash. 😀

  3. You’ve been making videos since I was like 8 playing Minecraft on the 360 and I used to watch your survival map things or something like that it’s cool to see that you’re still making content

  4. I'm going to modify my opinion. I'm certain that I'm right about the undercover – but he's exhibiting danger signs. I'd pull him out.

  5. So on Twitter today the host of a Podcast I listen to made a post about saying something nice about people whose work you follow because they tend to mostly hear complaints and angry people (and people asking if they're a twelve year old boy) So I want to say how much I appreciate your videos, this series in particular highlights the thoroughness with which you approach stories in video games which is kind of rare and one of the reasons I follow you.

    On the subject of the game so far it seems more I want to say straight forward than Her Story. I feel like at the end of the second video of Her Story I had much less grasp of the overall shape of the story. Partly this might be due to the story hewing closer to established narratives, I think if you've got at least a passing familiarity with undercover stories or actual cases you kind of see stuff coming. I have a hard time imagining I'm going to be hit with a twist that makes me go wait what. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think chasing big twists can be damaging to stories, also I could just be vastly overestimating myself. Though the game has surprised me on occasion, knowing what Peter had been doing totally changes the feeling of David's angry insistence that the video evidence be destroyed.

    Poor Ava, that girl's probably going to have trust issues for the rest of her life.

  6. In a undercover FBI agent movie style, pretty sure Ava, Eric and Peter are part of an activists group, the Green Something, which David tries to infiltrate and that's the reason why he got this close with Ava. It doesn't make it better but probably is the initial reason.

  7. I watch these videos in background during work, I hope none of my family members enters my room, it would be awkward

  8. "Is starting fake relationships and having sex with people part of an FBI agent's duties though?"

    There have been a series of scandals in the UK, where undercover police officers infiltrated environmental groups and started relationships with women. In some cases, the officers even fathered children whom they raised for some time until the mission came to an end. Then, they vanished without a trace. In one case, an officer even started a relationship with a girl that was uninvolved with any environmental group, but just served to strengthen the officer's cover story.

    This was not officially permitted, but people did know about it and the involved officers got promotions. See, for example:

  9. Regarding what law enforcement can and can't do undercover, there is actual strict policy and law here (talking only about the USA). What they are authorized and legally allowed to do is based on a number of factors, but most important being the seriousness of whom or what they are investigating.

    Easy example. If an undercover agent is attempting to nab someone on small crimes like maybe a misdemeanor or even a few non-violent felonies, law enforcement can almost never take illicit drugs and have the evidence stand in court. After an operation they will get tested, and if they fail the charges will almost certainly be dropped.

    However, say they're undercover trying to penetrate a person, gang or cartel that's distributing a LOT of illegal narcotics. In this case they can absolutely use illicit [hard] drugs, and even certain non-lethal forms of violence. Fun fact: virtually every undercover agent goes through training on how to fake "doing" a variety of illicit drugs and making very minimal amounts of force appear more severe to an observer.

    Talk to any detective and I guarantee they know, for example, how to fake smoking marijuana. This helps them when they legally cannot use illicit drugs while undercover, but still making it appear as if they are. Testing negative for narcotics after an operation, but fooling the targets. And they also know what levels of force appear most violent to an observer but actually are quite minimal.

    Anyways, what most people don't know is that at a high enough level of criminality undercover officers have strong legal protections and authorization to do a wide variety of things that are unethical and downright illegal. And the evidence will be allowed in court.

    Opinions on whether they should be allowed to aside, one thing is duh. Without this ability you could weed out undercover agents almost laughably easily.

  10. This game is making me hate the FBI even more than I did. Essentially raping a woman (sleeping with her thinking he's someone he's not), entrapment (it's illegal but lol who's going to stop the FBI) as well as cheating on his wife.

    I do think he asked Melissa to stop taking off her top to keep the ESRB rating down.

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