How to watch Netflix for FREE | Free Netflix Premium

March 10, 2020

Hi Guyz I’m Faraz And Welcome to Eezee Tech Now a days, money is very important thing Earning money requires lot of time, but spending requires just few moments By this video, I’ll try to save your money You should definitely know about Netflix where people watch web series and movies You can watch according to your screen capabilities. 4k, 1080p, 720p or any other Resolution But you have to purchase a plan from Netflix There are different types of plans When you join Netflix, you have one month trial period After a month, Netflix ask you for money [GIve me money, Give me money] Netflix might give you one month more trial period, if you request after a month But this is your last trial period After a month, Netflix will again ask you for money [GIve me my money, Righ Now] So I’m gonna tell you a procedure by which you can watch all Netflix web series and movies in good quality, absolutely free It is not Netflix. It is another app which will let you watch almost all Netflix content absolutely free You can watch in Hindi, English or with English Subtitles It means, you can watch every thing free for which you need to pay in Netflix All you have to do is just download an app This app is “BeeTV”. Which you can install in your android TV, smartphone or Tablet If you can’t find this app or face any difficulty, then contact me on Instagram

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