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  1. Thanks for this info Alex – where is the link for adding the pintrest Save Button to a website? Could we add that without having a pintrest account? (Our thinking is people could save our products to their board while we decide and/or work on starting our pintrest account)

  2. Thanks Alex, I'm tempted to try it with the account I've never used.

    How does it work; do you post one per day or were the pins static?

  3. I've been wanting to learn how to use Pinterest for so long! I have no idea how to use it and been trying to find info.

  4. YES, love this! Just stumbled on your YouTube channel, and I wish I found you sooner!

    I'm jealous I didn't find it earlier in my career because these videos are packed with nuggets!

    Nevertheless, I was wondering if you were open to partnership opportunities?

    Like you, I've been doing everything I can to give back to people who are taking their businesses to new heights. I've been through the struggles and now run multiple (relatively) successful businesses.

    So I launched a program to help people scale their businesses with automation resources, my personal network of highly-trained virtual assistants, and an online community where they receive direct coaching plus learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

    The results have been fantastic. I think it would really benefit your fans and followers.

    Let me know the next best steps. Would love to make it happen!

    Ravi Abuvala

  5. My biggest concern with Pinterest is copyright infringement issues which is why I closed my account years ago. Infringers using content they didn’t create to get likes, followers and so on. How do we safely upload content for business without having these infringement issues?

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