How To Rank In Google Maps In 2020 Local SEO
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How To Rank In Google Maps In 2020 Local SEO

March 11, 2020

hey YouTube everyone watching this video
in today’s video I’m going over how to rank in Google’s Maps
hi in that three pack and local SEO the current state there’s a lot of updates
going on Google’s making some algorithm updates so it has everyone in panic you
can see they’re also doing some updates as far as when it comes to the Google my
business so I want to address some things but in a few seconds I’m actually
going to share one of our listings that is ranking high in the Maps I’m gonna go
over the 15 main steps that we take to get these type of results that work
before I jump into that maybe you’re new to my channel I’m James Cook I make
business tutorials right over the shoulder like this I also give business
advice from experience and I also love to talk about personal development and
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down below so you don’t miss any of my weekly videos so now we’re gonna jump in
where I’m gonna share my screen and show you an example of one of these Google
Maps listings Google my business listings and how we’re ranking it and
the 15 main things that we do to get these results I’m also going to leave an
in-depth blog post when it’s ready down below in the description going over
these 15 steps and text in case you want to write and take notes and get any
downloadable material on there maybe you’re coming from my digital real
estate course what’s up guys you already know that things that we teach in that
training is what allows you to get the results locally especially in the Maps
area if you never check out my training before I’ll I’ll leave the link down to
my training down below as well check it out but if you stay to the end of this
video you’re going to see the 15 steps we take to rank high in the google map
section so let’s jump into it now okay so we’re going to dive a little deep and
I have these 15 steps listed out here on how to rank in Google Maps and this is
the stuff that we’re implementing now and moving forward and again I have
additional resources down below in the description so check those out as well
but I’m gonna take my time and we’re going to start in case you’re new I know
there’s some beginners I get a lot of questions
from beginner so I want to start off Google my business listing starting it
from the beginning setting it up and that’s number one you want to verify
your Google my business in order to verify you need an address to send a
postcard to so we’re gonna start this from the beginning as if we are a new
business and we’re trying to verify our listing and I’m going to show you step
by step quickly how to do that again this video can be very very long because
we’re going to dive deep but I’m going to try to be very precise very clear if
you have any questions at all leave them down in the comments down below
after this video again resources will be down below in the description as well so
let’s dive deep if you’re starting off the first thing we want to do is go to forward slash business so once you come over to Google com forward
slash business you’re going to click manage now and it’s going to open up now
this is going to be the Gmail and I already have a Google business on and
I’m going to use as a demo but obviously if you’re from the beginning stages and
you don’t have a Google my business yet and you’re just setting it up you want
to use another account and you want to put in an email that you will be using
to set up that Google my business so we have to use that email that you’re going
to be using to set it up so let’s just make up an email for now so I could show
you what it’s going to look like so once you’re going to log in this is going to
be the next page you go over to and now because you’re new it’s going to say add
your business to Google type in the business name now because you’re new and
you’re trying to verify your business you want to add your business to Google
now if you already have a business that’s been around for years you might
want to try to look for your business because it might already be listed just
not claimed or verified but most cases you’re new you didn’t even set anything
up yet you have a fairly new business or you’re trying to maybe even make a rank
and rent websites you would click add your business to Google now we’re gonna
go through this you want to put your business name business category do you want to add a location customers
can visit like a store office no because this business is an online store and I
don’t want to but I highly suggest if you are a service you say yes if you’re
a service especially if you’re a service a restaurant a hair salon anything where
people are walking in definitely click yes but because this is an online store
we do mostly online sales even though it’s local I’m gonna say no next where
do you service your customers I’m gonna put a long island let’s see Long Island
New York now I would put in as many areas as it lets you don’t just stop I’m
just saying we cover all of Long Island to keep this video a lot short but if
you do Manhattan if you do any type of local cities around your whole area
wherever you service make sure you put that in into here okay make as many
cities as you can that you service then you click Next then you would put your
website you around your contact phone number so let’s do that real quick so
you’d put your website URL and your phone number then you’d click next
finish and manage a listing you’ll be able to manage clear lifestyle on Google
promote your business with photos and post track analytics response finish
let’s click finish now it’s going to ask me for my address and my city state zip
code so I’m gonna put that in so I put my address in and now it’s going to send
a postcard this is the trick they want to send a postcard to the address to
verify it okay you can put a contact name in here so I can put James right
and it’s a postcard is going to come within five days to my business address
this is very important when I get the postcard I’m going to be able to log
back into this gmail and I’m going to have a code there’s going to be a code
on that postcard that when I log back in I can verify the listing with so I would
just click mail it out and it would come in the mail okay so that’s what you want
to do you would you once you get to this point you
want to send a postcard to your business address and then when you get that
postcard you open it up it’s from Google my business
there is a verification code printed on the postcard and then you’re going to
punch that verification code in when you log back into this Gmail to verify the
listing so once you get your postcard in the mail when you open it it’s going to
look like this and you’ll have a code just like that you want to log back into
the Gmail that you ended up setting this up with and I’m going to log into Gmail
okay so once you click mail and you send that postcard out within five days you
get a postcard you’re going to see a verification code in it and you have
that verification code like I showed you before you want to log back into that
Gmail and then what you want to do is come up to this right-side up here you
see these blocks click these blocks click on my business and because I
already verified this business it’s not showing but because your business is not
verified you’ll see something that says verify this business you you need to
verify your business you want to click on that verify business now and if you
don’t see a verify button look over here on the left it where it says add new
location if you click on this add new location you’re going to see your
location or you can type it in type your business name in and you should pop up
where it says verify now and you want to verify it but most likely when you log
into your account and you go to these blocks and you click my business you’re
going to see a button that says verify now so you click that verify now you put
that verification code in and you click enter and now you’re verified so once
you verify that you’ll completely have access to the back dashboard that looks
just like this so then what’s next on our list is to fill out the business
information completely and put it in a Google Doc and what I mean by that is
you should know the name of your business the address of your business
the phone number of your business the hours you operate the website URL you’re
connecting to put that all into a Google document like this this way it’s easy to
just cop and paste when you’re building your
business listing out so we’re gonna go back over and now I’m showing you an
example of a listing that’s already built and optimized that’s already
ranking and let me show you what I mean by that so you can see what we did with
this listing if you go on over to Google I’m over in Google and incognito mode
and you type in Long Island photo booth rentals this map listing right here is
the Google business that I’m talking about okay the name of the company is
Long Island photo booth rentals and we’re number one in the maps for one of
our main terms and I’m gonna show you how we achieve that now if I click on
this it’s going to open up and show you a little bit of a snippet of the
business okay and we’ll get but we’re gonna come back to this but I just
wanted to show you this is the business that is getting leads every single week
and we’re utilizing the maps and ranking high in the maps I’m gonna show you how
we’re doing that so I’m showing you in this demo this listing when I’m going
over the back end and you’re gonna have access to this once you use your
verification code and you have your dashboard now you need to fill this
completely out and that’s why I’m saying it’s easier to have your business name
and all that information in a Google Doc so you can just copy and paste what you
want to do is come over to info and very important section you want to have the
name of your business now you’ll hear a lot of people say oh having your main
keyword category in your business name helps you rank and that is absolutely
true from all the testing I have done on so
many different listings it’s absolutely true and this is meaning that since
we’re a photobooth company and we rent photo booths we have the word photo
booth rentals in our business name now that is our business name I choose to
name my businesses like this on purpose but also I do have clients that might be
called J&J entertainment and you might be wondering okay if they’re called J&J
entertainment and they’re a photobooth company how would you go about putting
the keyword in there so I would just call it J&J
entertainment photo booth rentals or J&J photo booth rentals right I would name
it and also put the main keyword in there
does that help yes I’ve seen it across so many different testings yes having
the keyword in there helps now you can use it J&J entertainment and that’s fine
and you can still rank with having just your name in there but I choose and I
think it’s better that you have the keyword in there especially a main
keyword if you could get your keyword and city in there that’s even better and
I teach that in my digital real estate secrets course oh that’s better and
that’s how we go about building our rank and rent websites and you notice in this
this is called Long Island photo booth rentals Co so this is definitely giving
us a boost so that’s number one thing when you’re filling it out optimize your
business name right here then the next thing you want to do is your category
now how do I go about doing the categories a lot of the times what I
will do is I will go over to Google let’s hop back into Google real quick
I’ll start googling my local terms and I’ll start seeing who’s in the map
section and in the map section you can actually see the categories for an
example this person right here under Mae magical photobooth is under party
equipment rental service now there’s a good sign if they’re ranking for a lot
of the keyword terms I’m going after let’s say Long Island photobooth photo
booth rentals on Long Island wedding photo booth rentals Long Island all
those type of terms if I see a lot of the top competitors what categories are
under this one’s under party equipment rental party equipment rental this one
is under photographer but you’ll notice the top people who are ranking I’m
number one I specifically picked photobooth now this is something new
this category wasn’t always there but because they have photo booth now I’m
picking photo booths because that’s exactly what we are then I’ll add
additional categories underneath and you should too I like to see who’s ranking
in the top for multiple different keywords that I’m going for especially
that what my business is about photo booth rentals Long Island photo booth
rentals photo booth rentals Long Island all the different types of keywords that
I know can boost my business I’m going to see what the cut
editor’s categories are by just looking at their listings and then from there
I’m gonna go back over to my listing and under my categories I’m gonna choose my
categories so my primary category photobooth my additional categories I’m
gonna add what my competitors have and you could add more I just see that
photographer and and a lot of people have party equipment rental service so
I’m adding those two but my main one is my main service if it’s there I’m going
to pick that for an example if I was a roofer my primary category is going to
be roofing but then my additional categories might be siding or if they
have leak repair roof leak repair I might choose that but my main one is
going to be the main thing that we do okay so keep that in mind so we’re
filling out the name of the business the categories and then you want to also put
no location because we deliver a service to people we go to events we go to homes
we go to parties but if you have a location where people are coming in like
a restaurant you want to make sure that you do have this on and that you are a
location checked okay service areas really important pick all
the service areas that you service okay you click this pencil make sure you put
in as many service service areas that you can that you service okay it’s very
important I fill this out to as many as you can to the cities and the cities
even if you’re a smaller business and you only go out to a certain amount of
cities make sure you put all of them in there another thing is make sure you put
your hours that you are operating okay you’re open and closing hours make sure
you fill this out if there’s any special hours put it there very important put
your phone number okay another thing put your website add your website under
services put your services we’re a photobooth service and another thing
description you want to fill out your description now again I mentioned in the
beginning have a Google Doc with all this information out ahead of time so
that you can just copy and paste and you’ll notice a thing I like to do in my
descriptions and I know I’m taking a little bit of a your time here but this
is very important that’s why and this stuff works is i optimize my description
by mentioning the city and the service that I do okay
keep that in mind I am a Long Island photobooth company so that’s why I’m
making sure I mentioned Long Island I mentioned the key word photo booth
rentals you’ll also see me in here mentioning the type of parties we do
weddings corporate events sweet 16s birthday holidays parties I’m putting
those keywords in there I also mentioned here open air photo booths because that
is exactly what is being rented and open air photobooth so that keyword is in
there in case anyone types in open air photobooth rental Long Island I want to
make sure that those main keywords of what we do are in my description you
have up to I think 750 characters you don’t have to get every single character
but I try to do about 4 or 500 of them and again whatever you write make it
sound natural you don’t want to stuff in key words just make it sound natural
like mine and get your city and your keywords in there at least once that’s
how I use the description and you want to fill this information out this is
under info and I like to have a Google Doc with all this info in again I teach
this about foundation forms in my digital real estate course if you’re
already in that you understand all that once you have all your information
filled out the next thing let’s go back to our sheet we did name of business and
the service right we we mixed we went over this business and named a service
we want to put those combinations in so if you’re J&J entertainment you’d put
J&J entertainment plus photobooth so that if you’re a photobooth business you
now have that keyword photo booth in your business name you want to add your
business categories we went over that add a branded and optimize a logo and
banner we’re going to go into that now add a branded optimized logo and banner
so we’re going to jump into this if you go over to photos you’re going to see
under identity right photos have different areas they have an overview of
all your photos they have videos you can add they have food and drink
they have team which is like team is like images of you and your team or the
team at at work but under identity is your logo right here and
also your banner cover we have these custom-made by a graphic designer
but you want a logo make sure you add your logo and make sure you add your
banner cover photo okay here’s the banner cover photo we’re using that we
had designed and then this is our logo right here we name it the name of our
business okay so now once you add your logo and banner you have that checked
off we want to geo tag and add optimized images of the business okay so this is
something that’s very important and very powerful under photos I’m gonna click
photos again so remember I said that under photos there’s different sections
so what we want to start doing and you see this plus button this is where you
would add photos right when you’re under photos after you add your logo and your
identity photos just go under overview what I like to do is click here and we
would upload photos from our computer before we upload photos what we want to
make sure we do you say I have a whole bunch of these photos already we want to
make sure we optimize the photos in a couple different ways one we want to add
keywords to the photos and number two we want to geo tagged the photos now I geo
tagged these photos with something called Picasa but you don’t have to use
Picasa there’s actually something that a lot of people are using now and I’ll
open it up right now and show you okay so I mentioned you could use Picasa
there’s also if you google there’s other geo tagged imagers now this one is now
paid it used to be free but this is definitely a good tool to geotag your
images but again there’s other tools out there if you just Google geo tagging
images tools to use you’ll find a whole bunch I use Picasa it does take a little
time because you have to download stuff what’s great about this is it’s done
right in this browser right here and let me put this link right here so that you
could see it this is what it is it’s tool geo IMG are calm and when you go
over to it it’s going to look like this and I already uploaded an image you just
upload an image from your computer right onto here I did down here
and then what you would do is you would search your business address and the
city locations you want to be optimized in and what it would do is get a
longitude and latitude coordination and actually add it to your image data and
it’s very important having that on your image data because Google can see where
your images from so you could also use your phone people using their phone to
pretty much mark up their images for local geo tags and that works as well
again you could Google that but I’m just showing you what I use this used to be
free now I use Picasa as well and if there’s any other resources I’ll leave
them down below that you can check out but you definitely want to geotag your
images that’s definitely something crucial and then you also want to save
them and name them a specific name now I’m gonna show you real quick let’s say
this is my image let’s say I was able to add Long Island New York it added a
latitude longitude I saved it once I have it saved or maybe I put my business
address in there an exact city that I’m located in let’s say it’s in Manhattan
or let’s say it’s Soho or wherever your business is if you have a restaurant
hair salon a roofing business wherever it is that you want to get phone calls
from you want to make sure you’re putting that address of your business
and also the city area in there and that you’re optimizing and geo-tagging it
once you do that you download the image it’s going to be on your desktop or in
your downloads and let’s go visit that okay so here’s that image and now you
see it’s called local lead gen okay that’s not what I want to be
optimized for if I’m going for Long Island photo booth rentals I want to be
optimized more something let me right click I want to rename this and I want
to be optimized more something like photo booth rental Long Island and I
wouldn’t repeat this on all my images but I would add a whole bunch of images
and depending on what the images look like and what they’re about I’m going to
optimize them around my services all my service keywords that are very important
to me like wedding photo booth if I have a wedding photo that’s gonna be wedding
photo booth rental right and I want to make sure I’m optimizing my image
and then also geo-tagging them with some type of software like I just showed you
then you’re gonna save all those photos on your desktop then you’re gonna come
on over to your photo section your Google business and add the photos one
by one and then you’ll have a nice array of photos just like this completely
optimized very important so we already did that on this another cool thing you
could do under your photo section is actually add videos so if you go under
video you’ll see we added this video it’s actually one that we optimized on
our YouTube channel then we downloaded it and had it on our desktop so we added
it to this video section in the business Google my business so I suggest if you
have videos add your videos as well add your first optimized post and let me
show you what I mean by that a lot of people do not use this under here right
here post you can actually add a post create your first post it will say you
can add an offer right and listen this is something that’s more new and modern
so what we like to do is we add post sometimes one a week depending on the
project sometimes two if we’re more aggressive and we’re trying to really be
aggressive and this is something that’s new but definitely I suggest you start
doing this now for photobooth what we could do is maybe we could add an offer
or we can add an event that were maybe going to or having or we can just add an
update if we maybe posted something on our website we want people to visit it
we can just add an update so a simple update would be to add a post or we can
even add a video and let’s add a video let’s do that now I have one right on my
desktop that’s already optimized here we go here’s our photo booth rental video
we’ll add this video your video is being processed and then we’re going to write
a post now I’m gonna write about this video I’m gonna say looking to book a photobooth or your next event question
mark and I’m actually gonna pause this for a second so I’m not taking too much
of this time okay so I wrote a quick little post again you
make it a little bit longer than this but I just made it nice and short my
videos still being processed you can see I made this button you could choose
different types of buttons if you want them to go over to your site your blog
post that you’re sharing I’m making this a call Now button it’s just going to use
my phone number that’s from my business listing and it’s just saying looking to
book a photobooth for your next event or party question mark call and mention his
post and receive 25% off your booking this is for any long island photo booth
rental service okay so I put that there now I could have made this an offer
since I’m offering 25% off but hey I’m just leaving at this I’m putting the
video but you get this I like to do one sometimes two of these per week I feel
they do help especially this is a new feature Google has out why not use it
utilize it it takes you a few minutes a week that’s it you can share different
types of images maybe some images from your event and then just link it over to
your site link it over to a relevant blog post or just make it a call now
make an offer or if you’re having an event at your location I would
definitely use the event section as well okay and then what we would do is just
click publish let’s publish that that’s published this is what it would look
like they have a call Now button that’s on our post okay so let’s move on to the
next thing again I would do at least one of these a week definitely be active on
the Google post especially when your competitors aren’t doing it it’s only
going to help you okay so the next thing is do review outreach generate a few
reviews and keywords and reviews are plus and I’ve been testing this it’s
something I just like to do I believe it works and again I’m just giving you some
of my gems and things that work for me on a lot of my listings I have a lot of
listings I also control and help with a lot of
listings for clients and stuff and I just believe this stuff works now
reviews itself I don’t believe just help you rank but they do help it away they
also help with conversion because if people are landing on your listing and
you have more five-star reviews than your competitors it makes sense and also
what we’re starting to notice is if you google some things Google is pulling
keywords from the reviews to help you be found now I’m not going to get too
technical into that but you want to generate reviews now if you’re a real
business and if you’re ranking and renting a
website you can still generate reviews because you can still outreach or have
your client who’s renting the site from you outreach from your Gmail just to
leave a review for that business it’s only gonna help them anyway but if
you’re just starting out then you want to also maybe ask friends and family for
reviews that’s okay if it’s your business and they support you they will
leave you a few reviews just to get you started and again anyone that you’ve
done business for if you have a local business reach out to them tell them it
means a lot to you send them your business link and I’m going to show you
where to find that if you come and I’ll show you where to find that send them
your business link if you go to home so when you’re on home you see this share
your business profile click on this this is the link that you want to share now
you can share that on your social but definitely share it through email
because the best thing is people that leave you reviews need to leave them
when they’re logged into their Gmail so you want to send it to them on Gmail so
that they’re already logged in and they can leave you a review very quickly you
can tell them it really means a lot to you especially if you’ve done work for
them and all you’re asking for is a quick review feedback and obviously you
know that they’re happy with your work they’re gonna leave you something
positive so you want to generate some reviews what we like to do is especially
now on our new listings we’re controlling we try to drip reviews in
every month but again what we always try to aim for is at least getting five
five-star reviews five five-star reviews on our listing and then we also look at
competitors we’re also in some industries where some of our competitors
have 100 reviews 5 stars or close to 5 stars so we have to be a little bit more
aggressive fives not going to cut it we have to get more so over a year of
building and we have little systems in place we get more but definitely reviews
help especially on conversion so let’s look what’s next comment back on the
reviews ok so if I come over here and we look at our reviews right here let’s
manage reviews you’ll notice we commented back we commented back you see
this you want to comment back on the reviews it just makes you
look active and also we like to do that why not comment back especially if you
have people giving you feedback give feedback back you want to be active on
your listing so every now and then log in and comment back on your reviews
let’s see what’s next on the list have at least two frequently asked
questions on your listing and what I mean by that is if we come over to our
listing let me go back over to Google real quick so I could show you this so
I’m incognito and I’m in Google I typed in one of the main keywords long online
photo booth rentals here we go so if I click on this listing right here you’re
going to notice right here ask a question if I click on this we can sign
into our Gmail and if you’re already signed in right most people are already
signed in especially on their phone it will allow me to ask a question with the
type of questions you want people to ask you is hey does your do you rent photo
booths in and a certain town that you want to service and then you want to
answer those questions back so you want a few questions not too many just a few
and you want to answer questions back and if you have people really asking
questions make sure you’re answering them back it’s just good business
practice and again it’s positive activity on your account so make sure
that you’re you’re answering questions back let’s look on the list build out
local relevant citations like Yelp Yellow Pages etc so let me show you an
example of this real quick so when I’m talking about build out relevant local
citations if I go and google my business and location write the business name and
the locations in it it’s in you’ll notice obviously the websites there but
look at what I’m also on I’m on business citation listings very relevant ones
we’re listed on wedding wire we took the time out to list ourselves on there
we’re on the knot we took our time to list ourselves out there and our name
address phone number and our link to our website are on all of these listings kid
listing Yelp were on there and we have a good review which is good we’re on
Angie’s List we’re on Pinterest or on Facebook or in Manta right we’re on a
whole bunch of relevant power citations with our name
address phone number and a link back to our website all matching up linking back
to our website all in order and that powers up to let Google know we have
relevancy here we’re a real business our name address and phone number has power
and it’s going over to our website you want to get listed on business citations
the same exact information that you’re putting on your Google business you want
it to match up on all these other popular business citations so next on
our list is optimize your website page for your keywords if you have a
photobooth business and let’s say you’re a photobooth business in Orlando
write your business should be all optimized for photo booth rentals in
Orlando Orlando photo booth rentals we’re obviously optimized because we
service Long Island that’s what our client does so we service Long Island
and we do photo booth rentals so let’s go check out our website so you can
understand what we mean by optimizing the website page so here’s that website
which is also ranking on page one of Google four main terms and it’s because
it’s connected right whatever page that you want to connect to your Google
business should be super optimized for the terms and service you’re going for
now you’ll notice on this page we have a super optimized YouTube video and I go
over how to optimize YouTube videos and that type of stuff in other videos but
also look at our content on here look at our text we mentioned Long Island photo
booths right we have images for different services that are optimized we
have optimized content around Long Island on here in photobooth the
different types of stuff that we service packages the areas we service and then
we have additional articles all about photo booths so this page is super
optimized for photobooth services rentals on Long Island that’s what this
sites about and our Google business is is connected to it then we also have a
little bit of information we have our address down here we have an embed of
our Google map listing so we like to do this so we have our phone number on
there we have our name and our address of our business we embedded our map we
have optimized text content around Long Island and the different types of photo
booths we have images we have a fit we have our titles correctly optimized
so it’s telling Google this is what the site’s about it’s connected to this
business listing that’s super optimized for it too let’s push this stuff up let
this also fuel the Google my business hope that makes sense alright so I could
cross these two things out because I just showed you that that we want to
embed your local map and location have your hours your name and phone number
and address on your website as well you wanna have that optimized page and your
keywords on that page as well so we took care of that stuff and then last but not
least we want to power up our website that’s connected to our business listing
that page with relevant and authority links now you’re already ahead of the
game once you start building those relevant business citation listings
because those build backlinks towards your site but what I’m talking about is
start fueling up your page with some more of the heavy hitter links I like to
say more posts and blogs that are very super relevant and powerful and that are
pointing towards your website when you start doing this I have seen a big boost
not only in the website moving up into the search engines but also watching the
Google business get a nice push from this as well when you’re getting
relevant power authority links that are coming from really trustworthy or
Authority websites pointing back to your website not only does your Google my
business listing rank higher but your website moves up higher as well so now
you’re killing two birds with one stone you’re getting your Google my business
and Google Maps listing to rank higher in the maps but at the same time you’re
getting your website to rank high on page one too so now when traffic is
looking for certain keywords not only is your Google my business listing getting
traffic but so is your website organically as well and let me just show
you really quickly what I mean by that in the search so that you understand
this I’m gonna go into an incognito window I’m going to type in Long Island
photo booth rentals so I went in Google typed in Long Island photo booth rentals
again you see we’re never wanting to Maps but look our website is also on
page one Google as well helps get some traffic
now what I really would should do I haven’t touched his site in a while we
dropped a little bit I should be building more power links
these power links are what’s going to help me jump above this competition and
into this section at the top to generate even more traffic ok now this site is
doing very well already we’re getting a lot of leads coming in and if I actually
jump in and you might have seen one of my other videos where I showed some
leads that are coming in from this but if I just go into my inbox you can see
the new calls this means new calls are coming in or people are communicating
through the opt-in form people are asking for quotes these are all new
rental quotes coming out so the site’s doing well it generates a lot of leads
coming in it is in a big city competitive City Long Island New York
there’s millions of people but again I would suggest starting off in a smaller
City if you’re doing this as a ranking rent and I teach it in my digital real
estate secrets course which you can check out down below but this is for
your local business again follow these steps take your time if you have any
questions definitely put them down below if you know any other local business
owners that should check this out this is what’s going on with the Google Maps
these 15 things I’ll also leave a detailed blog post in case you just like
to read this type of stuff maybe I’ll put a download on that blog post as well
you can check that out in the description below but these are the 15
things that we really take action on and again when you’re doing these things
this is what’s going to help you have the edge this is what’s going to push
you up above the competitors staying consistent have a little patience but
keep on building this stuff out and once you get everything optimized and built
out it really comes down to building the power and the power going towards your
website is what really is going to set you apart in the end ok so keep that in
mind again I hope this helps have any questions comments please put them down
below subscribe so you can also see my new Google my business videos that come
out in the near future and again share this with anyone you think this would
help see you in the next video I know that was a little bit of a long tutorial
I hope that I added value there I hope you understand these are the exact 15
steps that were always look over and after we’re building out local
businesses and everything needs to tie in together you gotta have a little
patience now but this stuff is what’s working for us so I hope you found value
if you did definitely click the like button share this with any local
business owner any SEO or digital marketer you know so they can learn this
skill and start implementing it as well and if you haven’t checked out my
training if you check that out in the link below or the detail blog post check
out the links down below and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. I get a lot of questions about how to rank in Google Maps and if there is a software, or secret button and the truth is it takes some work but it is all well worth it. Watch the video above 👆

  2. James quick question. I am trying to build another site for my wife's business. She has a brick and mortar studio. I am pretty sure I will run into issues if I use her address again for the other website. I know google is cracking down on this stuff as of late. Unless i just attack her site and try and outrank the other locals in area.

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