How To Limit WiFi Speed For Others Using Android Phone – Tp-Link .
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How To Limit WiFi Speed For Others Using Android Phone – Tp-Link .

January 13, 2020

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Hey whats going on everybody hope you all are doing well and here I’m back with
another video in this video I’m going to show you guys How to Limit WiFi speed for other devices. so with that being said let’s get started. I will limit the Wi-Fi speed of the
device first of all let me show you the internet speed I am getting.
As u guys can see download speed 30mb and upload speed 50mb.
Now let’s limit the speed to limit wifi speed using your Android smartphone you
need an app called block wifi thief. I will drop download link of the app in the video description
Go ahead & install the app. after installing the app launch the
app it will take some time to scan your network after the scan you will see the
list of connected devices this list will help you recognizing
connected devices you might need to remember the last digit of the IP
address of your desired device and then head over to the router manager you will
be redirected to the router login page enter the ID and the password there by
default for tp-link router the ID and password
both are admin. Now click on DHCP & DHCP client list . copy the IP address of a desired device
then head over to bandwidth controls click enable bandwidth control enter your highest download & upload speed I recommend entering if the highest
value you can. after doing so click on save. now head over to rule list then
check enable. then paste the text you have copied earlier from DHCP client
list. you might be seeing that there is no option to paste. don’t worry type some
random text then select them. now you will find the option to paste. keep minimum
bandwidth 0 and 0 and enter the maximum speed you want. then click on save.
now after doing the whole thing let’s test the internet speed. as you can see the
speed is limited to 5 megabits per second
now let us this again we disabling these settings. as always thanks for watching if you
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cool stuff like this if you have any query or you want to request any
tutorial feel free to comment below I am shahed from winter booster, signing
off. you guys have a great day.

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  1. U R making fool ! Hahah not video good, you've to tell both methods
    thru Android App itself and thru Wifi router hard piece

    Arrey kuch nai ata to kyon sikhate ho ?
    #$#%^$^###@@[email protected]##$%$^$

  2. Sorry to tell you this app has been removed from playstore. You can download the apk from this link :

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