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How To Find Leads Without LinkedIn

December 3, 2019

– Recently I did this video, 50 plus cold email subject lines to test. Which is great, I ran through
a bunch of subject lines. And my hair’s looking wild. Whoa. What am I doing? But there was this comment
from Marlon Sanders, Alex, love this training on subject lines, can you do some on finding lists? Scraping LinkedIn is
what a lot of people do, but that’s against our TOS, do you not have any
problems with spam traps? And I answered this already, and I said I’ll work on
one for list building. So this is the list building video! How to find leads without Linkedin. You might say I’m handicapping myself, because LinkedIn is such a great platform. And you might be right. In today’s video I’m going to identify a real agency. We’ll come up with some lead
pools based on their past work. We’ll find leads. And then I’ll point you to the next steps for spinning up a cold email campaign, for that agency. Here’s how to generate
leads without LinkedIn. The first thing we wanna do is find and agency to use as an example. So I’ll just go to I found a lot of people ask for mobile app development examples, so we’ll use that. Let’s find a mobile app agency. Let’s find a mobile app
agency that’s not a current, or former client of experiment 27. WillowTree is an industry mobile
and digital product agency. First step, identify agency. You’re not gonna have to do
this step if you are an agency. We need to find a thing to sell, so to do that, I start by
going to the portfolio, and looking for projects
that are scalable. For instance, WillowTree did
this app for Regal Cinema’s, won them awards, and I’m looking at these, and I’m trying to find
niches for each one. So Regal Cinemas, you can
go after theater groups, I don’t know how big that niche is. GE you can go after
logistics, or industrial. That’s a niche as well. Confidential. Confidential engagements
with all of these companies. And they’re confidential but they’re, it says for more information contact us. So, does that mean if
you contact Willow Tree, they’re gonna tell you
all about Johnson&Johnson. I’m not gonna call them
and try to get that info, that would be, is that
corporate espionage? I don’t actually know, but Time Warner, think those
guys are leaking your secrets. Regal Cinemas, a box office hit. What I’ll do first is read the case study, we’ll try to find out is this
a good scalable case study? And what I’m looking for is, can we sell a similar app to
other companies like this, and are there other companies like this? So this is Regal, the app
looks a lot like MoviePass, It’s got loyalty screens and
actually they have related, and they sold a similar app to CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. Okay so this app is scalable. So I’ll say Regal and CBC, we’ll go over to the sleeve list, and say portfolio examples, CBC and Regal. Say portfolio link, and I’ll
just link to one of them. The Regal one. We’re gonna add a colon left, all of these are for WillowTree, so I’m not gonna write that
it’s for WilliowTree here. Industry or niche, I guess
is the easiest way to say it. CBC and Regal, we’ll say that is, we’ll say that’s TV
channels or theater chains, and that’s one. The other one. Let’s look at the other one, I’ll get a couple examples
here, Wyndham rewards, Wyndham is a hotel, there
are a ton of other hotels. That’s easy. Hotels portfolio link. And then they have GE, a
dashboard for general electric. So we’ll put that in, and we’ll say that’s large manufacturing. Let’s generate some leads
for each one of these. What I’m actually going to
do is create three sheets. So let’s say TV channels. If you wanna go down to the description, you can use this list as a template, for your own list building efforts. And you can use LinkedIn,
which is even better, but we’re not using LinkedIn this time. So let’s set up these different feeds, we got TV channels, hotels,
and large manufacturers. And let’s just put all these
in their own list here. So this what we’re going for, the information we’ll need
for a pool email campaign is, name, title, same job title or function. We’ll need website email and first line. So let’s start TV channels, normally I’d go to LinkedIn,
we’re doing without LinkedIn. So this is very simple,
to find a lead pool, you search top TV channels,
top TV channels in US. We can go US or we can
go around the world. We can just start with whatever’s up here at the top of Google, we can also go down this, for TV networks, could
be the lead pool we need. By lead pool I mean a
list of leads that exist somewhere online, so for instance, we’re looking for top TV networks. Statista has all of the TV networks, and you can go through, and have your lead generation team, or yourself grab these lists. So we can start at the top, CBS, NBC, HBO, ABC thoughts. I’m gonna add another collum
here for company name, CBS, NBC, HBO, ABC thoughts, weird that Netflix is not on this list. Okay so they’re not
technically a TV network. Follow your link and
I’m gonna say lead pool. Now, the second thing is, how do we find these leads? Well, it starts with figuring out, who are we selling to? So we’re selling a mobile
app to theater chains, or TV channels, I would say its probably, something related to marketing. Or we could start at the very top, but for TV I wouldn’t do that. So let’s look up CBS
director of social media. I’m not gonna click any
links that are LinkedIn. Alright, we’re not doing LinkedIn. Blizzabo? Noah Stanley, CBS interactive. He leads multiple
businesses for CBS sports, so this CBS sports, I’d say
this is good to go here. Noah Stanley, name, Noah Stanley. Vice president of CBS interactive. You can do this interactive. So we find the website by
Googling for the website, very simple, pop that right in here. Find the email address, go to, and you see it’s first dot
last @ CBS So I’ll assume this guys email is, [email protected] If you wanna know how
to write a first line, go to the first line video, we’ll link that down in
the description as well. You can put that in here, and I’m not gonna do the rest, this is the same process. So let’s do hotels the same way, first thing you wanna do
is find that lead pool, without LinkedIn it’s
actually a little more straight forward to do
this without LinkedIn. You just type top hotel chains. Best hotels by brand, US news. Could this be the lead pool,
that we’re looking for? Ranker, best hotel chains. Four Seasons, Marriott,
Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, here’s your lead pool. Four Seasons, Marriot,
Hilton, JW Marriott. I already got Marriott. Is Marriot different from JW Marriott? I don’t know but I’m
gonna skip it for now. And we’ll go to the next
one on the list. Hyatt. Let’s look back at this portfolio, and let’s see what type of app this is, so we can figure out what the
job title is we’re going for. The mobile-first reimagining of Wyndham’s reward program
for 7500 properties. Here’s a couple of key screens I got. So it’s rewards, and they’ve
got some of their ads in here. Would you trust this man? Would you stay in a hotel
that was represented by this? Goof ball. Who am I kidding, I’ve stayed in plenty of Wyndham hotels, mostly
Days inn, or Travelodge. You know, give me a travel lodge any day, 30 bucks a night, I was about
to say it’s a clean hotel. That would have been a mistake. Let’s keep going. Four Seasons. So we’re trying to find, let’s say its director of marketing. And again, not using LinkedIn. Four Seasons is hiring a
director of marketing in Hawaii, if anybody is interested
in a full time job. So, does it count as
using LinkedIn if I just grab it from Google without
clicking on LinkedIn? Because here is Michelle and Tanja. Let’s see, so I’m not gonna reach out to the India one. I wanna reach out to one in America. Four Seasons team, corporate bios. We’ve got Isadore Sharp, who’s
not worth reaching out to. Allen Smith, who also I
probably wouldn’t reach out to. Global biz dev, maybe
not for a mobile app. Hotel operations, maybe. Chief people and culture office. That sounds like internal,
no good for a mobile app. CFO, finance. Vice president of marketing. Peter Nowlan, Peter Nowlan. The website here is Four Seasons dot com. We’ll go over to, and there are tons of
websites like I just use this one ’cause it’s habit, at this point, and it works good enough. it’s also first dot last, so this guys email is
[email protected], and then again, see first line video, which we’ll link in the description below. That’s hotels, large manufacturers. Let’s find out lead pool here. This a logistics thing, this is internal, it’s a different job title. Largest manufacturing corporations. Largest manufacturing
companies, in the world. Here’s GM on the list, so we know we’re in the right spot. There’s actually a wikipedia
page of 100 corporations. Here’s our lead pool. Toyota, Volkswagen,
Apple, Samsung, Daimler, and if we ran out of these 100, we could do the same thing
for smaller corporations, but each one of these, within Toyota, for instance, there might be, 10 directors of marketing
or different departments. So this might look like 100 leads, and its definitely 100
companies, no one’s arguing that, but each one of these could be five, six, even as many as 50 leads, depending on how many times
you wanna approach`the company, from different angles. So, back in the doc
here, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volkswagen, with an E? Spelled it right. Apple, Samsung, and Daimler. Never heard of Daimler before. German multi-national,
Chrysler and Mercedes Benz. Pretty large right here. Okay, so we got our lead pool. We got our companies. This is more of a director of operations, or maybe an HR thing. So Toyota, Unites States,
director of operations. Toyota forklifts, this I
what I’m talking about. There Toyota Australia, that’s one lead. Toyota forklifts, here’s
a whole other one. Toyota global, I’ll go over here, and there’s all these local dealerships, which is not anything like
what we’re selling to, but those are all
individual leads as well. There’s so many ways to
approach this huge company. Let’s go Toyota, Toyota global website. I’m gonna go to company, company top. Company profile, Toyota’s key personnel. Executives, do executives here. Alright, member of the board of directors. The board of directors. Board members. Operating officers, president,
executive vice president. I’m trying to see who would we sell to? Let’s see what these guys job titles are. Some of these guys are on the board too. And then you’ve got
senior managing officer. CFO, probably not. They do your business
planning and operations. This is actually exactly what we wanted. Didier Leroy. VP of operations. Website is Toyota global, Let’s see if these have emails. So we’ll go to,
type in, first name underscore last,
ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. As the Italians would say. Was that racist? First name, underscore,
last name We have an email, website is And the first line is,
see first line video. In this stock, if you download it, I’ll put a link here. There’s a link in the description, and there’ll be a link here to
the actual first line video. There’s 15 examples in there, of how to write the first
line of a cold email. If you want our company
to do this for you, at experiment 27, we help agencies find billion dollar brands, and get them to become their customers. That’s all we do. If you can name a fortune 500 company, chances are we’ve emailed them, and most likely we’ve had a meeting with them for one of our clients. So that is over at Check that out, if you want
to talk one on one with me, and go in depth on your
cold email strategy, that is over at, and if you want free stuff, if you want our proposal
that we actually use, at Lorellia, which is
our documentary company, that is If you want our contract Ton more free stuff down below. Share this video, like
this video, comment. Do whatever you wanna do and
I will see you next time. Thanks for watching, I’m Alex Berman.

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  2. Hey Alex, Something I felt to say. I watched for about ~2 min but the way you are switching between full-screen and right-corner speaking back and forth is annoying so much. If you keep speaking at right corner, it won't bug to watch screen and observe what you are doing and explaining. (I hope it will also save you ton of time to edit video for that purpose 🙂

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