How to Email a Large Video
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How to Email a Large Video

January 10, 2020

– Here’s how to send a
large video file over email, for free. You don’t have to create an account. And you can do it in just one minute. – [Reuben] Go to and click on the video generator. Here you can record a webcam video or you can upload a video file. Once you’ve done that,
you’ve generated a page, with a video directly on it. All you have to do is click
on the copy for email button. Go directly into Gmail and paste it. You’ll notice that it automatically pastes an animated thumbnail graphic. Which will increase the likelihood of the clicking and watching your video. You can also copy this
link and send it via any channel you’d like. – This is a free tool you
can use without signing up. It’s on our site, and it shows you how the Dubb experience works. But of course what supports
that tool, is our paid product, that has a ton more features, we hear from our users everyday. We’ll really help you grow
revenue for your business. Coming up, other methods of sending large video files over email. (upbeat music) – When I send videos, I
use a lot of different, sometimes I use apps. – Cut it in pieces, you
can make it shorter. – A zip file. – I don’t use email.
– I don’t use email, so I don’t know. I’d probably cut it into 2
videos and send each email. (upbeat music) – And like a video you mean? – [Interviewer] Yeah. I guess zip. – Zip file. – [Interviewer] Zip file. – Just find a software
and you can install it. – Oh, I admit I had to put
it on iMovie to clip it. – Well, if I don’t care about
the quality of the video I would just reduce the size. – I don’t know, is there
like an app for that? I feel like there should
be an app for that. – Software is the answer. – Overall I think we
learned that there are a number of ways that people have in mind. None of which are really
ideal, a lot of them involve breaking the video up
or compressing it into like an inaccessible file. We’re doing a warm-up exercise
because we’re going to go like interview people
on the street right now. Pretend that Reuben is
one of those people. Have you ever emailed videos before? Have you tried emailing a video that’s- That’s a pretty good
warm-up, that’s kind of what we’re experiencing. (upbeat music) – I need to send a large video. How do you send a large video? Maybe I can explain it better. It’s just a large video And I’m trying to send it in an email – Have you tried Dubb? (laughter) – I’m clicking all the time. – Why doesn’t he just try Emailing a large video
file if done incorrectly, can feel like that. – Feels like this looks. (upbeat music) – Of course, here at Dubb,
we like using our own software but there’s several
different ways to send large video files. You can use services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Those services work by
uploading your file and then they’ll give you a link,
and you just put that link into your email and it’s an animated GIF, you can’t have call to
actions and you’re not going to get detailed data about
that video after it’s sent. – So if you’re a Dubb
user on your dashboard, anytime you email a video
you’ll get very detailed activity reporting, which
means you’ll know if people open your emails, if they
viewed one of your videos, and then what percentage of the video that they actually watched. Which is really good if
you want to streamline your whole communication. And even drive more
sales for your business. Alright, see you later. Bye! (upbeat music)

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