How to Create Reports That Will Make Your Boss Happy – Social Media Minute
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How to Create Reports That Will Make Your Boss Happy – Social Media Minute

March 9, 2020

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. A lot of you are asking us,
when it comes to reporting, how to report with what metrics, etc. But oftentimes,
social media is an ever-changing world. There is a decrease in organic,
there are changes on the paid side and when you have
that reach and engagement and you’re trying to understand it and you report it
to your boss, the problem is that most of the time
the industry is what’s changing. Not only your page
but the industry is what’s changing. So if you actually don’t
understand and report on that benchmark, you might be going down but
the whole industry might be going down. Or, actually, you might be going
down but proportionally to the industry, you’re actually growing
in terms of market share, engagement, and reach itself. So every day,
as a marketer when you wake up, you should understand what
the benchmarks for that day are. And you know what? When we use the Socialbakers benchmarks, for example on daily engagement, you can exactly see that drop-off. And when you see the drop, and the next
day it´s the same, you can probably assume there’s been an algorithm
change on the Facebook side. Watch out for that. Understand that, report it to your
bosses because your decrease might be due to the decrease in the industry
side, now that’s on the organic side. On the paid side, there are
so many factors that play a part. Are there massive campaigns going on?
Is something changing in your industry? And again, you should
understand the benchmarks on at least weekly
but preferably on a daily basis. Use Socialbakers, we’re the only
benchmarking platform in the world which makes sense to use, and watch our videos every week. Thank you, see you next Monday.

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