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  1. Learning Spanish isn't easy guys! I hope you enjoy this video about my journey, along with the tips. And thank you to those who recommended tools and courses that I've included here. 🔥What did I miss? What are you Spanish learning tips? Let us know 👇🏽

  2. Great video. I’ve been considering moving to Portugal and I think your advice will be helpful for any language. Oh, as a side note, your Barcelona team is wonderful. Had a fantastic food tour there with Victoria.

  3. I get the highs and lows of learning, I am in the low phase . My wife is from Valencia, Spain and she's been here in US for 3 years. Her English improved so much and she can converse well. Me on the other hand still cannot !!! I beg her to speak to me in Spanish but for some reason it doesn't comes natural for her . I did the academic route for 2 semesters (it helped a bit) but everytime we go to visit family in Spain I find myself still unable to communicate with her family. So for me the ultimate way is immersion. Unless you are surrounded with people speaking the language, it would be very difficult to be a fluent spanish speaker. I hope someday ……

  4. Oh, I love the blick couple, telling you my experience: I have got a spanish boy friend, which is no friend, it is my NOVIO, and he teached me living together, la sartén etc. y yoy mejorar mi espanol porque los espanoles vale la pena, muy buena gente!

  5. Great video as always! I’d like to ask if Yoli works as a translator now & if there’s a certificate needed for such work. El español es mi primer idioma, but I know English probably equally well & wonder if that could be an employment possibility…

  6. Excellent, Excellent Yoli and James! I'm multi-lingual x 5, but I need to refresh/relearn Spanish and dare myself into Catalan. Thank you very very much for all the tips. I'm mix of you two, visual and academic; just looking into the words is not enough, I have to understand the grammar, … Have great week ahead 🥰

  7. Another cool video mate, well done and thanks for your continued great work in this community. Adding a couple of my thoughts, coming from an Aussie who has been living in Madrid for 2 years now and originally went straight into the deep end with zero spanish upon arrival. I went to classes but I've learnt the most afterwards through my own experiences and self-learning. Crossing the chasm, taking the leap and trying it in real life is where it has really counted for me. Firstly, I'd add emphasis on chilling out as it's something I tell myself regularly and especially during those low weeks you referred to. Some of my most rewarding learning periods have been when I haven't taken myself so seriously. Drop your guard and, as you say, get out of your comfort zone. Taking this sentiment further into my second point would be to recognise that language is just the means of communication and that the end goal, communication, is to share thoughts, ideas, etc. While I'd like to always focus on improving my language skills, when I don't take myself so seriously I find that I'm not worrying so much about whether I'm talking correctly but moreso about whether I am being understood. Therefore it's ""okay"" when the perfectionist in me happens to speak with poor grammar, pronunciations or using the completely wrong sentence constructs. And as a side benefit particularly during long conversations, doing this has helped me to concentrate on perceiving the social cues that are important validations of (amongst other things) whether I've used the language correctly. Later, when I reflect on those conversations and continue my self-learning, I'm able to make a mental note of any adjustments and then see again the next time how it is received.

  8. Ok, one last advice, my most usefull sentence was "perdon hombre (chico, amor…..), no hablo ingles". What is a lie but, ok, it helped a lot…..lo siento, pero, I'm not their intercambio…..

  9. I took a year Spanish when i was at uni at 19.Never spoke the language .I am 47 now with a daughter student in Madrid.She will stay there 4 years+.I visit quite often and though i understand a lot i cannot speak.It is easy at restaurants,supermarkets and stores,as always someone speaks english.Her flatmates and their parents dont speak english but i manage. Non comfort moment:Alone at a bus station with 2 old ladies.The bus was late and i had the app for buses timetables.They asked me if i knew when the bus was coming .Had to respond.Also started a conversation .Felt so proud of myself!!! You two are lovely,thanks for the tips.

  10. Excellent Video and helpful. I use Duo Lingo (app) it teaches writing, reading and speaking Spanish in a fun way, albeit none European Spanish. it gives you challenges etc and leader boards and best of all its FREE on most formats. I wanted to learn Spanish as I holiday there every year and did not want to become and ignorant tourist expecting everyone to speak my language and not be able to at least say please and thank you, so, Gracias Mi Amigo y Mi Amiga Hasta Luego !

  11. Nice tips. Funny you mention el copo – I learnt this word today, translating some poetry of A. Machado. This sort of work reminds me how many words I still don't know. e.g new vocab I took from the poem;
    La borrasca – area of low pressure, storm
    Nevasca – snowstorm
    El copo – flake (nieve)
    Aguacero – downpour
    So you have to remember there is always much more to learn!

  12. Hace años yo trabajaba en una academia y la profesora de inglés que era de Nottinghan se llevó a los niños de excursión a una granja y a la vuelta les dijo a las madres que lo habían pasao muy bien y que los granjeros les habían enseñado los pollos y las pollas. Lo que nos pudimos reir. Un abrazo a los dos, sois los mejores. Y me como los kiwis sin pelar.

  13. All of this makes sense for me. I have been learning Spanish for nearly 5 years. I suffer from periods where my interest/motivation declines usually because I feel like I am not progressing. I get weekly private classes where my teacher only speaks spanish and that’s great. I find my comprehension and reading are quite good, not saying fluent but good. However my weakness is definitely not enough regular spanish practice, tbh due to the feeling of sounding stupid, totally silly I know. This year I’ve signed up to do a DELE B1 exam to motivate me to improve. I personally find having a challenge works well for me. I know I need to visit Spain more frequently, easier said than done.

  14. Excellent video! Trying to learn Spanish, but it is very difficult to remember. Your tips and resources you recommend will be very useful- thank you for that! Still remember and advice from German colleague, who spoke 7 foreign languages. His tip was to get a local girlfriend and then the learning gets much faster. 🙂 Thanks, guys! Your have inspired me to have another go.

  15. Hi , I have been following you two for about week now , love your videos this made me laugh so much and everything you said I have experienced , I'm ten Months in to learning Spanish now , I use Duolingo , which I really enjoy , anyway I just wanted to hello and tell you how much I enjoy your posts , you're a lovely couple 🍻

  16. Wonderful video! Thanks! I’ve just bought Los mares del sur for my Kobo. And, since it has a dictionary, all I will have to do is highlight the words. I also like to read Hola magazine on line. It really pumps up my vocabulary. I have to admit I’ve just finished watching Alta Mar with subtitles on Netflix. It was so dreadful but I picked up a lot from listening over the eight ridiculous episodes. I think the worst part about Spanish for me is that hispanophones talk far faster than any other speakers. I mean French and Italian seem comprehensible to me. They do NOT speak at the ridiculous pace the Spanish do! Am I right or is it just that I don’t listen enough and need to get more into it?!

  17. When I arrived in Spain, way back in 1989, i had studied Spanish in school for eight long years. I moved in with a wonderful family at Conde de Peñalver 5, 2 Derecha. Teresa Orozco was a wonderful person, as well as her family. After I had unpacked my bags, she promptly confiscated my Spanish/English dictionary and threw it away. The next six months were increible! Oh the mistakes I made. I learned more in the first month than my 8 years of "academic" instruction. Dive in, do not be afraid to make mistakes, and laugh! Although I have not used Spanish in years, were I to return to Madrid, I would be just fine and I would laugh even more. Vaya!

  18. For me, learning with a teacher and having frontal classes works the best. Movies, music, etc- it “extra”. Spanish is my third language, and sometimes it’s hard and confusing, but what keeps me going is the passion for the language and culture🤩😍 I would recommend watch spanish movies/ series in netflix a lot, and also watch spanish youtubers, it helps to keep up with the “spoken” spanish (aka slang) and also helps to handle with the fast talking😜

  19. Great video as always! 22 second part Cheryl was dying from laughter about the complement of private parts. Then we got 🤣😂🤣Serilusly very informative and useful. Thank you.

  20. For me the ideal is a mixture of academic way and everyday life conversations. I mean I had an academic backround before coming to live in Madrid. I steel straggle with por and para. I think everyone is. Also having friends from different spanish speaking countries is a big challenge to pick up the correct vocabulary from each country. But the truth is living here I learned so much more than just having classes or watch movies.

  21. We will be visiting Barcelona in June I don't know any Spanish/Catalan but have been told most people know English is this true and will I have any trouble while there for 3 days.

  22. Great video as always, thank you to both of you. I've been trying to learn on and off for about two years, my one tip for anyone would be practice at least a little bit everyday, regular practice definitely helps. I personally struggle with the words for grammar and structure of language, I was never taught what pronouns and conjugations were and these type of words, I'm having to look these words up in English before I can learn Spanish! Has anyone tried learning another language like a child? Starting with children's books, children's programs on Youtube? I wonder if and how that would work? One last thing, I'm using Doulingo free version and it's excellent if you are a visual learner. Bueno Suerte Amigos

  23. James and Yoli, you two are amazing, and I really mean it. Everything you talk to us about is so fluid, (clearly because you are so tuned into each other), and your excitement and stories are icing on the cake. This information is so useful, and I Thank you.

  24. Or you can just study every night in order to learn how to use the subjuntivo and every grammatical paradox of spanish language. Clearly one of the most beautiful languages on earth

  25. Been living in Spain for 3 years now, with my Spanish wife and surrounded solely with Spanish family and friends. Immersion is definitely the way to go. I make mistakes all the time, but persistence is key. I hate irregular verbs in Castellano as much as Yoli hates them in English, and I hear you when you say you hate por y para!! Grrrr! Conjugating verbs is just the hardest thing!

  26. One way I found to improve my English vocabulary, and the grammar, I hope, was to volunteer for writing articles in an on-line folk music magazine. I new about the subject, as a hobby and mostly in Spanish, so that forced me to find the right translations for the specifics of each topic, as well as reading about them in English books and texts by British or American authors. I have been doing that for almost twenty years, without earning any money for It. I just get some CD, books and concert tickets for free. But the most rewarding is the learning opportunity, mostly when I have the chance to interview an English speaking musician.

  27. Southport can mean one of two accents, either Lancastrian (county of Lancashire – Lancaster being the county town) or Scouse which is the accent from the Liverpool area. To confuse it more, Liverpool was in Lancashire till the 70's until they made it into a metropolitan area.

  28. Don’t mean to be condescending, but you two are so sweet. My Italian gets so confused with Spanish that I never know what I’m doing. Thanks for your great stuff. Keep loving each other. It is beautiful.

  29. I tried to learn French a couple of years ago but I gave up. All the silent consonants drove me crazy. Now, I'm learning Portuguese which is a hell of a lot easier for me.

  30. Begs an interesting question for me. Is it possible for one to completely forget their first native language due to non use?

  31. I kind of feel ashamed. I'm from SEA, but I have direct Spanish ancestry from my paternal side. I'm fluent in three other foreign languages (English, Japanese, French) excluding Spanish. And I'm currently picking up on my stunted study of Greek and Bulgarian for the past couple of years. You and Yoly suddenly made me want to improve on my Spanish communication skills. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  32. Thank you for the tip! I just came back from my fourth trip to Spain. This round is Andalusia and just love everywhere I visited in this country. I did Devour tour in Seville and really enjoyed it. I know now I will make the move to Spain earlier than I plan.

  33. One thing I do to practice everyday is follow a few Spanish Twitter feeds including El País. I read the tweet out loud in Spanish first, then hit the "Translate" button to confirm or learn. Sometimes it's really tough because newspaper headlines use a very formal syntax and words, but I love the challenge. My late father was trilingual and he always told me to read out loud to practice. It sticks better that way.

  34. Great & informative video on the journey to learn Spanish & English. I am looking forward to moving to Spain later this year & be fully immersed in learning Spanish.

  35. Great tips and advices for the language learner! As always, Thanks for your hard work, James and Yolly! I hope to see the next video soon! 😊

  36. Thank you the Blick couple, i love your vidéos, would like indeed to learn espaniol, hoping one day to live in Majorca,
    i speak english and french. A la prochaine video, bonne continuation.

  37. Thank you so much for this! Languages are kind of my thing and I’m always blown away by your ability to so fluidly use your Spanish skills to connect with people in Spain in a delightful way. That connection is what language and travel (and the fun of it all) are all about! 🤗 So I’ve been really curious about how you learned it so well and really appreciate all of your tips and suggestions. I’m planning a trip to Madrid and Andalucía in the fall and using Rosetta Stone to get up to speed on the basics – RS is a good fit for that for me – but soon I’ll be looking for more depth and application, and your info will be a huge help. Love all of your videos so much and hope to hit a Devour tour while there. Muchas muchas gracias!! 😀

  38. Discomfort? Oh, these horribly embarrassing seconds when you address a Spaniard and you try to figure out the correct subjunctive tense.!!! 4 years and still struggling.
    In my case, Duolingo and SpanishTown applications helped a lot.

  39. Interesting video again. Well, being a Spanish teacher myself I was really curious about your experience. And you just gave very good tips here. I try to give a little bit of everything in my online lessons, plus I agree 100% about the immersion part. It's so different to learn at the place and learn the culture at the same time and how people behave. That's why I offer immersion programs in Andalusia as well. Really loved it!

  40. I began with Rosetta Stone prior to a trip to Argentina. I spent ten months working through that as well as attending a Spanish class. I used and use Spanishdict all the time. I liked Rosetta Stone because it combined visual learning, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Also you can fit a 30 minute study session in at your convenience. I also found language partners on italki and Tandem.
    Ahora, llevo estudiando español por más que dos años y hemos viajado a Argentina y España. Vamos a regresar a Madrid pronto porque nuestro sobrino está enseñando inglés allí. También estoy luchando con el malo subjuntivo cada día como el Señor Blick. Muchísimas gracias por los videos.

  41. I couldn't see the bear that was with you pair @ 09:52. I hope it wasn't a Panda – they are very aggressive; hence the constant black eyes.
    Hace unos años que trato de aprender español (vivo en Escocia). ¡Puedo pedirles cervezas al camareros! Thats about it.

  42. Your point about immersion is very true! I am insecure with my Spanish in the states because many of my family and friends are bilingual and fluent in both Spanish/English, thus if I'm not sure of how to say something in Spanish I will resort to English. However, when I am fully immersed in Mexico or Spain, there is no room for doubt! It forces me to say what I've been thinking because saying it in English may not be an option. My vocabulary/pronunciation/grammar is then reinforced with positive responses from the community, which is why it is also important to be corrected if a learning Spanish speaker says something wrong!

  43. Reto: ¿Eres capaz de entender y captar los matices "culturales" de esta canción basada en la serie Knight Rider (El coche fantástico) de los 80? Si es así deberían otorgarte el C2 de español y la doble nacionalidad, saltándose las prohibiciones. Vuestros vídeos me están animando a retomar los estudios de inglés que tengo ya oxidado. Un saludo.

  44. When you say you’re watching stuff with help your SPANISH I’m assuming you mean Spanish subtitles James..( and your wife English subtitles to help with her ENGLISH)…is that correct?

    Because what I do ..especially on Netflix where there is an option…first I watch10 minutes in Spanish without SUBTITLES…then I go 10 minutes back to the start of that section..and watch it now with SPANSH SUBTITLES then I do the same again and go back and watch the same section with ENGLISH SUBTITLES to check I’ve understood everything…then finally I go back to the same section’s start and watch it WITHOUT SUBTITLES…it’s a bit laborious to do this …but I’m not necessarily watching the programme for entertainment..I’m watching it to improve my spanish comprehension…what do you think of this method?

    By the way I highly recommend…where you can have an intercambio…with Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or even Face to Face…I used this and I’ve had a Skype intercambio..and at the moment I have two Face to a Face intercambios with two spanish native speakers who are over in my home town learning English and we meet up in coffee bars a few times a week…really…really helpful…in taking the spanish out of the classroom and into the real world.

  45. Love your energy guys. I love learning a few words and phrases when I visit another country. Going to Barcelona in March so should I learn some Spanish or Catalan? Booking one of your tours too 🥳

  46. Corrections: When I was in Seville last month, I was sitting in a pretty empty cafe. Ther server was so patient with me and my Spanish – she'd let me finish what I was trying to say and then repeated it back to me. Correctly. She was just so helpful and gently worked with me. I'll go back and see her again someday.

  47. There's a great show for Spanish learning called [email protected] en Espanol. You can find some of the videos on YouTube – it's a Spanish television series that is very much like "Friends" but in easy to understand beginner to intermediate Spanish. Very helpful when trying to work on your listening comprehension.

  48. Been trying to learn Spanish for the last year. I work in an office building in the US and the custodian that cleans my office at night is from Mexico. She allows me to use my Spanish on her. So we have brief conversations when I work late. Sometimes… my brain hurts from my job that I think I can’t do Spanish convo. today.. do I cowardly dodge her and so out a different door to leave work.

  49. We live in America,why should I or even want to?!?!?! They need to start arn English…period!! AND come hear legal to begin with….they get enough handed to them and dont even deserve it as ILLEGALS!! Hell with making things easier even further by means of learning a language that isnt ENGLISH!! LAME!!

  50. Another brilliant video. I will definitely be using some of these tips.

    I also love the idea of Yoli getting English experience from one of us bumbling Lancastrians – she is my ‘ Dawter’ – 😂😂 I totally lost it with laughter

  51. As a Spanish native speaker that learned English at school and by himself, I recommend to learn any language watching YT content that you enjoy, even if you doesn’t understand it well.

  52. ¿Puedes hacer un vídeo en que Yoli habla de su experiencia como una traductora y intérprete y cómo ha llegado a ese punto?

  53. Saludos desde los estados unidos! Me encanta todos sus vídeos. Todos sus consejos son excelentes. Llevo solo ochos meses aprendiendo español por mi cuenta y yo uso todos los métodos que me recomiendan. Tengo compañeros de trabajo que hablan español y me ayudan. Voy de vacaciones a Colombia en tres semanas y hablare solomente en español. Cuando volveré a españa en septiembre, planeo ir en recorrido de Sevilla con Devour.

  54. Love you two!! I STARTED learning Spanish when I was 39. I'm 57 now and I have a basic conversational level. My best friend when I first moved here was the Weather Forecast on TVE1 at 4pm because everday you can hear a really small set of words repeated over and over again in different formats which that was a big help. Also I'm a musician so I learned a few songs with Spanish lyrics and I found them really helpful – one has to squish down the timing of the words to get them to fit which aided pronumciation. The third thing that helped was getting to know the Spanish neighbours who were super-helpful and seemed to have endless patience. I can't imagine folk back in England being so welcoming and understanding of foreigners. Spanish people are just so nice and friendly!

  55. Similarly to being careful when saying "Spanishdict," at least in the USA, be very careful to clearly enunciate when saying the phrase "tapas bars"…or you may upset someone, or receive directions to a part of town with adult entertainment, rather than restaurants featuring small plates of delicious food.

  56. I'm Mexican American and my Spanish is way different than Spains Spanish. We don't use the "th" like corathon instead of corazon.

  57. my favorite way is play computer games like rpg or first person shooters. bioshock or morrowind, where you have to gather informations needed for your progress and/or you can read various messages left in those games by people who live there or are dead but left their diaries which support storyline and immersing you into game/language.

  58. My question is this: How come you guys say "Venga — Let's go!" Shouldn't it be "Vamonos — Let's go!" Anyway, I really enjoy your videos.

  59. Hello, "Carvalho" is pronounced "Carballo". It means "oak tree" in Portuguese and in Galician and it's a fairly common name over there. "Carvalho" is, in fact, the Portuguese spelling. Vázquez Montalbán must have been implying that his hero had Portuguese roots.

  60. Llevo prácticamente 4 años "estudiando" inglés, hace como 15 años después de pasar el examen de inglés y conseguir un título oficial, me atreví a ir a Inglaterra solo, no me enteré absolutamente de nada de lo que me decían e(intentando) leer un tabloide me eché a llorar ¡ni 1 sola palabra! Pienso que el castellano es un poco más fácil al menos para leer, también digo siempre que depende del otro comunicador que quiera (o no) ser comprendido

  61. So happy to see this vid! I've been trying to improve my Spanish for a few years, but I feel I'm a bit stuck at a level and can't go better as I'm not exposed to necessary language input. Thanks for the tips. And please check my video trying to speak Spanish in the 4th month of my progress

  62. Hey. thanks for a great video. I've had the SpanDict. app for some time but wasn't really aware of some of the great features. Thank you for pointing them out!

  63. ¡Bravo, pareja! El aprendizaje de una lengua es para toda la vida y, además, hay que meter la pata mucho. 😉

    Big Bang Theory grammar: had will have placed, had have had brought. This is what I never completely understood in English. Why can’t you just live with past, present and future tenses? And the articles…

  65. I learned Spanish in high school and college, then spent a semester at the Universidad de Sevilla back in 1977. I then taught Spanish in high school for 30 years. I need to not only see new words, but I need to use them in sentences to reinforce them. I can not learn by listening.

  66. My tips: If you come across a word in your target language, instead of going straight to the translation, enter the word in a Google Image search. In many cases, you will get pages and pages of images depicting your word in various ways. The benefit is, your mind will associate the word directly with a rich mental image (as opposed to going through the English word, for a translation, and back).
    Get as much comprehensible input as possible. Watch videos aimed at children, which have simple stories, associated directly with simple images. As you progress, I recommend Destinos (Annenberg Media) which has over 50 episodes, following a detective from Mexico, to Spain, Puerto Rico, South America and back to Mexico. Ultimately, you can stream Isabel on, which has 27 episodes, rich with dialog (like an HBO series).
    In addition to Coffee Break Spanish, I like the Notes In Spanish podcast and videos.
    Good Luck!

  67. I moved from Granada, Spain to Minnesota, USA about 38 years ago. I did not know much English back then, but I was patient and have my American wife to help me. I learned from every thing around me: People, TV, books etc. I find that one important thing to learn a new language is to "Loose the fear to speak it". The fear to sound stupid. Any way I think learning a language is always an "On going process" even with your native one. You two do very well. Good video. Hasta luego a los dos.

  68. I love watching you guys. I'm planning on moving to spain soon, and lived in South america for over 7 years already, still my spanish is so oxydized I wonder if there's any metal left. These are all great tips, thank for all your videos.. I've been really enjoying them!

  69. Wow you speak so fast..
    I'm a Londoner born and bred and you speak far too fast to allow a non english speaker the chance to understand you..How on earth did Yolanda ever learn anything from you.?
    It's like Mickey Mouse on speed.

  70. I wouldn't have anything against.. Hehehe if some Spanish lady complements me about my private parts in broken English…all forgiven.. Hehehe just saying

  71. If you are looking for podcasts, I recommend Unlimited Spanish (is on spotify). it has some standard podcast parts as well as a section when you can actually repeat sentences, answer questions etc.

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