How I Built a $100k+ per Day Lead Generation Business from Scratch | Anthony Sarandrea, AWasia 2019

March 12, 2020

You get in front of thousands of people,
maybe even millions of people a day, a week, a month. Whatever it is, you have a
significant responsibility to yourself, really to do something long-term. So this one’s going to be a little different.
So I don’t have a agency I want you to sign up for. A course. I’m not a guru. I don’t have anything.
The reason I flew 20 hours to come talk to you all today is because this space has dramatically changed my
life in a number of different ways. It’s allowed me to impact lives and change
industries that I never thought or imagined I’d be able to do. This
conference is a little funny for me though, because my first taste of an
affiliate conference lasted about 5 minutes. The same people escorting me
up on the stage were the ones escorted me off of the premises because I didn’t
have enough money to buy a ticket to actually come to one of these shows.
So I snuck in. And while I was at it, I said, heck, why don’t I take a list of all the
exhibitors, went to the hotel next door that I was not staying at, and went
through the line, and met with everybody. And that’s really where I got my crash
course in affiliate marketing, was on that day. That day dramatically changed
my life. So my ask for you today, is if you see something, not just in my
presentation, but anyone’s presentation, share it please. There’s a tremendous
virus I think in this space of scarcity mindset of people. Everybody looking over
their back, or their shoulder, and I think it’s because you haven’t built a
business. You have an offer and a traffic source. And a lot of the stuff we’re
gonna go through today is gonna be around actually building a sustainable
business. So that person next to you isn’t competition. They know something
you don’t know, and you know something they don’t know. And the sooner you start
looking at it, and open up, and changing that mindset, I think you’re gonna see a
dramatic change in your life, and your business, and anything you touch. So just
so you guys know, we’re not bullshitting up here, I’m going to give away $10 grand
cash to two different people that are here today, with nothing in return, to
help you test out a new source, higher an A player, or whatever it is. Just DM
me on Instagram, and let me know what you’re struggling with, or working with.
It’s my thank you for the people who have been on the stage before me,
and the ones that have taught me in the space. So, now that my little state of the
union is over with, and you all didn’t know I was going to be Oprah up here,
let’s learn some sh*t. So I talk fast and curse a lot, sorry in advance.
Owning the customer without owning the offer, how many people here knew
what the f*ck that meant when you walked in? Cool. A couple of people. Great.
So, this is you. Most of you. Actually, all of you probably. If you’re a dropshipper,
if you’re a lead gen guy, if you’re an affiliate ecom guy, you’re likely
having a one-night stand with your traffic. And what I mean by that is,
traffic comes in, they click, they come they buy from you, they don’t, maybe you
retarget them a little bit, but really, that’s it. They’re out the door. and it’s on
to the next, and it’s on to the next. And you know everybody here is,
if I asked you when you walked in, you’re here for the next crack hit.
You’re here going, does TikTok work? How do I get Snapchat to work?
How do I lower my cost on Facebook? What I think most of you, if not all of you are
missing, is write this down. It’s RPC. Revenue per click. And that’s really an
important, important metric, because you have control over that. Facebook gets
moody and jumps your cost. You don’t have control over that. What you
do with that click, and how much value you extract out of that visitor to your
site, or the impression you’re serving, you do have control over that one too.
So I joke most people in this room could recite their click-through rates,
their CPAs, their conversion percentage probably better than they know their
own mother’s birthday. But you don’t know how much you make per click
or per impression, so it’s a really important metric that we’re gonna focus
on here. Owning the customer. So we’re going to define that today, as the ability
to reconnect with someone you already paid to get in front of to sell them
more sh*t. It is not Webster’s dictionary, that is my definition for today. And
really everything we’re going to go through today, I get it, I get it. You may have
thought about creating your own product, sourcing it if you’re an affiliate to an
ecom. You may have thought about if you’re sending leads, like due to the
servicing of it how does that work? But quite frankly, you probably make too
fast a money, or you like sitting in your underwear behind clicking a couple of
buttons and making cash, and I get that. So, everything we’re going to talk about
today isn’t necessarily or will not require you to have cash flow issues, overhead,
or all the negatives that go around kind of moving up the food chain,
or down the food chain, depending on how you look at it. But instead, should
theoretically give you all the benefits that would come with actually doing
those things or owning the offers. This is a big one for me, the building
an income versus building a business. I really think marketing is the lifeblood to business. And I think this room is filled with
some of the world’s greatest marketers. But you guys, don’t look at yourself as
business people. And I think a lot of it’s because, the simple concept. If
the marketing gods came today and slapped you on the hand and said you’re
never allowed to do paid media again. If you’ve been an affiliate for months,
years, a decade, what do you have to show for it at that point? How much longer
would you be making money? Would it be a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour, 5 minutes?
Most of you have been doing this for however long. In 5 minutes, your business
will be shut down. If you were never allowed to and you wouldn’t be making any more money if
you weren’t allowed to run paid media. So, it’s we’re going to talk a lot about about thinking long-term and building a real business
today versus just an income stream. And then this one is funny, how many
times does an affiliate offer pulled out from under you? Caps been filled, change
payout, networks go on your Facebook, banned you. These are all issues that
theoretically after today, you should be able to start building some legs in your
business and stability to avoid a lot of these things. So why you need to own the customer.
Let’s start there first and then we’ll get into tactics, how to do it
and all that good stuff. You do all the hard work and get nothing long-term.
Brands love you. Brands love you. And why they love you,
it’s because there’s a 15% lift for the brand that you pay for and don’t get anything back.
Last time I checked, there’s not an affiliate link for word-of-mouth.
You’re helping them create enterprise value, aka sell their company
when they sell, I don’t think you get a piece of the pie. I could be wrong.
And at the end of the day people, you’re bringing awareness to,
industries, or companies, whether it’s through the link or whether you’re
talking about whatever you’re trying to push, the product or service. So that
spillover when they go Google it or they see it on another attribution point by
one of the brands you’re pushing. You really created a lot of that or had a
hand in that, and you make zero out of that. So that’s one thing we’re really going to focus on today,
is you do all this hard work and you get nothing in return. Tactics. We talked a lot about this.
What everyone’s focusing on versus making more money for your customer. One thing
I joke about, but when is the last time you’ve got excited when Facebook
CPMs went up? Cost went up, and you threw a party. You guys high-five each other, and you’re excited?
I f*cking love when Facebook gets more expensive. I do. Because it pushes my competition out,
pushes people out. So until you’re in a position
where you can celebrate when Facebook ads cost go up, there’s work to
be done. There really is. And lifetime value like I mentioned, you have
control over with a lot of the stuff we’re gonna go through today.
And the last one is, can you play it top of funnel? I read somewhere that only 1% of Facebook users
are actively in the buying stage. Meaning all these brands, all these millions,
probably billions of dollars spent, go to 1%. So can you play at the other 99%? Could you convert someone off of a generic TV ad
or a billboard on the side of the road? Could that be a profitable play for you?
If not, there’s some work to be done. So really, this is the key to building a
real business. It’s data, in my opinion. And these are some of the data points
that we’re going to talk through today. And how many of these can you guys
circle? Can you circle one, zero, five? Maybe you can circle a ton of these.And what
are you doing with that is really the real question. So going through whether you’re collecting the email. Here’s some of the things you can do
with it. The phone number, physical address, credit card, retargeting, brand
SEO, like I said, as well, to build a community, we’re gonna go through
as well, and a paid subscription. So results like we talked about, are higher lifetime
value. He who can spend the most to acquire customer is always, always, always
going to win. You can’t compete with the brand that you’re pushing an offer for because
they have more margin than you, and these brands are getting better and
better at marketing. So we’ve got to figure something out. We have to figure something out, otherwise you’re
eventually gonna get pushed out by those that can and get out of the rat race. It was funny,
I’ll share a quick story with you guys from a really big mentor of mine that’s worth more than everyone in this room combined.
And I told him what I was doing. I was like, this is a few years ago,
I’m making all this money. I’m working out of my house. I’m hanging out. I can travel.
I can do all stuff. How bad ass is that? And he goes, sounds like a rat race. I go, what do you mean?
Because it sounds like you’re in a rat race. If I get this correctly, you wake up every day and
you start from zero again. You’re out hunting again. Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’m hunting the next
day. Where’s the end goal? Can you sell the thing? No. And what happens if Facebook all of a sudden
doesn’t like you or it’s too expensive. I go, you’re right. I’m done. It’s a rat race.
So I challenge you. That was a very humbling day for me and a very humbling conversation. So I want to give
that to you too because I know a lot of you are probably doing great things
with your your business, and it’s super exciting, and kudos to you, but
there’s levels to this and there’s a next level that you can take your
business, and take yourself, and take your, take you know your skill set too. So same
effort is optimising campaigns, we’ll get to it’s a long-term asset, and you can
sell the business. So if at this point you’re like, great that sounds awesome,
got it. Get it. Great. How the hell do I do it? Then we’re in the right spot right now. So, most of you look like this.
Today you have an ad. I purposefully chose the world’s dumbest example, that way nobody
in here could say, oh that only works with diet pills, or that only works with
ecom, or lead gen, or anything like that. We’re gonna talk about a plant affiliate,
a little plant. They’re called succulents that sit in your house that offer really
not much value for people, in my opinion. So world’s dumbest example on purpose.
So this succulent ad, this is most of you today. You make it a little opaque. Oh
that’s gonna stand out in the newsfeed. Great. Then you might ride the ad copy if
you can see it up there. Green gifts for moms. Sweet. I’m gonna target moms. My
click-through rates are gonna be badass, gonna be relevancy scores through the
roof. Someone clicks, you send them either directly to the product page, or you send
it to an advertorial in between that might talk, how this plant has saved people from cancer,
or this poor little plant allows you to find your next wife for whatever crazy angle you want to come up with,
or you talk about with this little plant. That’s what it looks like today. It’s ad,
product or ad, advertorial, product for a lot of you. This is an example of owning the customer. So this is,
this is a site that is one step before the offer. I’m gonna challenge you guys with today
to look at and we’re gonna, absolutely digest and pick apart the sh*t out of this example
here, but it can go ad, advertorial, this offer. Ad, this offer. But something like this.
I have to, we have to own that pre-sale page that lives before the offer. And I’m gonna break it down really quickly
and then in-depth throughout the rest of the presentation. You’ll see here some absolutely great sales copy.
You keep walking out of the garden stores with succulents only to end up killing them a few months later.
Your start talking about it. So, great sales copy. Selling a PDF. Awesome. Facebook community, great.
How I’m gonna break that down today is she has positioned herself, this site as a knowledge reference in the space.
So now, you had enough in excitement to click on the actual little plant ad. So you’re clearly somewhat interested.
And now there’s an education component that’s telling you, hey do you know those things
die quick? You’re like, oh I didn’t know that. So she’s automatically positioned
herself as the knowledge reference in the space. Next, there’s a 10 step-by-step PDF on how to
not kill your succulent. Guess what’s in that PDF? Affiliate links! To that same product, to that same
exact tree, or a little plant thing, and more. So she’s given options. Oh maybe this plant, if you like
this one better, do this one. Also, you need soil, you need shovels, you need all this. Affiliate commission,
affiliate commission, affiliate commission. That’s what it looks like. And then a paid Facebook
community, that they’re paying every single month to learn how to not kill succulents, how to keep
your plants alive. It is absolutely beautiful. The lifetime value on this versus directly
to the product. So the product guy, the example I showed might make 5, 10 bucks.
Whatever it is, make up a number. That was a silly example. Whatever space you’re in.
This site has an average order value of over $150, so it’s the exact same
affiliate pushing plants, just sticking one thing right in between. This looks like a silly example. You’re like, cute,
cute little plant company. Great example. That’s awesome. 500,000 people per month come to this
little plant company. They have 52,000 monthly subscription members that not
only pay monthly to be part of this group, but they paid for the PDF, to
teach them how to not kill their plants. It’s gorgeous. This is an 8-figure business.
This is a very sellable business, that a garden store, like maybe even Amazon, would like to buy this.
Because they’re now looked at as the knowledge in the plant space for the succulent space in this example.
So enterprise value, owning the customer data. Lifetime values going up, and really
they just stuck one little step in between. So will digest this a lot more in-depth as we keep rolling.
There’s really 3 steps to accomplish something like this, to build your business long-term and
actually own the offer, our own customer. Excuse me, without the offer. So first one is building
a brand around an affinity not an offer. So what I mean by that is a lot
of you and myself guilty, early days, I’m selling diet pills, who AdWords will love
if I do best diet pill tips, or if I put that on Facebook, or it can be super
congruent with the diet pills I’m selling. Last time I checked, I haven’t ran into
my mom but I’m like mom, you got to check out Building affinity.
So Vegan Beauty Hunters, it’s a shareable name. It can cover multiple under the affinity. Here’s one of the great examples. It’s
The Wirecutter. So The Wirecutter is nothing more than an electronics affiliate.
And how they started out, don’t quote me on this, was I believe pushing watches, and they said, heck,
we’re spending all this money in front of watch people. What happens if they just like type in our site or if they
Google us or something like that. Crazy concept. Can we monetise them with a
bunch of different things, a bunch of different offers? So they started pushing one product, and
then moved it to actually being able to monetise someone, multiple ways just by branded search or spillover.
It got really sticky for them. They got super excited. So then they blew out a whole thing and
sold for $30 million. This is nothing more than call it a watch affiliate, at the end of the day.
I think the New York Times bought them too. This is why I’m broke.
So they’re an affinity for gifts. So now anytime, you’re like, oh I got to get
a gift for my mom. I got a gift for this person. Come to the site, see what they have. So there again too,
they positioned themselves as the knowledge reference in the space. It’s very important.
This is one that if you take a picture of anything, it’s this one. It’s owning the pre-sale page.
I just gave you an example with it, with the digital product. It’s very similar too.
It would be like you busting your ass to figure out where all the hot girls hang out.
You talked to this girl, that you’re like, oh that’s a girl my dreams, talk to all her friends, you learn about her,
you finally get the chance for a conversation with her, and then you don’t take down her number.
You just leave and you never see her again, or worse, you get her number, you don’t follow-up to go on a date or
a second date or third date. This is a lot of you today. You work so hard to attract this click,
get this person coming to your site, and then they just poof. They go. You already paid for them and they’re gone.
So some different ways on here too. I’m gonna give some examples as well to
reference but some examples of owning that pre-sale page might be getting someone to fill out something, download
a guide, a PDF, SMS, text, email, coupon, take a quiz, and account for personalised offers, and then
at a minimum, push notifications and retargeting, which some of you may be
grabbing today. Great. But I’m gonna challenge you to take that pre-sale page
to the next level, not just advertorial. Here’s a cute little site. It’s a quiz to sell pills.
By email, it’s kind of scammy looking. There’s the “as seen on” that some of us ripoff Google
and throw up on our landers. Really what this is, RealAge is the name of it. What you do is you give
them all your information. You say, I’m 25. And you talk about your life, and then they say,
oh you’re 25 but really by your answers, you’re 33. And in order to really be your
real age, the 25, you need to take these weight-loss pills, or use these creams
for skincare, or anything like that. $70 million acquisition. So now look at it. It’s this
beautiful first step to growing younger. It looks Silicon Valleyesque. Yes it’s a quiz, to sell
offers, is what it is. And it’s a quiz to sell diet pill offers, or sh*t that a lot of people would be like, oh you don’t
want to tell your mom that’s what you’re pushing as your affiliate offer. So, just this simple
quiz makes this an incredibly valuable company to the tune of $70 million, which got me excited.
Hopefully it excite you too. And it’s again, it’s nothing more than just a little step in
between the flow or your funnel that you have today. AppSumo. How many of you know
what AppSumo is in here? I love getting their emails. They went
from you know being a hosting affiliate, to saying like, sh*t why don’t we just collect
the email address and just drip-feed them a ton of different offers that are cool.
I love getting these emails. They do email marketing great,
if you haven’t already got this. But again nothing more than a business affiliate,
business software, hosting, things like that. So text email opt-in. Here’s another example
again of owning that pre-sale page, more so to capture the customer data. It’s Black Friday,
you see that the deals about to go down. Put in your email or text them.
I’m gonna challenge you to give it a test and make up your own holiday. So it’s the
succulent, national succulent holiday, or it’s the plant holiday. Going off of that
that last thing. Put in your email address or your phone number to get
the coupon, or to get special notice or information about it.
So that’s one thing that goes really well. And then a minimum, try this, put this in
between and then just email them or text them the f*ckin offer you were gonna push anyway.
But you’re building data. You’re building a list. You’re building
a business. You’re building something that can take with you that you can continue
to monetise and use outside of these platforms, that we’re so scared about
compliance getting shut down, getting expensive. Should I be at this one?
This is the stuff that you actually can build a very, very solid business off of
and make more than you’re making now too, and it’s really not a big pivot from
what you’re doing today. This is another one. Scroll down, you want to read more,
put in your information, that one’s okay. This one, if you don’t know of this tool,
it’s called Sniply, is the name of it. It’s a great tool. So Sniply essentially allows you
to put a call to action on a site you don’t own. For lack of better words, think of it as you’re
pushing Proactive. Somebody clicks your Facebook ad, or whatever they go to
There’s a call to action in the bottom left here. So, what that is again, to
minimum I would challenge you to go home and split test against this, and just
start collecting emails. And really some of you are probably sitting there
going, that’s gonna kill my conversion rate. It’s a function of what is the
highest revenue per click. It’s not a function of what’s your conversion rate,
conversion percentages. I pay this and I make this per click. I pay this per
impression and I make this per impression. So if your conversion rate drops by 10% because
you’re asking for the email but your revenue per click goes about 15% to 20%, you’re making more money,
and you have to sell long-lasting sellable asset. Again, or something that you can
actually leverage long-term outside of these platforms, things like that.
So I just want to rewrite that because I know a lot of people are probably
sitting there and you go, oh it might hurt my conversion rate or something.
Again even with that succulent site, her conversion rate can be 1/15th
of the guy who’s linking directly to the ad, because the lifetime value is there, and that’s
not even taking an enterprise value sellable asset, things like that we mentioned. So again, here’s the
digital product before. This is tight. This is my favourite. This is what we do.
This is what I would suggest and challenge you guys. It’s really not that
much more work. It’s really, it’s a PDF that then educates someone.
It has to be something valuable of course, but educates them, and then you’re
essentially sending them multiple offers. So you’re not just boxed into one.
If one of the offer dies. So that plant company that I referenced, all of a sudden
goes out of business or they don’t like affiliates anymore because somebody ran
some scummy sh*t. You can swap it. You just swap the link and within your PDF
is really where you’re pushing it. And again, earnings per click or revenue
per click, I’d say the minimum is going to be two to three and a half times pushing
the single offer. And I challenge you to do that for yourself. Here’s some real
life examples that I wanted to give to you. I just wrote up real quick.
The first one, if you’re a mattress affiliate or dropshipper, it’s an e-book on how to stop sleep apnea.
That’s what a lot of people struggle with. A lot of people struggle with sleep apnea.
Throughout the e-book or throughout the digital product, you’re talking about
the best mattresses, the best pillows, CBD before bed, apps that’ll help you sleep.
And the community is given tips on how to sleep better.
That’s a very useful sticky community too that you’d want to read about,
learn about and things like that and again, this is a mattress affiliate or dropshipper
today that their flow looks similar to like I said, it’s an ad to the mattress, or the ad to
the advertorial to the mattress, or whatever that is. This next one, beauty products affiliate
or dropshipper. Secrets of true love. So I think all of us on this planet are
really here to procreate. Everyone’s looking for love or if you’re not,
how to maintain love. So the secrets of true love, I think that pretty much hits
everybody on the planet and in there it’s multiple beauty products,
dating apps, weight loss pills. Did you know that this face cream gives
out a pheromone that attracts 75% more of your perfect mate? Things like
that all throughout the e-book that actually add value, actually are true in perfect sense.
But it’s something that’s exciting for someone to pay for, download a digital product,
something like that. So reoccurring community again to people talk about different tips on how they
can find their true love things like that. Oh creating your own offer. How ironic is that.
You’re here, you’re an affiliate and you’re essentially creating your own offer and that’s
what we do. It sounds so funny but you’re an offer to an offer. People love it and f*ck it,
you see this e-book sells for $127. That’s not taking in the affiliate link commissions
in there. That’s not taking in the reoccurring subscriptions, the word of mouth, and things like that. So you’re
literally ironically creating your own offer, to push offers in a really silly sense. So step 3.
So this is the last step across the board. This one’s super exciting for me. Reoccurring revenue. Reoccurring paid
membership, essentially subscription revenue. So, two really common companies are
Amazon Prime obviously. Users spend $1,400 when they’re a Prime member versus $600.
So it’s really a testament that there are stickier customer being part of that community,
but again you can make an argument. You’re gonna say, oh well they give you one-day shipping
or it’s because of this. Sure. Costco. Costco makes more money, in fact, double
than they do selling. $138 billion worth of products. Costco is exactly that succulent site.
You’re paying for access to offers. If you think about it, they have vetted
offers, they have seen offers. You come in there and because
you pay for the subscription. They can break even on their leading offer, which
is all the food and drink, and all the stuff you buy. They even lose money I
think unlike the chickens and sh*t like that. But can you break even on your leading offer
and make money on the back end? That’s a challenge for you too. And really, Costco again too is exactly the
example I just gave you there. You’re paying for access to offers at the end
of the day. So here’s a quick, doesn’t disrupt your current flow or funnel one bit.
It’s free and it’s going to essentially move someone from an interactor on your Facebook ad to
actually a paid subscription member. So we’re gonna rock through this. This tool called,
Invite post likers to like page in Facebook, essentially invites post liker to like your page in Facebook.
Really creative name, clever name. But really what it does is somebody
likes your ad, you’re then inviting them to like your page in Facebook. Great
that’s the name of the tool. Super simple. Next, what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna go and actually create a group that’s linked to your page. So you’re
gonna go to your page that you just invited and you’re gonna go right on the left.
You see groups, link group, or create a group. You’re gonna link the two. Then
you’re gonna use that exact same tool I just mentioned to essentially invite
people once somebody’s liked your page. That suggested box for groups are all
pages likers. So now you’ve moved someone, from someone who just liked a Facebook
ad to inviting them to join your Facebook group now for free.
And through that flow, now that they’ve got an invite to actually join
your group. You’re gonna add sales copy and you’re gonna have sales copy
everywhere you can. So write a little note, you’re gonna have sales copy. The
banner image, their sales copy, the about us, their sales copy, all across the board,
on why somebody should join your group. And then when they click the join group,
there’s questions you’re gonna ask them. Might be something. And really again, I leverage
that, we leverage that sales copy gain. So for $6.93 a month, this group saves you $125 on your monthly bills.
Pay here by going to this link. Or you say something like in that secrets are true love again.
An average member finds their significant other in the first 90 days. All for $6.77 a month, or whatever random number
you want to choose. And at a minimum, minimum, minimum, ask for the email and phone number. So now
you’ve turned a Facebook ad liker to actually having their email and phone, and it’s cost
you zero and it hasn’t disrupted your flow or your funnel whatsoever or whatever you’re running today,
pushing offers, anything like that. You’ve turned someone from a Facebook ad liker
to an actually a paying member of your group. And the last tool I’m gonna give you here for this,
is called GroupFunnels or Group Leads. I have no affiliation with either. But what they
do is theoretically you’re operating at a higher rate. There’s a ton of people liking your ads aka there’s
a ton of people getting invited to your group, and if you’re doing it right they’re subscribing
to your group. So it automatically approves them and it actually sends them an email in real time.
So imagine in the background running on autopilot, someone that likes your ad, all of a sudden is getting
an email in their inbox within the next few minutes. It’s pretty significant sh*t because again you
could drop them to pay to join your group or that initial offer that you were pushing. Now you’re
sending them via text and email as well. Page liker to actually engaging with them via email. So some other tips on the reoccurring membership,
that reoccurring group that I talked about is you charge an insignificant amount per month
to access the group. So I don’t know about you guys. I didn’t cancel my Netflix subscription when I came here.
Or when I’m going to travel for a month, I pay for Hulu to watch South Park for 4 months out
of the year and the other 8 I don’t cancel because it’s just an insignificant amount of money
and we have to thank Amazon for a lot of that paid subscription where we forget that we’re
really even paying for it. So an insignificant amount of money really goes unnoticed in a long time.
Drop daily value into the group, so you want to sprinkle additional offers in there.
Free app download, discounted prices. A few other things you can do within that now
paid group, that paid Facebook group is challenges. So here’s our 12-week challenge. It makes it sticky that theoretically you’re
anchoring them in to be there for a long time. Review community. So this week, we’re reviewing
this skin care cream, and it’s an affiliate link. And before and afters, post what you
liked, didn’t like about it. Things like that. So now you build this community of
everybody’s hurrah, joining on Mondays to post how the actual skin care cream
worked for them or whatever it is. And then another good one is a run a
contest for engagement, giveaways for anybody who’s actually participating, to
increase participation and overall time that they’re staying a paid member in
that group. I’m a big fan of being able to buy time or invest in yourself to cut
the learning curve or speed. So you know, I would approach 10 to 20 big groups, see
if you can buy their group. So you’re out of the gate. You’re already rolling with a group that has
a membership. Where at a minimum, I’ll ask them to be, to partner with them or to become a sole advertiser
to cross-promote essentially your group, if they’ve got the the same demographic that you’re after or looking for. YouTube and Facebook are already on the assent
for this, so they see people not necessarily to this extent doing it but private Snapchats, or that might be
for a different application. But random things that people are paying for and you’ll see YouTube has $4.99.
Join this private channel where there’s better content. Facebook’s gonna start rolling out as
well too, is paid membership groups. So if they’re on the hunt, these massive
companies, it’s probably a reason they know that they’re not getting a piece of the cheese,
a piece of the pie, and they’re trying to get involved with it. So it’s absolutely prime timing right now to start
building these paid subscriptions, these paid groups. So overall recap, its number one affinity versus
an offer. Secondly, is owning the pre-sale page. Circle and star that one.
That’s massive hat most people aren’t doing today. And the third one is that reoccurring paid membership.
It’s super, super, valuable again to overall make into the lifetime value of your customer.
Last thing I’m gonna leave you with and really everything I’ve talked about today really makes
into one thing and it’s thinking long-term. I’m gonna challenge you to get out of that rat race,
every single day. Waking up and am I gonna go down on Facebook? Am I okay?
Great, I crushed it yesterday. What’s my ROAS going to be today?
It’s an exhausting rat race guys. It really is. And again to it, everybody’s done a lot.
People do so well in the space that the pain points are not there enough to get
out of that rat race. But when you really break it down and you start looking at
it, it’s a rat race, it’s what it is. A scarcity versus abundance mindset. I
touched on at the very beginning of the presentation. That’s a massive one. Even in decisions
you’re making, if you know that you’re a great marketer, if you’re confident in your skills, you’re always
gonna be able to make money. So really, what’s the risk to invest in something long-term? Because even if
it fails, the abundant mindset would say that the next one will get it or you’re gonna have
learnings out of that. Welcome rising CPAs like I talked about, compliancy, the challenges. It’s a moat around
your business. It’s like when somebody f*cks up in my business, we applaud it. It’s like, awesome.
We learned something. Awesome, it’s a moat that other people aren’t doing. They’re not testing this
out at this rate or they’re not failing as quickly or as often as we are. So look
at that as pushing competition out. Last few points here guys I leave you with is,
long-term investment. So build a team and build A-players. Don’t just hire for cheap.
You know I heard Magic Johnson speak who said, you know if you hire
non A-players, you will eventually come back to hire them, so you might as well
save yourself time and the money and go hire them right out of the gate.
And that’s really stuck with me, significantly. So looking non-traditional
traffic as well too, that people aren’t talking about. Direct mail, TV, SEO, podcast, things like that.
There’s a lot of cheese to be found there as well versus 3,000 people here. Really, I would say
the majority of the rooms on Facebook or native or something like that. The last two points I’m going
to slow down for for a second here, is call your customers and talk to them. And
I call them customers too, because even though you’re not doing the servicing,
the second you start thinking that this is your business not your income stream,
they really are your customers. Everyone you get in front of is your customer
and it could be somebody who just messaged the page. I’ll say, hey can I
give you $20 Amazon gift card just to chat with me for a few? The amount of
learnings I have for sales copy, advertorials, what’s the next offer we
push, what’s the next thing we do, it pays for that hour of time. I don’t care how busy you are,
how much money you make, 10, 50 times over. So I really challenge you to actually have
a direct communication. It’s tough for us because we see numbers on the other side of a
Facebook dashboard. We forget that those are real people. So having those conversations with those people.
I think it’s just a wealth of knowledge. The last one guys, it’s greater purpose. I mean, Jim Carrey
has a really famous quote that’s always stuck with me and he says, I wish
everybody could realise, excuse me, I wish everybody could achieve the riches
and the cloud or the celebrity status that they think they want to know that’s not what it’s about.
And I love that quote because everything becomes relative. Money becomes relative. It becomes relative
to an extent. I don’t care how much money you make, how many Lamborghinis you drive, what you do.
Everything becomes relative at some point. So the more you can anchor yourself today and say,
what can I do that’s long-lasting? How can I change an industry?
I get in front of thousands of people. You have a significant impact if you’re in this room. You get in front of thousands of people,
maybe even millions of people a day, a week, a month. Whatever it is, you
have a significant responsibility to yourself really, to do something long-term,
to do something that you’re proud of, that really leaves your legacy behind.
And it is a greater purpose than just making some cash. So anyway guys, that’s all I got. I’m out. Thank you so much. As expected, that was
next level. Seriously, that was amazing. Thank you so much. Yeah thank you.
Should we go through some questions? Let’s rock it. Perfect, let’s do it.
All right, so how can an ecommerce brand use the concept that you just speak? Yeah
100%. I mean the example I just gave, it really is an ecommerce brand. So pretend
like you’re the succulent shop person. Really at that point like even your competition
can’t compete with you, because you’ve increased your lifetime value of a succulent buyer or a plant buyer. So even if you are, you own that exact plant company,
everybody else can only, let’s just say the price is $15, $10 to $20 for this plant, when you’re
putting something like this in front of it and actually educating them on other things,
even if you don’t own soil or you don’t own the shovels that you’re talking about or things like that.
One, it leads to the next product. You’re going to actually launch theoretically
because you get to see what people actually care about. And then two, you’re
increasing your lifetime value to where even the other succulent companies or
the other plant companies, they can’t compete with because they can only have
so much margin on the cost of the actual plant. All right, cool. So you talked about
using PDFs right? Yeah. The question is about how do you actually track
performance when you’ve got links to PDFs? Yeah, great question. So
essentially, you put like a vanity link in there so it’ll be like
for one or whatever it is. And then you can link it to whatever offer you want. You can always swap
that out because that link theoretically lives on your domain somewhere, so that you can swap it
out on the back end wherever you’re redirecting it to. So I hope that answers
your question in depth. If not, grab me after. DM me on Instagram and I’ll go
more in-depth on that. Cool perfect. That’s a nice offer. You should really
take him up on that. You’ll be drowning in messages again. That’s cool. All right.
So when is a good time to actually monetise your audience or community?
So if you want to start with very first growing it out, then monetising,
when should you start? Yeah, that’s a great question. I mean if you’re doing it
right, you can monetise it out of day one, because it’s you know you’re offering
that much value but realistically, it makes sense to do it for free and
drop affiliate offers in there as you’re going, or through the email or through the text
that you’ve collected for them to join. So you can do everything I said for free there,
and then layer in the charging for the PDF versus giving it away for free. Charging for the actual
subscription in the group versus giving it away for free. But yeah, in a theoretical sense, last thing I’ll add to
that, is I would have some of your friends, some members on your team, whatever it is. Work is seed
people in there meaning, there you guys are even like artificially having a
conversation with yourself or being active in the community. So it feels
bigger and more active than it is, maybe it’s 5 different people conversing
in there, because yeah you’re right, if it’s a stale group no one’s gonna buy it.
If the PDF sucks, the offer sucks no one’s gonna buy it. So you’re doing it
right you can charge out a day one but realistically it makes sense to grow it
and sharpen your teeth, and once you get good at it then you can start from day
one getting paid and you might be able to today too, so the offer is good enough
and the value you’re giving is good enough you could charge for any other.
Cool, so the next question is also about links right. So the question is, do you
actually tell people that are using affiliate links? How do you go about that?
Yeah, I mean really in a perfect world, especially if it’s in that
group, that’s your new family, that’s your new tribe, your community, and a lot of
times we put a face to that community too so it’s more relatable. So yeah,
it’s a good idea to share with them transparently. You say, hey you know some
of the things in here we do receive commissions for but it allows us
to continue to add value here, to invest our time into that, and I think that
level of transparency people are okay with. They’re excited about and maybe they
don’t have a problem with it. In fact the opposite, they start to support it
because they’re like, oh Anthony is actually gonna make money off of this.
This is awesome. Good, maybe he’ll be able to keep putting more value into here. So
yeah, we generally disclose it in the group for sure so it doesn’t come off as
scammy or you’re using people. I think it really depends on the value but if put
right. If it’s a nice value and actually you offering something to your audience.
Yes, it will actually buy it more often. Shade sh*t? Not as much.
All right cool. So top of traffic sources right, what kind of traffic do you prefer?
What would you recommend? Yeah, we’d lying if I didn’t say you know 50% of our traffic is on Facebook, the other 50% makes up social, makes up Snap,
YouTube, Google, SEO. We also do a ton of direct mail. A lot of it’s in the spaces we’re in to.
Direct mail works really well and then we’ll be launching TV in the new year as well. So we touch a lot of
different platforms but Facebook is a very strong one. But I do feel like a lot
of the customer data we’re generating and the diversity enough, we
do have this a stable business that again, if Facebook yanks me tomorrow,
I’m not f*cked or I’m not out of business or something like that.
Yeah that’s super important. Talk about Facebook and being f*cked. Tools
for Facebook right, what do you use for subscriptions of Facebook groups? Yeah
that tool I gave you, automates the requests, answers and then, oh I see for the actual payment,
I’m gonna circle back with you on that one. I’ll send it out. I’m not sure which one we use, but yes we do use a tool.
All right, so then what kind of tool are you using to build out your
pre-sale pages or you’re custom coded? Yeah, a lot of them are custom coded
but you could build them on a lot of you know whatever you build them on.
The value again is, you know, it could be WooCommerce,
could be Shopify now in this point as well too because you’re really selling a product.
It’s just a digital product, so the fulfillment isn’t on the back end of that and the headache and the cash flow issues
aren’t there but the, it’s really just a product in the end. So we use Shopify
for lot of those sites. The one you saw built on Shopify. So
that’s what we use for a lot of that stuff. Cool perfect. Let’s get the last question.
Time is already up but I’d love to take that one too. So how do you
structure a team around the concepts you just presented? Yeah, somebody who
has a genuine obsession for the space, so the niche that you’re talking to. So again, plants. I really don’t actually care if they’re
a market or at all. I just want someone who loves the sh*t out of
plants. And that’s all they think about all day is plants, and they can talk to
somebody else who loves plants and they can talk to them better one-on-one
conversation than I ever could. So we could teach the structure and the
procedures around that, but really when I’m hiring and training its someone
who loves the community, who has a deep-rooted care for the audience and
really leads with giving and love and excitement about whatever it is we’re
talking about, more so than affiliate marketer. It’s actually better if they’re naive
and they don’t understand affiliate marketing. It really is just better. That’s a very good piece
of advice. I have to cut it off here. I know that’s so much more to talk about.
I think you’re available for questions as much as you can. I am at the networking event.
Perfect. All right. This is Anthony. Thank you so much.

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