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  1. 2 tom cruise movie references in one little 2.5 minute bit complaining about how he is a boomer, and these damn electronics!

  2. It's actually extremely simple and hassle-free to cancel subscriptions via Apple…

    Edit: iirc you can also just disable FaceID for payments

  3. FaceID is dangerous. Got stopped by cops – long story short, they wanted to get into my phone and kept sticking it to my face surreptitiously. Good thing I had disabled faceID. I just shut up and called my lawyer and had the charge thrown out.

  4. KID: "Dad, I need my own phone…"
    DAD: "Nope!"
    KID: "But what if I get mugged on the way home from school?"
    DAD: "Then they'll have one less thing to steal…"

  5. The day we put a phone in everyone's hand was the day we gave up on an intelligent society. We thought that having all the world's info at our fingertips would make everyone smarter – but it instead gave a megaphone to our stupidest citizens. This in turn gave rise to fake news, flat earthers, antivax, and our glorious mis-leader.

    Nothing has ever been more ironically named than the Smart Phone.

  6. "Jeez guys… Is there really not much more to life than playing games on your phones, cat videos on youtube, video games, random memes, having please-notice-me hair styles, wearing please-notice-me clothes and crying about "depression" and "anxiety" every five seconds?

    Milennial: "ok boomer"

    "Wow. You sure showed me"

  7. Jimmy kimmel is straight garbage looks and sounds like a predator gross … Probably reads books of pronography.. And watches mr rogers..

  8. ❤USA Kurdistan IRAK A Soldiers Prayer can be one of two things. It can be a devotional; a prayer to keep the soldier safe, out of harms way, and brave. Also, though, it can be the prayer a soldier says to keep himself close to God while away from home.

  9. Geez Jimmy Kimmel is showing his age. You couldn't navigate one menu to subscriptions? It's all done through the app store…

  10. I want to take my 67 trillion with me down to mexico and remind them how cortez first took mexico to the gold.

  11. i owe them some cash after the gold so deep they not get it back. challenge my core i laugh, blacfium my soles leave behind when i pop up to c what i find. ive got tears enough to keep all the fine ladies wet.

  12. why are people laughing about kids apps ripping them off, they should all read Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshona Zuboff…that will scare the hell out of them….

  13. Jimmy Kimmel is so funny like a stud and a comedian, I have never met Jimmy Kimmel. One question, when did Jimmy Kimmel start live?

  14. Jimmy: “The single most difficult thing a human can do is cancel an app”

    Me: Try getting a robocall number blocked.

  15. Nerds have been ridiculed, mocked, shunned, and weegied for centuries, and now finally, they created the Internet, smartphones and apps and somehow we voluntarily accepted their inviation into their cyberworld of perpetual payback.

  16. well Jimmy you have enabled her to use your face…why don't you get a little more less tech so she can't do that….hmmm…otherwise you are not teaching her anything good…

  17. That is really hilarious to know and imagine every bit of it…. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    And it is adorable too…. ❤

  18. Jimmy.. cancelling apps or trying to cancel a subscription to something online is purposely made hard. It is called UX Dark pattern. You can Google examples of it or check out YouTube channels on it. Not illegal but obviously deceptive.

  19. I got excited for a minute when I thought it said delete jimmy. I would happily help delete jimmy off my tv and my you tube. I hope when Iran bombs us he hits LA right in the middle.

  20. I honestly thought he was going to say: "… to buy something, all I have to do is hold it up to my face, but that also means my daughter can use her face because she looks like me."

  21. Plot Twist: Jimmy works/owns the Unicorn Chef app and is secretly trying to make us all buy it.

    Why else would he refer to the product by name?

  22. Jimmy is a Boomer… and I have NEVER called anyone that…. he is just now learning about micro transactions…. and predatory game studios…

  23. Giving your kids an tablet with more than 30 minutes of access is basically buying an electronic babysitter who is robbing you of your money and your child of their mental health.

  24. I don’t know. Or I guess I do. It’s your fault, Jimmy. Either get good at being a dad, or pay one of the interns to take five minutes out of their busy schedule to delete those applications.

  25. Just call the credit card company, and tell them to suspend future payments…those monthly subscription services intentionally make it difficult to cancel them…

  26. I once deleted snapchat, instagram, and KiK on this girls ipad in 8th grade and I got saturday school

    and my mom said to the principal my sons not going to this, my husband will

    long story short i never had to end up going

  27. Its literally the easiest thing to do on an iPad. In settings press on your icloud on top. Press subscriptions. Thats its. Cancel if you want.
    There is even an second layer of security. If you delete an app with a subscription to it, it asks you if you want to cancel the subscription. And it takes you directly. You cant make it easier. No way.

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