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  1. That man is a chameleon! He turns into whatever role he plays. He becomes the character. He should be famous by now.

  2. I started watching Brockmire today because of this interview. It’s pretty good so far and getting better! Check it out on Hulu.

  3. A mother that tells lame jokes is much better than one that has no sense of humor at all. My mother never tells jokes, and when you try to make a joke she just stares at you as if you just landed from another planet. She never gets it.

  4. Hey there Stephen how are you my friend? I have got to say this Stephen "Holy Crap" there goes moe the bartender from the Simpsons. Stephen you and your co-workers are doing very brilliant work together. Your segments and monologues are very interesting and funny, I laugh every time I see you talk about them Stephen. You are the soul purpose why you exist on this earth Stephen, is to make us all laugh I'm very grateful for that Stephen. Well Stephen peace out for now buddy.✌🎼🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻

  5. Unfortunately, that’s not the same jacket. At least not the same one that Warden is wearing in the photo they showed. I just did a forensic analysis (😏) and you can see that the button hole that lines up with the pocket flap is located on one of the light stripes on Warden’s jacket, but on a dark stripe on the Brockmire coat. Also, the pocket flaps on Warden’s jacket line up perfectly with the jacket material underneath, but they’re about an inch low on the Brockmire jacket. Sorry, Hank!

    Of course, they might have made two matching coats for Warden. Don’t they like to have a spare? So maybe Hank has the spare.🤷‍♂️

  6. Brockmire season 1 was the best thing ever, but season 2…Brockmire started getting some traction and something of a comeback, it just didn't work for me anymore. Stoically resigned and bitter Brockmire was way better than Brockmire with a sense of hope; that makes me a bad person doesn't it.

  7. I watched Brockmire season 1 and 2, but after it became impossible to get it in Europe had to stop. Amazon Prime or Netflix, please pick this up! Some of the funniest TV out there…

  8. I'd love to watch the show. My problem is that, in Canada at least, I either can't access or I can't afford the subscription to the network/platform.

  9. "That reference is so old even the CBS audience doesn't know of the Dumont Network."

    It seems Colbert knows how out of place he is in his current station. CBS apparently doesn't.

  10. If there would be a "Back To The Future" reboot, I would cast Azaria as Doc Brown (and Tom Holland as Marty McFly). 🙂

  11. I can see Robin's influence in him. Even Colbert referred to the test pattern suit joke, 5:04, which is a Robin joke, seen here:

  12. I don't need alcohol to make it through the day. (sips water). Oh, that is awful! Oh, my god! 70% of the earth is made up of that shit

  13. So… this show really has a small viewership? That makes it even more impressive, considering it ran for four seasons!

  14. You cough into your elbow… then want to rub elbows? No thanks ha ha 😎

    Have I seen Brockmire? Sorry, I have not even heard of it. Put it on Netflix and people will see it. Not our fault if you pick the wrong streaming service.

  15. Thanks to FRIENDS and The Simpsons, I've been in love with Mr. Azaria. Always and forever. Always… For Evaa!

  16. 02:53 sadly but true. Then again, a cult hit last forever for generations. Where future media will always be inspired by cult hits. Even though at the moment of the release it's not profitable, you'll get your money back a litte bit later in life. Sort of like a very inspirational investment. Cult hit is never a bad thing, compared to a 'buzz'

  17. Along Came Polly…he was the funniest thing in that movie😂…and he looked great in his speedos❤️

  18. We are affected by corona in my country, yes we don't shake hands anymore and avoid public gatherings. To be honest I never heard of Brockmire.

  19. The song clip that Jon performed at the start made me think of "Just A Little Samba" by Ugly Duckling! (Not sure if that was what it was meant to be but, either way, it's a cool song.)

  20. I love Hank Azaria so much. Everytime I see him interviewed, he just seems so genuine. Great interview 👌

  21. My boyfriend got me into the show. I didn't think it would be my type of show but I honestly love it. It's hilarious!

  22. I am watching this on (sinister music) Friday the 13th. Last night's show had no audience. It was so good to hear the audience. I never appreciated an audience before today. They make a difference!

  23. I’m not sure Seinfeld would have made it in this media climate. It nearly didn’t make it in its day. We may have quantity these days, but damn if it isn’t hard to tune into the quality shows. Have to check out Brockmire.

  24. Brockmire is fantastic. "The biggest dom since DeLuise" is one of the greatest lines ever written 🤣🤣🤣

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