Grammarly 2020 | Review, Features & Pricing
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Grammarly 2020 | Review, Features & Pricing

March 13, 2020

Hello folks today’s video is going to be a review of Grammarly I’m going to be diving into the application to see whether it’s a decent additional productivity tool so that you can use it to improve Your spelling grammar and writing across your day. So without further ado guys. Let’s dive into today’s video So let’s start out with some of the important facts so Grammarly was launched back in 2009 so it’s been around for Around about eleven years now, and it was actually found it founded in Ukraine It was actually founded by Alex Demetriou Max and they all the founders over at grammarly now it is a digital Writing tool that helps you to improve your grammar sentences and improves the chance of you getting caught for plagiarism now you can download Grammarly on ios and android as a third-party keyboard You can download it on Chrome Safari and Firefox as well as a way to use it through the browser But there are also two desktop applications. There’s one for Windows and Also for Mac, so the concept of grammerly allows you to automatically detect potential grammar spelling punctuation word choice and style mistakes within your writing and apparently what it does is it’s got this really advanced AI database that helps you to improve your writing as you go so it doesn’t just Analyze what you’ve written and improved it It also helps to make it a step further now according to grammerly they have over 34,000 good 4.5 plus chrome reviews Star rating and over 20 million daily active users as well So before we begin, let’s look a little bit at the pricing as well as some of the features at the same time So they have three tiers of pricing you have a free account a premium account a business account and The majority people listen to this video will probably take advantage of the free account I am a user of this one right now, and I have been the user of the premium in the past But I can explain my experience of it near the end this video So in the free account you do get what’s called grammar spelling and punctuation This is really the basics and it will help you to eliminate any errors. So it’s really focusing on just the basics So for example if you typed in effect It would change it in the context of the wording to an effect with an A So it really does try to help you can choose whatever language you are as well So they do US Australian and UK English as well So inside of that free plan as well you get limited access to something called conciseness conciseness is basically adapting things so that you can make smaller more easy-to-follow sentences So for example changing it from it may happen that we need to decide tomorrow, too we may need to decide tomorrow so that you’re just saving a bit of Text as well now inside of the free plan You also get limited access to something called tone detection which is a fairly recent technology that they’ve launched but essentially when you’re writing it will analyze that writing and Basically give you almost like this rating. For example, it says your text sounds relaxed formal Polite for example so that you’ve got a general thesis of what you’re aiming Towards with that text and what you’re currently writing on now in some of the premium I’ll mention as well They do allow you to improve that actually make actionable improvements to that so that you can position your writing in the best fashion But I’ll come back to that in a bit inside of the free account as well You get all the browser extensions the MS word and MS outlook and in which is something that Microsoft users will love Google Docs support which is currently in beta as well as access to the native apps on Windows Mac and also the keyboard apps on iOS and Android and You only get basic suggestions across the board as well as an individual license But to be fair, it’s pretty reasonable for a free experience and for those who are just using say Gmail and Writing bits of text across a day or maybe uploading something directly to the grammarly portal which you can do in the free account actually It’s a pretty good bet and a way for you just to improve some of the basic mistakes you’re making but again remember that some Browsers already have a spell checker in so that’s something to acknowledge But again the conciseness and some of the punctuation isn’t something that’s included in those spell checkers if you’re using the basic sort of default ones, so the premium is $11 66 per month and that is billed annually I’ll come back to the pricing in a bit as we roll through what features are included But as you can imagine that’s quite a steep amount, but then if you’re writing on a regular basis say you’re a writer You’re a student and you’re a freelancer say or a professional then it’s probably a good investment because you know The chances are if you’re improving what you’re writing the better chance of your success may be with contracts and Even in emails and the way you present yourself online. It’s becoming more and more important. So inside a premium you get all that I mentioned in basic you also get the ability to get consistency in spelling and punctuation. For example, if you’re writing Inconsistencies in punctuation. So if you wrote July the 10th with 25 org then it would change that to July 10th, August 25th So that you’ve got a bit more consistency across the board when you’re writing spelling and formatting They also improve the fluency of writing it will change some text from say we’ve been able to do some progress here, too We’ve been able to make some progress here so that it appears a bit more natural when you’re conversating Now the conciseness and I mentioned earlier is across all the sites So you’re able to access that without any issues and you also get something called readability. So for example identify sentences and give you recommendations to rewrite or Re-read it So did you fully understand and that can be incredibly useful in case you’ve written something and it made sense in your head? But maybe not to the end user now something you didn’t get inside of the free account is something called compelling? Vocabulary. So what’s cool is it basically uses as a thoris to find different vocabulary? For example instead of saying I’m very happy to be part of the team It could change it to a few options like thrilled pleased and delighted And that can definitely change the outcome of a message to someone and I actually found this feature pretty helpful when I was using premium especially to introduce new vocabulary to both me in teaching Mir and also to the end user there’s also Lively sentence variety. So for example, if you said I read an interesting book recently It was about computers. I’d usually read novels it would give you some feedback about so your sentence variety saying three similar sentences in a row consider changing the word order and that’s just based on the repetitiveness and the Monotonous passages apparently and allowing you to add some bit of variety and flavor to that Now the tone detection I mentioned is not limited inside a premium You do get it across all sites And you also get what’s called some improvements on that delivery you get confident language So for example, if you wrote something like I think we should be able to solve this issue for you It would change we can solve this issue for you which definitely sounds a lot more confident and sort of improves the ending especially if you were a Customer advocate or someone that interacts with the den customer It does sound a lot more confident and it puts their mind at the rest You also had something inside of there in delivery called politeness So for example, if you said it’s a VBAC, I hated the proposal you Could change it to something like I wouldn’t say I liked the proposal would probably be a better way to deal with it But it also helps you to improve that Automatic reaction that you may have it also improves the formality levels So for example if you wrote something like is there anything else I can do for you? Whether you just being you on its own it would change it to you to improve that formality But again, it really depends like if you’re sending a message to a friend that’s pretty relaxed But if you’re sending it to someone else then it’s going to be able to catch those errors. Say your messaging between two people it’s also got Inclusive language. So for example If you wrote the venue is accessible for guests who are confined to wheelchairs and you would potentially change that To the venue is accessible for guests who are wheelchair users and that might be helpful specifically for website copy And writing out Elements of your website to help improve it now for students There is a popular feature inside a premium called plagiarism and they actually have a site called plagiarism checker the plagiarism checker allows you to upload a file or a bunch of text that you have and It will give you a basic report, but you you need premium for this so if you would get premium, um, you’d be able to check analyze whether Graham has been taken whether resources or even the way that you’re formatting your bibliography has been You know stolen across the web. So you’re just covering your bank and I know a lot of students have found benefit from the plagiarism Experience and apparently gramley checks against sixteen billion web pages. So that’s again And again, that’s something that really does help if your school or university doesn’t have a plagiarism tool then this is a good bet for Improving that now looking at the premium pricing. It is quite steep If you were to go with that eleven dollar 66 per month That would be billed annually and come out at a pretty high one hundred and thirty nine pound 95 now I don’t see many students doing this I see a lot of students probably opting for the perk altar pricing which looks a lot cheaper, but that’s three months I believe of usage and it’s $59.95 Emes Terr and that might be a more reasonable price to use and ice definitely see the pricing for the premium to be a lot more better for professionals freelancers and even customer interactions as well There’s lots of different uses for grammar and it definitely does find its way across the web You also have per month pricing as well So you have twenty-nine 95 per month, which isn’t too bad But again, it’s quite a high-priced paying so if this is something that you’re trying to check out first you may want to go with that pricing and then opt in or Upgrade to the yearly pricing and they normally do deal. So do make sure to check out the link in the description They do have a business plan and it has all of their premium features but it does have a few additional admin centralized billing and things like that and it’s perfect for teams of 3 to 149 but it is a little bit steeper at twelve dollars fifty per member per month So that’s it’s going to be a little bit more overall, but that’s more for businesses that are looking to use it So is this worth it? Is it a valuable tool for your productivity now? I use the free account right now a previously used the premium because I remember a couple of years ago Maybe a year and a half ago I managed to get the premium for 40% off and I actually was like, I’m gonna jump on this and it worked out it was only like we’ll only like 70 or 80 dollars which works out about 60 pound and I was just stunning freelancing so as you can imagine writing was pretty valuable to the end job and Definitely improved a lot of my writing I’d say I particularly benefited from the consistency in spelling and punctuation I liked the the cavalry that it introduced as well as improving my readability I can see now they’ve added value obviously in the tone detection so that’s probably why the price is Probably a little bit more than it was But at the same time it seems like a good bet for those who can see a direct correlation in the value So for example for a student if it were to improve your writing and you’ve got a better grade because of it and You then got a better job because of it, then it’s gonna pay itself back in some fashion In if that’s for example, that’s probably gonna be very popular with medical students because they can see their actual Grade improve dramatically and they’re obviously their job role improved dramatically and also for freelancers You know, it may help you to win few more contracts although again in freelancing There’s gonna be a lot more harder to be able to track that sort of thing But you’ll notice if your client art is able to like work out that they’re impressed with your full writing skills So ever and hopefully that was useful for you Let me know what you think about grammerly below if you had a good experience if you and a bad experience I’d love to know personally, so I’ll be in the comments below I’ll include all the details below if there’s any deals, I’ll try and add them in the description below So make sure to take advantage of that again, it’s free So you’re not going to be losing out on anything much, but at the same time It’s something that may improve and improve your productivity across a week. So folks Thank you very much, and I’ll talk to you all very soon. Cheers ever. Bye

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  1. Download Grammarly for Chrome:
    Whilst editing I did notice an issue with my microphone, I need to tone it down. All noted!

  2. I've had the premium level for a couple of years and didn't want to renew last year because it's gotten quite annoying and intrusive. They offered me a discount to re-up, which I did but I'm still on the fence about renewing this year. The tone evaluation could be good but it's not displayed on the main write/edit screen – only in the input area. Also, they don't take context into account so for example, I could deliberately use repetition to hammer home an idea or because I'm writing a response and echoing or addressing a person's points.

    Also, the suggestions they use are the same two or three all the time and they don't give you the option to choose others or more broadly. I understand why they don't want me to use words like, 'really' or 'just' but they say flat out to delete them, not understanding that I meant to use the word as an intensifier or qualifier.

    It has made me more aware of the fact that I mess up with comma usage and I like that there's a double-check on things like that as I improve but it's also geared towards one type of writing which can come across as bland or impersonal. Both of those qualities are nice for work situations to lend a more professional air but as I said, it's not smart enough to understand the context so it tends to treat FaceBook or YouTube posts in the same manner as a business-oriented email to a client.

  3. Oops. Seems grammarly didn't check the spelling of plagarism 🙁 lol Thanks for this overview, tho, especially the pricing plans. Will recommend the free plan for my EFL writing students.

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