Funny Vines February 2020 Part 2 TBT Clean Vine: JadeJupiter Playlist
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Funny Vines February 2020 Part 2 TBT Clean Vine: JadeJupiter Playlist

March 12, 2020

Cameras a cockroach, right I’m joking. I’m joking. You need Jesus. So where is the little munchkin little know you’re watching my son. It’s like 20 years old Guess what just happened to me? What would happen? Guess just tell me what happened? Come on. Guess what happened? I’m not guessing what happened Look at this mess. You better clean this room get the chores done This is your house – I don’t care me this mess you’re gonna clean it. That’s that All right, mama laughs boy don’t be talkin back. What does our relationship mean count the stars in the sky you mean? It’s infinite not a waste of time I Met a girl last night mom. She’s really pretty well, it’s more about personality right? That’s all she is my god I’m having so much fun. Me too. Oh my god. No Where’s your car right there Your omelet almost done thanks. Mom, you want any cheese. Oh, yeah What are you doing open it you need to grow up? You’re grounded you’re grounded and I’m changing the Wi-Fi password These ladies man you think it is. Oh, hey ladies Hey, well so bomb his last name again Never fear variety That’s what you owe Bagels bagels Are you ready? She coming hurry up? I’ll just meet you there Dude where are you getting in my car? I’m pulling in your driveway. I’m ringing your front doorbell Like my food no I do What do you want to be when you grow up Jimmy a dinosaur Oh Jimmy I should have listened Do you wanna why it’s raining outside because God’s crying because I don’t look like Beyonce I’m sad Oh Yeah, Ben’s coming over doesn’t he have pokémons disease. Yeah, if you could barely notice it if you say so oh hey Ben, Ben Don’t get donuts last. Yeah, and then we ran into anything. Yeah, we yelled first. No, but then the guy Have some mutual friends swipe right call for help Ribbit check this out. Huh victory do you love me? Chicken vaginas, please. It’s actually fuzzy fast. Actually you can suck my okay. I Just really fell in love with this. Okay, we get it please And on behalf of the church, I now pronounce you blocked and deleted you may now kiss my ass Yeah, and I dropped my phone yesterday and they completely shattered and just buy a new one I got A’s in both my tests last week. That’s great, but I was productive today. So this is happiness So yes papa, how old are you boy? I am three papa take this knife go hunt bear just A minute. Oh, hey Matt. Could you shut the door on your way out? Yeah. Yeah, of course I’m where we get to spend time together right babe. Hey, give me a high five Think I can do this think Stretch pop show strength spring break moody No, no, I was gonna make some toast and I get this kind of bread What is that well you maybe know now were you maybe now Dude check out my mixtape. What’s it about violence drugs berries? Oh my gosh Challenge time it with diamond. You can’t get this knife into that jar that Is coke okay Are you okay? No Caps too aggressive Hey too many emojis sup. Oh you read it, but you’re not gonna reply. I should probably go get that Storytime of all the works of art in this room. She was the loveliest Guys we go to the Grammys Bang bang man bang bang stick em up man. This is a robbery Okay, we’re all gonna sing our favorite parts of the song mine What’s yours Bennifer why don’t you go out anymore? It’s so upsetting. Oh I know but I think it’s because I’m like Really broke as a spicy make chicken made with real chicken. No, you have to tell me. No, you just say No Can I trust you yes My mama make us brush Schatzi casa de what other people don’t do it cuz they best my bubu. Oh, my name is Jeff. No It is not nice Stop, honey I’m manly I’ll hug. I don’t even care. Well, I’m manly euro kiss a guy. Well, I’ll marry a guy Everybody in here anybody in here there’s anybody in here? My friends we met open the window I can’t break Card is coming over. I just such a crush on him. Hey was Lera she left That’s gonna be next That’s gonna be you up there next a lot of people say I have an accent and I’m like I don’t know about you what kind of accent that she had? Hey Oscar, you want to go to Disneyland? Yeah Me too you buddy House salad, please. Well, we’re out of the house salad, but we do have a nice apartment salad. Let me see your manager I thought it was Steve Lindley left lilla left little left. Lilla left Lilla left Lilla left nella left That’s Chris. He’s like the coolest kid in this school. What’s up? You pussies? So Chris. What’s up, man? It’s a beautiful day I love you Did you hear that? I thinks you wanted my do you a Mom are you mad or actually because my 20 year old son is unemployed and still lives Hey, Jess, what’s up, Marcus? Guess what? So I saw my ex and I got really pissed off he was gonna be around his ex girl Some girls be like rise before guys, but I’d be like all fools before dude Gosh dude, my family is so annoying. What do you do? You guys like Pokemon I choose you She looks like a thumb. Oh she’s cute really kid You guys get up the houses on fire the house is on fire This message will now self destruction kick this sandwich will now self-destruct your baby will now self-destruct Many I’m sorry. I’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift for you you pick today’s opps you I would I don’t like my food Can you take it back? Is that why you ate half of it? Take it off my check – no Well, I’m not gonna tip. Well, okay. Okay. I thought amar poran song young hall you get it? I Know you’re hurt right now, but just expect me to slide in And you talk now I got a brief so like yeah, I’m gonna be pretty busy But look I’m gonna be free after I die, you know after I’ll stop breathing Right wait And you’ll get me my girl My bad luck Speaking of the devil what Oh Mother Neptune, where is it just completed fixing this fence. Try to keep selling the art Damn it Hey Josh, you said four more followers. No way you call me a liar. I ain’t calling you a truther Why did your teacher call my phone? I don’t know. Did you answer it? Yeah, so that means they told you I don’t begin smoke with me. I just answered your question People that talk with their hands be like, oh you were there I saw you don’t matter never lie to me Did I know he was like yo your mom just texted you. What did she say a chong ching ling ping pong? Pang Ling Ling very funny Kyle. Let me see that what the hell? Hello again. Oh My gosh break a leg Hey, what are you in the kid want to eat took him out already? Huh? Oh my god to eat. He’s not dead. No Oh, yeah. Yeah guys thinking so please be like, oh It’s a black cat it’s bad luck. It’s not a black cat Meow. All right, just relax when she gets over here. Just tell her how you feel. Okay? Tuck Rob. Hey, Jay, you got a fat Charlie eating pizza. Is it good? Did you like a bite of my vegetables? If me had periods Yes, I’m gonna go downstairs and play How long did that clip signore I can’t come in to work today why I can see what the neighbors be Holy That’s not me. That’s my doing cousin Alex up front please. I don’t care I’m separating you two if the Athenians have no defense But now did I say anyone could pack up next up guys? We have Alexia. Here’s the Lexi go She has a huge camel top, but she’s cool. So that’s cool. Did you give good tips? Oh, you heard us? That’ll be all Yes, thank you. No. Thank you No think no worries how to make a right to dress Hey boss, sir, the toilets clogged in the men’s restroom. Where should I just use a woman’s real quick? It’s okay Okay. Yeah cool. Just use it. Oh, don’t worry about my dog man. He doesn’t bite is you gonna bite me, huh? Knob definitely go bite you man Eli Eli. I’m go punch Now girl, he’s a guy he doesn’t have feelings Where is he? Yeah, I don’t know. I think he’s camping Your car look like Olaf Hey you’re looking like the Iggy azalea’s fault there was good one shut up Please send money mom. I need it for food Yes. Yes. Yeah, yo you want to go in to eat her? What do you want? What do you want? What do you what do you want? What do yours do you what the hell do you want? Are you almost done? What are you almost done? I gotta go. You got a goat no mahek Oh my god an eggplant I thought this is only an emoji All the measurements of a perfect cute little boy you can say I’m a pretty cool mom Trey come on I’m gonna count to three Why? Can I have a bite of your child Are you ready to bat now? What the hell did I just miss? I’m sorry to inform you but your test results show that you have AIDS You know the sky changes color based on how I’m feeling this guy’s basically blue every day exactly oh my god, she’s so fake I’m over here, sir. Everything’s okay. It’s perfect. Everything’s still good. It’s Just a trip to the store First I gotta get married Hey, I think you’re really pretty Yes, girl Don’t call me or text me we’re done – oppa toys – young boys Oh You better yeah this trying to run from us Jack This here’s a green m75 plastic water gun. I could spray you across the nice mom The other kids won’t let me play okay? I’m sure if you talk to them, there’ll be no talk I go late death storytime with that curl He knew he was now ready to beat up that kid Jimmy at school for stealing his milk Sup, how’s it going? What you doing? Later? No Damn it Sonny. I’m sorry. You just missed the sale at Toys R Us Sorry, did we go too fast? Who are you can you please clean your rooms? No, can we? So do you like video games? Oh no, I’m vegan. I Have to pick up my Armani suit, yeah, hurry up and get to your public school. I go faster on my hoverboard Only in Canada do you experience this problem? I love you Very good Snow I like snow Now everyone is so obsessed with their phones in the internet nobody even takes the time to see how many metal chairs I have Come on I don’t know this problem. I don’t know this problem. I’m gonna take a bathroom break. All right, that’s your clear. Fuck the last Three stores, you’re always putting words in my I’m gonna kiss a little head kiss. That is what are you on for food? Right stop right there take the shot back Hello who the hell is Vince you call me? Oh, no, I didn’t I called Bob I’m not Bob I know so give him back his funko than ready Hey, I know you don’t know me, but you could hit me What the flip you go for me dog you come into my turf and you try to goof over on me Know what’s good? What’s good? Guys router for us. I’m so broke. It’s insane. How bad could it be? I ate half a stick of butter for breakfast So it’s pretty bad. Hey Selfies with strangers. Let me get your number Well sup nerd but a frickin nerd Seth let’s fight its got war dust thou prefer the blade projects CP to be no. I don’t know boy No, no Bob. You’re the hot dog Becca are you out there? I know that Wow

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