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Froged How-To on AppSumo

March 13, 2020

Everyone knows that offering stunning support
to your customers is a key way to get them hooked on your product. So how do you build those effective communication
campaigns and have proactive chats with your users? Turns out, the answer is simple! And I’ll tell you all about it in today’s
product showcase. How’s it going, Sumo-lings? It’s Chris from AppSumo and
today I’m gonna show you how to generate customer loyalty and offer kick-butt support
with Froged, a messaging platform that helps you cultivate meaningful relationships with
your customers using behavioral profiling. It goes beyond your basic chat widget. And before I show you how, why don’t you
smash that subscribe button so you make sure you never miss another one of our deals. Also, leave a comment below letting us know what
kind of content you like seeing from AppSumo. Alright, let’s get into it. You’ll start off in the Install tab, where
you can integrate with your website platform or retrieve the code you’ll manually enter
into your website’s header. Then over in the Widget Settings tab… well,
you can probably figure out what you do here. Froged lets you customize your colors, widget
location, and more. Finally, invite agents to the platform, and
you’re ready to help your guests in the live chat. When conversations come through, they’ll
show up in your Inbox tab. Pro-tip: Froged lets you prompt your customers
to submit their email. When they do, that email will automatically be added to
the customer’s profile! The customer’s profile also keeps tabs on
the user’s events, conversations, and more. You can use this insight to create dynamic
audiences based on their behavior. The next thing I want to show you is the
knowledge base inside Froged. It’s super simple to create and organize
your help articles for your users. Let me show you how. First, create a folder category. Then, create new documents within the category. Once you’ve entered the text and images
for the doc, you can make it private for your agents or public for your customers. Froged also lets you attach these articles
to live chat conversations, making it easy for users to get the information that they need. Coming up next is the Froged dashboard. It’s not just any dashboard – it’s a super
insightful dashboard that provides metrics about your website, visitors, and every customer
event, which you can define by heading to settings. That’s right, Froged let’s you choose
for yourself what you want to track! And then, Froged lets you send emails when
a specific event occurs! To do that, let’s head over to the Engage
tab, where you can set up automessages and behavior messages. Simply go through the setup wizard and determine
the message’s trigger, conditions, appearance, and last but certainly not least, content. Insert texts, images, buttons, etcetera. The editor allows you to see how your automessages
and emails will appear, so edit to your liking. If you want to provide top of the line customer
service to create enthusiastic customers, then it’s time you got a messaging platform
that prioritizes building relationships. Use behavior profiling to become your customers’
new best friend with Froged.

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