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December 5, 2019

Today, I am setting out to do the most ridiculous summer activity you have ever seen What do I do?I don’t have my phone I don’t have my iPad I don’t have anything You guys look at this gorgeous dress my mom dropped off for Symphony. She won’t even take it off I’m going to have her take it off before we go back outside. Symphony, what do you think of it? I love it There’s something going on with our air conditioner and occasionally It doesn’t work all I know is it’s not working at this moment, and it is super hot I shouldn’t complain there are people around the world that have no air conditioners But this definitely makes me realize I take it for granted. Juliet is so moody about the heat so she’s enjoying her frozen Blackberry, mmmm, you’re gonna have a colorful mouth Oh my gosh. We are headed to Sandy’s new house guys I’ve got my drink with me doesn’t that look refreshing? It probably tastes gross a lot of you been asking what kind of cleanse I’m on I’m on an Advocare cleanse I don’t think it’s gonna taste good Great this gate is always open when we come Of all the days that I let Sam borrow my phone for the gym. I’m trying to honk at her Sandy Sandy What do I do it on my phone? I don’t have my phone I don’t have my iPad I don’t have anything I can’t get in Maybe I can climb over this thing and go ask her, I’m in a dress though I wonder if I can let one of my kids over or under. Alright cutie Remember think snake like, Symphony the snake you’re a snake -And you can slither underneath this fence be a snake
-You can do it!
-My feet can really fit Okay, go for it. I’m going to let you climb it She knows what she’s doing. Symphony’s got this she’s got a plan Look at you, bright girl. Good job. You’re doing it good job! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of you Give me high five. Okay, go figure out the code Here we go. Everything’s so dirty Oh my gosh Sandy I’m gonna cry look at it. Really you’re not going to keep this pile of stuff? It’s so fresh and new, hi babies -I know
-This is so cool You love their house? This is such a bedroom look it looks so good. I don’t know what to say I love it in here you guys we’re just in here talking and look what happened. Oh my gosh Abram What were you doing? Oh my gosh, you’re so dirty Sandy said that’s sewer water sewer mud you guys rolled around in poop. Yeah -Oh my gosh. Look at this boy.
-Mommy I don’t wanna do my face
-Why? Don’t you wanna clean it? Why didn’t you guys ask me for permission? Thank goodness for Sandy. She is a total boy mom. She’s like okay let’s just Let’s just get into the shower, and I was like oh my gosh don’t touch anything. Ew It’s been raining a lot around here, and I haven’t had a chance to give this away Come on, Sam really? So I think what we’re going to do is because my brothers are pressuring me to do it Okay, it’s my brother’s fault put this in the middle of the bigger pool, so I’m going to put a pool Inside of a pool, do you really want to do that? I mean like what’s the point? That sounds so stupid You know there’s some truth to that that really is pretty stupid, but curiosity killed the cat you know Alright here’s the liner for the outside pole the one that was ripped, looks like the right size to me. Fortunately I’m going to have to disassemble the old rails because the liner slides right on through the rails. Two minutes later I got all this assembled. I’m going to put the small pool in the big pool. Bet you know what I’m thinking total waste. All right, so this is going to work But is it worth it? I feel like it might be fun though to like swim on the outside of a pool But this one’s not as deep as the outside one I don’t know we’ll figure out when we get there all right before I continue this I have to go ask Nia what the heck I’m doing looking at him like what to do what I don’t even know what I’m doing Honey I gotta ask you question what what in the world am I doing out there? Building us a pool Building a pool in a pool I mean you know we’re the pool family it’s what we do, we do weird things with above ground swimming pool But that still doesn’t answer the question why I’m doing this Well, you didn’t say why you said what am I doing? So if I were to answer why you’re doing it I would say it’s because I wouldn’t say that I would just say you have just the just the right amount of time on your hands To make a cool swimming pool video in our backyard with a pool in a pool a pool in a pool is so so cool I’ll do it. But I don’t know -I don’t know
-Wouldn’t you guys want to swim in a pool in a pool You could go from one layer to the next climb the ladder and you get over into the other one and you can go Underwater. I don’t know all right I’m going to do it, but only because I’m curious And I don’t think it’s ever been done before I’m just curious how it would work if I were to do this So I’m going to do it Yeah, do you even know what I’m doing here? You’re putting a pool inside a pool Obviously right? Why? I don’t know babe Here comes my car Pretty radical am I right or am I right?You’re right I just don’t know if I want to be in this little area or that area which one? I know which one I’m getting in. Oh no how do I get out? That I do not know Guess you are just going to have to wait until Daddy gets a ladder put up and go swimming in it Daddy hurry up build the ladder! I’m stuck I’m stuck Daddy needs to make the other ladder And there you have it guys a swimming pool within a swimming pool The most ridiculous thing you’ll see all summer and don’t forget you saw right here on SamAndNia I’m so proud of the ridiculousness of this pool What about you guys? So we’ve decided we’re going to give away a swimming pool to the fan base. Write and comment and you will be entered to the Drawing to win this pool. Put on there that you want the swimming pool because not everybody is going to want a pool We’re going to have it mailed to you whoever we pick hopefully it’s somebody with a family somebody with a yard Somebody who’s willing to take care of a swimming pool So do that down below guys and we are going to mail you or the winner a swimming pool not a swimming pool within a pool just one pool Come on guys, let’s go see Spider-man. I’m taking the kids to go see Spider-Man with me because Nia Has a meeting at the church, and I want to see Spider-Man This is Abram and Symphony’s first time to see a PG-13 movie I heard it was ok just PG-13 for a little bit of you know violence Just let me know if you need chapstick because I have some here. Oh great. We have two minutes before the movie starts guys Let’s go. Let’s go! This is a big moment for you guys first PG-13 movie What do you want bud? Those fruit snacks? Good choice man what are we getting? Come on here. Let’s do it It’s almost full ok now it’s full, there we go. That’s an Icee I’m the one to get the first try Abram gets the second try I get the third. Symphony you left your purse behind Can’t forget the Chapstick, honey. All right. Let’s go to Spider-man All right, Symphony tell us what you thought. I loved it. What’d you love about it? Did you really love it? Come on. Well not exactly loved it. But I really really liked it She actually sat through whole thing without making a peep this guy on the other hand was like can we go now? I didn’t get to use any chapstick, forgot that you had some otherwise I would’ve asked Why are you kissing me? Because I love you. Aw I love you Do you see him? No over there Abram likes my new purple light he’s trying to figure out where these purple lights are coming from it’s so funny Do you like those bud? I got new lights It’s a reflection Yeah, yeah, it’s like a mirror. Alright let’s get in the car. Before we get in the car I want to admit that that was a parent fail Symphony said something repeated something during the movie that she has never said before a word that she has never heard And I feel really kind of Regretful For taking them. Big parent fail big learning lesson for me, but we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Don’t forget We love you remember love each other

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